Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Faizan Syed, Director of Hamas-linked CAIR-Missouri, wants people who insult Islam on the internet to be punished under sharia law

Last August, the director of CAIR St. Louis, Faizan Syed, wrote about his ideas for monitoring social media titled Social Media Task Force.  Sayed wants to create a Muslim youth association that would aggresively monitor the media.  Among his suggestions:

“Report anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities to take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Sharia ruling.”

Z Truth  Take action according to the Sharia ruling? The punishment for insulting Islam (blasphemy) under sharia is death.

Webster MSA Sharia

Further to Syed’s plan, he recommends…

An association of Muslim Youth should be created, they be trained in media monitoring and response and in media relations. These Youth should be encouraged to be passionate, aggressive and prompt in their responses. There need at least one such team in every country.

Highlight the inconsistencies of the mainstream media and spread it across the web using social networking and all other platforms available to us.

Highlight the bias of media in reporting issues pertaining to Islam and Muslims Write to editors and journalist reporting on Islam and on Muslim issues Send mass emails out promptly urging Muslims to respond on news reports that is bias and anti Islamic in nature to the editors and journalist and TV anchors. Promote books, documentaries, movies that is of beneficial to the Muslim youth.

This is NOT a Muslim nation it is Christian nation and it is a FREE nation, even though Obama would love to see it otherwise.

Why even live in America if they want to bring their archaic and vile laws to our nation? Why not go back to where Sharia Law is not only accepted but enforced?

Just this past weekend SNL did a vile script mocking our Lord and Savior, but do we want all those people involved beheaded or murdered?  No, of course not. No sane person would want to see a person die over freedom of speech. Yes, it does hurt us, our spirits to see our beloved Savior mocked like that, but we don't retaliate with hate or murderous intent. We pray for them.

We, as Christians and believers in Jesus Christ pray for those that mock us, persecute us and ridicule us. We do not advocate murder. They have no idea whom they are mocking. And it breaks our hearts. It really does.

Muslims, radical Muslims, such as the ones above, would have found a way to viciously and mercilessly murder anyone that mocked Muhammad or Allah, they would have wound up dead or missing and probably found mutilated beyond recognition.  They have ZERO tolerance for anyone that mocks their god or prophet.

Am I right? 


dmarks said...

CAIR is a truly evil organization: a front for terrorist fundraising that supports genocide. Now they want to incinerate the Constitution and punish people in the US for the noble expression of free speech.

I have nothing against Islam. There are true moderate civilized Islamic organizations. But CAIR is not one of them. It promotes terrorism overseas, and now the imposition of terrorist law in the US to the direct contradiction of the Constitution.

We need to celebrate freedom of expression. Click here for a great example.

This Syed guy is calling for the creation of an American "Al Qaeda Youth", with his specific call to terrorize innocent people. As a Pakistani terrorist (check into his background), he should be deported.


Leticia said: "This is NOT a Muslim nation it is Christian nation and it is a FREE nation"

I respectfully disagree with part of this. It is a Muslim nation AND a Christian nation AND a free nation. In that anyone can choose to practice these faiths, or not, as they see fit. Extremists of any type are a threat to this.

I hold Christian-based extremists like Westboro Baptist in the same contempt that I hold Faizen bin Ladin and his CAIRorist gang.

Leticia said...

dmarks, I couldn't agree more about CAIR I would love to this organization eradicated, and dismantled.

I do however, and respectfully so, disagree about America being a Muslim nation. It was founded on the Geneva Bible teachings, hence, Christianity. Remember the pilgrims were Christian and that is the bible they used, and our forefathers used it or the KJV I have to research that aided them in composing our constitution, our Bill of Rights, etc.

However, it is a free nation, but the foundation of it began with Christianity and I wish it would have stayed that way.

Well, this Trekkie is off to exercise! God bless you, my friend.

Ducky's here said...

This is NOT a Muslim nation it is Christian nation
This is NOT a Christian nation. It is a secular nation.

Most reject your Evangelicalism just as they reject Islam.

On the other hand, I have no objection to Muslims trying to have their case stated fairly.

Jersey McJones said...



dmarks said...

Jersey, you said the same sort of thing about gun confiscation. Then it was proven that this is a danger in two states, so far...

dmarks said...

Ducky, do you include this terrorist's plans to threaten people as stating a case fairly?

Leticia said...

Ducky, this was a Christian nation until people decided that honoring a wholesome and pure and Holy God was not for them and they preferred to live life as they chose regardless of consequences. The history of the Constitution and many other historical documents came from the Holy Bible AND the 10 Commandments. You are quite mistaken.

Jersey, not paranoia, it's being alert and keeping my eyes open to what is happening to this nation and those that turn a blind eye, or keep their heads buried in the sand.

dmarks, good question.

dmarks said...

Yeah, Leticia, I just don't see this guy's plan to bring up a young gang to harass, assault, and intimidate free expression as any sort of "Stating of a case".

Teresa said...

People can choose to not believe in God but that doesn't make this a secular nation. This country was founded as a Christian nation respecting all religions and those who don't believe in a religion. Unfortunately this country has come to the point where secularists don't respect others beliefs, like religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Leticia, You really are so stupid you'll believe any crap

Bob said...

dmarks: The population of Muslims in the United States is most likely less than 1%. I don't believe the Census Bureau asks about religion, but there may be other data sources. You won't be able to see the percent of Muslims in the US with a pie chart.

Ducky: We owe the religion of Islam any kind of respect. However, I do have Muslim friends, and I respect them as human beings. You must remember that Islam started by converting millions at the point of the sword, and they haven't changed in the last thousand or so years.

Leticia: Good article. Thanks.

Bob said...


"Ducky: We DON't owe the religion of Islam any kind of respect. However,..."

Always On Watch said...


CAIR needs to realize that this is not Saudi Arabia -- the land of Allah.

Recently, Saturday Night Live ran a skit mocking Jesus. If you don't like that, don't watch it.

The Left decries banning books -- as do some on the Right. Therefore, logic would dictate that these same folks would decry banning the insulting of Islam.

Muslims need to get over themselves. We don't all follow Allah or the teachings of Mohammed.

Lisa said...

Shouldn't Liberals be against Islam the way they are against Christians being they are against abortion and homosexuality?

Jersey McJones said...


In both Minnesota and Missouri, the Silly Party (aka Annoying Midwestern Christian Republican Party) controls the Legislature. So I can assure you no such confiscation is coming. Funny enough, the "confiscation" bill in Missouri was written in ironic response to a Silly Party bill that would outlaw any effort at gun control. Anyone see the irony there? No?

I didn't think so.



Leticia said...

Don't you just find it hilarious that a person that is too cowardly to give their name tells a person that they are "stupid." LOL!! Whatever...

Thanks, Bob!

Lisa, you would think so. Apparently not.

Teresa, you are correct my friend.

AOW, I know, I know.

dmarks said...

Jersey: the other state I was referring to was New York. So I guess that's really three states. As for silly party, that's really a subjective insult, isn't it? In my opinion, the party that proposes stealing guns is sillier (scarier) than the one that is daring to protect our rights.

You are kind of proving my point when you say these state legislatures would steal guns if not for Republicans blocking them.

Thanks for strongly proving that the danger of government coming to steal guns is a big real danger in the US and the only thing stopping it is "paranoia" (warning of the danger), and the fact that one of the two major political parties is "silly" enough to protect our rights.

And no there is no "irony"" but what you imply, if true, is that Missouri Democrats abuse the legislative process to play silly games. Yes, silly.

Jersey, you can do better than this. You have.

Magpie said...

“Shouldn't Liberals be against Islam the way they are against Christians being they are against abortion and homosexuality?”


Both religions promote beliefs which are idiotic and neither have any business telling non-followers how to live.

Which is why there must always be separation of religion and state. Period.

Magpie said...


Against religious extremism. Not against the religions per se.

Teresa said...


There are those things which are actually extreme and you can tell this in an obvious way but then there are some other things that are bandied about as "extreme" in some circles but are just matters of opinion, traditional religious beliefs, or a differing point of view on an issue.

dmarks said...

Jersey: Big "oops" on your claim that confiscation dangers do not exist. One of the two major political parties at the state level in both Washington and Oregon have also proposed this sort of theft. I could probably find more and more states if I checked. I found 5 so far...

So much for your "I can assure you no such confiscation is coming." claim."

Magpie said...

I’m not sure I agree with you there Teresa.

The Right-wing position seems to be ‘look if I’m not calling for your death or blowing up buildings then I’m not an extremist’. But religious extremism assaults society in other ways.

What I take exception to in Lisa’s comment is the subtext that Islamic extremism is somehow the fault of liberals, or something seen as forgivable by them, when by definition all religious extremism is an attack on liberalism. And her comment sort of acknowledges this but then bashes liberals anyway. She has her cake and eats it too.

Furthermore the reason Islamic extremism is such a threat is that it’s geopolitical centre is made up of countries that do not have separation of religion and state. The laws are based on religious ideals, there are religious police, the governments are dominated by clerics.

America is not a Christian nation, for a Christian nation could not be the idea of “America” as a free country rather than a theocracy.

The moment one starts to call it a “Christian country” then immediately every American who is not Christian is disenfranchised.
That’s what Leticia is saying… “if you’re a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or an atheist or anyone not like me then even though your family is as loyal as mine, has been in America as long, and has contributed as much if not more… then you’re still a nothing, because I have decided my private religion is the test of your citizenship”.

And it appals me that she dies not see the fascistic implication of that view.

My country could be 99.9% atheist (it isn’t of course) and I STILL would never say “this is an atheist country”.

dmarks said...

I generally agree with Magpie here. Under the Constitution, there is no preference given to any religion over another.

And calling saying a country belongs to this religion or that religion is a declaration of war against those who have other faiths (not the named one)... unless you are merely speaking of demographics.