Monday, January 28, 2013


I would like to thank Ambassador International for providing me a free copy of this book to review.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In the time it takes to read these paragraphs, another Christian will be killed because of his or her faith in Jesus Christ-- 160,000 believers around the world will be slaughtered this year alone. Over the last 20 centuries 70 million Christians have been murdered for their belief in Christ.

It’s happening now in countries like Iran, Libya and Egypt, but The Unreconciled (Ambassador International; September 2012; $16.99/paperback) a new suspense-filled political thriller from Eric Young explores the idea of a Christian holocaust on American soil.

 “The Unreconciled articulates the fears of many. Religious wars are unimaginable to the American mind because we enjoy a safe harbor from religious persecution. But from the Iranian hostage crisis in ‘79 to 9-11 to the assassination of our ambassador in Libya just weeks ago, radical Islamists have been at war with us for four decades. Our attackers do not want our money, our industry, or our land. They want to rob us of our most fundamental liberty—our faith,” says Young. “Can you imagine how dark and pitiless the world without a Christian America would be? I have.”

ABOUT THE BOOK: Set in 2084, The Unreconciled follows Denisa Graceon, an archeologist, and her daring and courageous father, Nick, as she searches for relics of the extinct Christian faith. While searching in the Appalachian wilderness, she is shocked to discover a few forgotten Christians still exist, “the Unreconciled.” Enamored by them and immersed in their faith, Denisa becomes a believer and falls in love with the sworn guardian of the very relic she was commissioned to steal. When she discovers the all powerful Caliph plans to massacre these last Christ-followers, she launches a desperate gambit to save them.

MY REVIEW:  Where to begin... first I have to say this book was VERY well-written. Once I began I wasn't even sure how I would begin my review, there is a lot to share.
First, what would it be like for all Christians and White people to be hunted down and annihilated by....(well, you'll find out, I don't do spoilers) from existence because of their unwavering faith in Jesus Christ? And English was no longer spoken but Farsi and Spanish? Imagine America being ruled by the strict and unforgiving cruelty of living under Sharia Law? This book describes what it would be like to live under those severe circumstances where stoning people to death was a natural occurrence. ALL women are forced to work outside the home and be slaves to their male relatives, male friends. They are forced to wear the burka and hijab. We get a close perspective on how women are truly second-class citizens. Reading, writing, learning is prohibited and punishable by death, aka stoning.

Imagine, no more internet, only the elite are allowed to own and use cell phones, most modern technology is wiped out, because no one knows how to use computers, etc; food is scarce and is mostly rice, tortillas, beans or old bread. Scary, huh?  Plus, buildings, roads are in ruin, only those with passports can travel.  

The preview of the book focuses on the daughter, Denisa, but the main character whom you grow to be fond of is her father Nicholas, aka Nick or Nicky. We see things under his perspective and his relationship with his headstrong daughter, whom you grow to love.

I ABSOLUTELY loved this book. It just gives a very frightening perspective of what would happen if the whole world was ruled under Sharia Law.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charles Eric Young, a native of Southern Appalachia, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emory & Henry College in 1993. There he majored in Political Science with a focus on International Studies and Politics of the Contemporary Middle East, with concentrations in Sociology and Economics. In 1996, Eric earned his JD from the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, where much of The Unreconciled takes place. He practices local government law in rural Virginia where he lives with his wife, of twelve years, and children.  

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Right Truth said...

This scenario sounds like where we are headed if we continue to have leaders like Obama. Our military, political offices, educational institutions are all slowly submitting.

Thanks for the review

Right Truth

Leticia said...

Debbie, it was a very good book. Some parts were heartbreaking, overall, I would probably read this one again.

Ducky's here said...

ALL women are forced to work outside the home

Under sharia? Who is this hack?
Pure ignorance.

Leticia said...

Ducky, is that all you could come up with, the work?

Teresa said...

Is this the futuristic model of the U.S.? If we continue as we have been the fictional book may not actually be fiction. It does sound like fast-paced good book, an interesting read.

Leticia said...

Teresa, it was. I wish I had an extra copy to give away. Because I would have.