Sunday, February 24, 2013


British PM David Cameron is encouraging Barack Obama to leave Michelle at home when he travels to the UK for the G8 Summit.

The summit is being held at "the luxury Lough Erne resort in Northern Ireland," and a Downing Street spokesperson says Cameron wants Obama and the other leaders to focus completely on issues like "[taxes], trade, and transparency," rather than their "wives and girlfriends."

Cameron says he got the idea from last year's G8 Summit at Camp David. That summit "was attended by the leaders alone."

This means the traditional "separate program for visiting wives" will not be prepared for this year's summit.

However, because Cameron is ultimately powerless in dictating whether leaders do or don't bring their wives and girlfriends, it is believed Mrs. Cameron may "host a modest lunch in Downing Street" if Michelle decides to come anyway.

In other words, stay home, Mrs. Obama!  


Lisa said...

Oh but the journalists want to fawn all over her radiant beatuy and stylish Jackie O fashion. BOOHOO!!!!

Jersey McJones said...

Why are you making this sound like a slant on the First Lady?

Let me guess. You guys hate her too.


Leticia said...

Lisa, LOL!! She can never be another Jackie O, even if she tried. Jackie had class. Michelle, well, not so much. She's rude, arrogant and like her husband, narcissist.

Jersey, I don't hate her, I am just not a fan. I think she is as bad as her husband, trying to dictate our lives.

Shaw Kenawe said...

In what world does a suggestion to EVERY SINGLE G8 Summit attendee to leave wives and girlfriends home translate to "Leave Michelle at Home?"

Let me guess: In your skewed world where you and Lisa apparently begin and end your days in Anger-Hateland?

Someone wise once said, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Michelle Obama is wildly popular with the American people, and the world.

Be careful what you do with that fact. I don't advise drinking it.

Anonymous said...

Leticia, you are one ignorant fool. You have no basis for your comments except for your own prejudice and uninformed mind. You're a hater who is led by the nose by Fox news.

Leticia said...

Shaw, read where it links "encouraging" and you will see that Obama was "encouraged" to leave his wife at home.

I thought it was funny. However, in the minds of liberals, I am some kind of hateful person because I thought it was a hoot.

I am not a fan of the woman. I find her lacking in decorum and elegance, etc; she does not behave like a First Lady should. Elbows on the table, rolling her eyes at Speaker of the House Boehner, giving dirty looks to Michelle Bachman, wrapping her arm around the Queen of England. If you look at past First Ladies, all of them behaved with perfect elegance and decorum and dressed very respectfully, I could a few more things, but I am sure you catch the gist of it.

Compare her to Jackie O, Nancy Reagan and/or Laura Bush. Classy women that knew sophistication and followed protocol. True elegance. They were always respectful.

It's an observation and an opinion.

No where did I say I hated her.

And you anon, are a coward. At least I am not afraid or ashamed to use my name. You make me laugh.

I am not easily offended by those who lack the intellectual mentally to debate without using such rhetorical and mundane nonsense and for some odd reason an obsession with Fox News. LOL! FYI, this wasn't for their website. Live and learn, kid.

Malcolm Bondon said...

Leticia: So, you're not a fan of the First Lady?! I never would have guessed. :-) Because she's the First Lady whose last name is Obama, you are going to find fault with her no matter what she does. If liberals wanted to, we could play that game too. Take Laura Bush for example. I can just imagine how some of you on the right would react if Michelle had ran a stop sign which killed a friend of hers in another car. Just to be clear, I have no negative feelings towards Laura.

I went to the link you included. The headlne claims Cameron banned President Obama from bringing Michelle. However, the story itself says he has asked the leaders of the G8 summit, including Barack and Michelle Obama, to leave their wives and husbands at home. If it makes you feel better to look at this as a direct shot at the First Lady, have at it.

When you say that she's trying to dictate our lives, are you referring to her "Let's Move" program?

Nate said...

Hope Mrs. Cameron's stocking up on Waygu.

dmarks said...

Really, aside from her statement about being proud (what, was she hidden in a biodome from 1982 to 2008???), Michelle Obama doesn't really bother me. I place her somewhere between First Ladies I liked (Rosalyn Carter, Laura Bush) and those I disliked (Nancy Reagan, Hillary). And I don't think what has been done to her on some blogs I've read that say she looks like a gorilla is right at all too. (One was one of my favorite conservative blogs... I rarely go to that blog any more)

dmarks said...

And yes Leticia. The Fox News obsessed Anonymous is a silly troll. Your source is the Daily Mail in the UK. Ruport Murdoch owns newspapers in the UK, but the Daily Mail isn't one of them. Not even close.

Leticia, even if you posted a few sentences of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, no doubt the silly troll or Liberalmann would say you got it from Fox News.

Leticia said...

Malcolm, I won't deny that I don't like her. The first time I heard her speak was when she claimed to be proud of her country for the first time or something to that effect. That was the clincher for me.

I love my country and to hear the First Lady say something like that, it was just a prelude of things to come. She has never impressed me.

There are a lot of things that I find rather disturbing about her and of course, her husband.

I do not like the fact how she is dictating what our schools should feed our children.

Kids can burn off hundreds of calories, if only the parents would make them play outside and limit their television and computer activities.

My boys have no choice to play outside or no tv or computer usage on the weekends. They ride their bikes, scooters, and jump on the trampoline, and I join them, other than the scooters. We must stay involved with our children. Get them into sports or something that involves cardio.

My boys even do Tae Bo with me.

dmarks, I admit there are some First Ladies that were not up to par, but none have been as bad as Mrs. Obama. She really lacks social skills. She should learn protocol.

And I AGREE totally with your last statement.

Jersey McJones said...

Okay, Leticia, I'll bite. How's Michele Obama trying to "dictate our lives?"


Magpie said...

“She really lacks social skills.”

Really? Doesn’t seem to be holding her back. 73% approval rating in a CNN poll last December.

She’s well spoken, connects well with the people who don’t auto-hate her for who she is. Would that Mitt had been so good at that eh?

You do a really good impression of hatred while saying you don’t hate, Leticia.

dmarks said...

Sorry, the "elbows on the table" thing never bothered me, Leticia. Sort of like the thing about "men must take off their hats".

Always On Watch said...

Shaw mentioned that Michelle Obama is very popular in Europe.

All of my UK friends -- not all of the conservatives by any means -- find Michelle lacking in etiquette. A few of these friends are appalled by Michelle's "dress code" and "pawing of the Queen."

Maybe some of the UK etiquette is stuffy, but it is tradition nonetheless.

Cameron may have a point in that bringing the wives and girlfriends will raise the bill on the taxpayers. Separate and special social events involving others besides the political leaders are indeed expensive.

Always On Watch said...

Cameron says he got the idea from last year's G8 Summit at Camp David. That summit "was attended by the leaders alone."

Consistency, then? Nothing wrong with that!

Were there objections to the restrictions imposed by the G8 Summit at Camp David? Maybe there were, but I don't recall hearing about any such objections.

Liberalmann said...

Leticia, you really are an idiot.

Malcolm Bondon said...
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Malcolm Bondon said...
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Malcolm Bondon said...

Leticia: I recently wrote a post about the comments made by Mrs. Obama vs. a similar statement by Michele Bachmann. The link is below. I love to hear your take on it.

Awhile back, didn't you say you were all for seceding from the United States? If so, how can one love their country and want to secede from it?

"If you look at past First Ladies, all of them behaved with perfect elegance and decorum and dressed very respectfully, I could a few more things, but I am sure you catch the gist of it."

Unless you are a First Lady historian of the first magnitude, how can you make such a wide open statement? I did a brief online search and found there were prior First Ladies who didn't meet your lofty standards.

Let's also remember that the Obama presidency is the first to completely take place in the age of the You Tube, Twitter, etc. so pretty much every public appearance by the First Lady is caught on camera and repeated ad nauseum.

You cite the eye rolling/dirty looks Mrs. Obama directed at Boehner and Rep. Bachmann. After some of the nasty remarks they've made towards the president, some (me included) would say her reactions were warranted.

In no way has Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" program tried to dictate what schools feed kids. All the program does is encourage healthier eating by offering guidelines. Then again, I have a feeling you and some others on the right would have criticized Michelle no matter what initiative she undertook as First Lady.

Leticia said...

Jersey, *smile* by trying to tell our schools what they should feed our children, and what we should be eating, etc. That's NOT her choice and she doesn't have the right. It should be up to the parents.

Btw, Jersey, thank you again, for being respectful. I do appreciate it.

Magpie, I NEVER look at polls and especially NOT from a very liberal and biased media network, who happen to be the lapdogs of Obama. He can do no wrong in their minds.

dmarks, it has to be from my upbringing. Because as a young child we were taught to never put our elbows on the table and gentlemen showed a sign of respect by taking off their hats when a lady was present or in someone's home, church or even restaurant. I am old-fashioned when it comes to that. And if you are presented to the Queen of England or any monarchy, you should know how to behave and follow their protocol. Same goes if you are visiting someone's house. It's respect and it also reveals that you are a person of culture and decorum.

AOW, I have spoke to friends from NZ, and England and when you are with the Queen you had better follow their protocol.

I agree completely. Wives and girlfriend's are just an added expense, they don't need to be there. Also, I would think a distraction.

Lib, typical response from you. What else is new? You never have anything intelligent to say.

Malcolm, I'll check it out.

dmarks said...

Leticia said: "Wives and girlfriend's are just an added expense"

Sing it, sister. The wallets of the husbands and boyfriends all join you in a loud and rousing chorus.

Magpie said...

Oh good grief….
Yeah Leticia…. Michelle Obama’s popularity… it’s all a liberal plot.

In real life she drinks milk straight out of the carton. Just to stick it to Right-wingers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

AOW, I have friends in the UK, France, Italy,[famil] Germany, and Austria, and they report to me that she is very, very popular.

People tend to be friends with those who are similar to who they are. You're a conservative, so I imagine your friends in the UK are as well; and therefore, share your dislike of Mrs. Obama.

Same can be said of my friends and family in Europe, to be sure.

Our perspectives are anecdotal, but the polls show the fact that Mrs. Obama is a very well like First Lady here in this country and abroad.

This is irritating to those of you who don't like her or her husband, but those are the facts. And I, for one, am proud of the fact that we in America and in the world like our First Lady.