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Winds of Change book blog

I am happily thanking one of my very best friends for allowing me the great privilege of reading his first novel and able to review it for free. I am truly humbled and honored my friend. :)  

Before introducing the book, my friend, David C. Russell, wrote an acknowledgment to me in his book and I would like to share that with you right now:

"Leticia (last name omitted) shares an interest in the medical profession and also took the time to review and comment on the content of Winds of Change in its early development." 


Winds of Change is a modern work, capturing the nuances of a faith journey in a rather typical mid-west family. Exploration of similarities and differences between a liturgical religion philosophy and that of the messianic Jewish perspective is a theme throughout this work. These concepts are explored/developed/embraced as the main family characters experience common aspects of life transitions.

MY REVIEW:  The first thing that I noticed immediately while reading this inspiring book is how two separate families view the church, God and Christ.

The families are close friends and share their faith in different ways. The family that follows messianic teachings show a different side of what faith is how they operate on their faith.  They see God on a very personal level and not as a God who is far beyond their reach.  He is a true, living, breathing God that is consistently by their side regardless of what may be transpiring around them in this world. He is their Adonai, Our Adonai, a very, present God, who is never beyond the reach of our prayers or worship. 

Both families are believers and deal with day to day life just like everyone else, they have to deal with their children who can be difficult at times and others not so much. I love how David intertwined their lives to make the reader feel they are in the midst of both families trials, pain and hardships, dealing with uncertainty regarding their perspective futures.

However, of course, there was another family, not quite ready to accept the messianic teachings or how they worship and teach at their services which are held on Saturdays not on Sundays.  You will learn a lot more about the Sabbath day and it's Hebrew origin in the book. NO spoilers....

Basically, we are reading about normal American families dealing with what we all experience, life. There aren't any drop dead gorgeous women, and masculine men who, who are all rich and successful, with all the trimmings. Nope David keeps it real.  We are not looking through a glass darkly. We join the families on their journey and reflect on how each one handles life's daily struggles and joys.

In this book we learn many awesome phrases in Hebrew, what they mean and why the Jews believe what they believe. I learned quite a bit about Pentecost. Jews use the word, "Yeshua" aka "Jesus" and how He plays an intricate part in our prayers and worship of Him.  It's a close intimate relationship that brings the Word of God to life, and how much He loves us and wants to be a part of everything we do, what we think, how we feel and He helps us cope when the hard times hit and when we feel helpless but learn to trust and lean on Him. Both families are confronted with life and death situations and God is right there in the midst of it all. 

David also shares some beautiful quotes from various famous people beginning with each chapter that are wonderfully inspiring.

I loved this book and I will forever treasure it. There is a lot to learn about the Jewish perspective and I hope you will take the time to study it out.  I would definitely recommend this book and also believe it would make a fantastic addition to your book collection.


David C Russell is a Michigander, musician, and Medical Transcriptionist by profession who has vision-impaired from infancy. He is married with 2 adult children.

Utilizing music, living, blogging and now writing fiction, David seeks to share a faith perspective enriched by valuing the contribution Jewish roots brings to one's life and Christian faith.

He enjoys card games, good discussion, following current events and is known to many as the piano man. He lives with his wife, who is active in the church they attend and involved in providing for the basic needs of several throughout the year in their county. Both see life and marriage as a miracle, ongoing and to be experienced and lived. 

A man after God's own heart. 


The Equation book said...

This book we learn many awesome phrases in Hebrew, what they mean and why the Jews believe what they believe.

The Equation book said...

This book we learn many awesome phrases in Hebrew, what they mean and why the Jews believe what they believe.