Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boy Scouts Were Pressured by Corporate Sponsors to Change Policy on Gays

Pressure from corporate sponsors may be the critical factor in a decision by the Boy Scouts of America to change policy to include homosexual scouts, volunteers and leaders.

When a representative from BSA met with Frank Page, president and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, to discuss the proposed change, Page was told that BSA is "wilting under pressure from some of their corporate sponsors ...," Page explained in a statement to The Christian Post.

The Human Rights Campaign, a pro-gay rights advocacy organization, told BSA's corporate sponsors that it would downgrade their "non-discrimination ratings" if they continued to give money to BSA, according to NBC News.

According to a review of corporate giving to BSA in 2010 conducted last September by The American Independent, 23 of the top 50 corporate foundations gave at least $10,000 to BSA. Those sponsors included Bank of America, Intel, UPS, U.S. Bank, Verizon and Wells Fargo. The largest donation in 2010, $700,000, came from Intel. Some donations were directly from the company. Other donations were through matching funds programs in which company employees choose the charity and the company would match a certain amount for every dollar given by the employee.

The New Jersey Star Ledger reported today, in an editorial supporting the Scouts' decision, that Intel announced last September it would stop donations to the Scouts unless it stopped excluding gays. A month later, pharmaceutical giant Merck followed suit. UPS announced last month that it would no longer give to BSA because of its ban on gay scouts, volunteers and leaders.

My opinion:

For over 100 years the BSA has had character, integrity and have stood absolutely firm in holding moral values, honoring God and country. And now are being bullied by the militant homosexual movement to eradicate a century's old tradition that could very well destroy the foundation of this wonderful organization.

As a parent of two boys, you had better believe I would be pulling them out of the BSA, because I would not want them around a scoutmaster that, more than likely, would be proud of his homosexual nature and I sure is hell would not want my kids going on camping trips with men who are attracted to other men, especially young men. NO... I am not claiming all homosexuals are pedophiles, but I would NEVER take the chance of endangering my kids or subjecting them to this lifestyle.

Why are homosexuals so bound and determined to infiltrate every god-fearing, organization? Let them start their own and leave this one alone.
My opinion and I stand by it.


Nate said...
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Nate said...

Botched my initial comment and deleted it.

Rock and a hard place: BSA caved because the gay agenda-ists threatened them with a financial boycott; BSA may very well end up facing financial difficulties because of the organizations and individuals who used to donate to them because of their Christian values won't be donating anymore.

'Choose this day whom you will serve.'

William Stout said...

The Boy Scouts have been under assault for decades. Most scout troops meet in churches in their local communities and the Boy Scouts teach young men how to be responsible adults with good character. I suppose that is why it had to be compromised from the left's perspective. By taking this path many scout troops may find themselves without a home any longer because many Christians believe homosexuality to be a sin. As such, the BSA may remain solvent, but their membership will shrink and that will reduce their effectiveness in America's local communities.

Always On Watch said...

The BSA will suffer even worse financially. Most BSA families will withdraw their sons because of this gay agenda stuff.

Truth be known said...

I have come to the conclusion that Liberals are just evil,Racism, hate, and intolerance. Liberals are stupid people and I just cannot stand dealing with them any longer. Therefore, I am no longer participating in commenting on blogs, anyone's blogs.
Thank you and goodbye, it was really nice and enjoyable in the past but it isn't any longer.

Jersey McJones said...

If the BSA wants to continue to discriminate against gay people, then they should accept the consequences. America today is far more accepting and tolerant of different lifestyles and cultures than it was in the not-so-distant past. As well, the recent Religious Right revival turned off many young Americans who are now less religious than ever.

The BSA is a private organization with a religious bent. If they choose to discriminate for religious reasons, that is their prerogative. If they "cave in" to certain interests, then that's on them.


Ducky's here said...

Why are homosexuals so bound and determined to infiltrate every god-fearing, organization? Let them start their own and leave this one alone.

Because in a secular society they are entitled to equality.

Live with it, we are not now and never will be ruled by Leviticus.

Leticia said...

Nate, I know. Intel is one of their biggest contributors and if the BSA will not allow gays in to be Scout Leaders, they will pull their funding. My hope is that maybe other franchises will help them.

William I believe that is what the homosexuals are wanting. They want to infiltrate and then eventually, rule out God, etc. It's all propaganda to further their immoral cause.

AOW, I would. No doubt about it.

Jersey, the BSA has been around for over a 100 years, so why now? Huh? Why are the homosexuals making a beeline to take this wholesome, family-oriented group down? Why?

Let them have their own "gay scouts" or whatever they want to call themselves. But they should leave this beloved organization alone.

There are still exclusive clubs in the US and no one says a darned thing.

Ducky, I don't even think they are even interested in being in the BSA or Scout leaders, it's about forcing someone to accept their lifestyle. Too bad!

No wise or loving parent is going to allow their innocent little boys to sleep over night in a tent or outside in the woods with a person that flaunts the fact that he prefers men, and God forbid little boys.

jez said...

You're assuming that an openly gay man is more likely to molest a child than a man who is not openly gay. Is that assumption well founded?

Ducky's here said...

No wise or loving parent is going to allow their innocent little boys to sleep over night in a tent or outside in the woods with a person that flaunts the fact that he prefers men, and God forbid little boys.

Homosexuality is not equivalent to pedophilia.
Stop flashing you abject ignorance, keep your darlings out of scouting and live with it.

Liberalmann said...

'Pressure' is how we change the minds of idiots. Nothing new.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

What the hell, it's 2013, lets give the Gay Scouts a break. It's not like a disease that catching you know.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Lets see how many parents will have the moral fortitude to pull their sons out of the BSA?

christian soldier said...

the Dark Side openly stated its plan to subvert the honor of the boy Scouts some years ago--no one believed that it could happen (I did)--
As a MOM of an Eagle Scout- I am sad that 'our side' was not ready for the battle--

Leticia said...

Jez, I said, "God forbid" it was an implication, I did find a few websites that debunk and support my opinion. But as a mother, I wouldn't take the chance. And, just so you'll know, I only allowed my son to join the BSA if their dad went went along on the overnight trips. You cannot be too careful. I am very protective of my sons. Do I believe homosexuals are more prone to be child molesters? Some people say, "yes" ohters say, "no." And I believe it could happen considering the circumstances.

Ducky, read the above. And yes, they ARE my "little darlings." And I will raise them how I see fit and protect them as much as I can. I am curious, do you have children or young nieces or nephews? Would you just trust them with anyone. Why don't you do the research, I have.

Abouna, liberal parents probably wouldn't care, but I doubt there are many kids of liberal parents in the BSA, since this particular group honors God, children and this nation. Which is why I believe the radical homosexuals are attacking them.

Why not just leave them alone?! I cannot understand this militant movement to destroy this organization?

Carol, oh gosh, that's tough! I am truly sorry.

Jersey McJones said...

Thankfully, the hatred of homosexuals is slowly becoming a thing of the past as new generations are rejecting the backwards prejudices of their forebears.


Leticia said...

Jersey, who said anything here about hating homosexuals? Not me. I may despise the lifestyle they lead, but I don't any of them.

They need God, they need restoration of their souls.

Liberalmann said...

"Most Rev. Gregori said..."Lets see how many parents will have the moral fortitude to pull their sons out...?"


Said the Priest standing over the alter boy.

Nate said...

Heterosexuals are attracted to members of the opposite sex; homosexuals are attracted to members of the same sex. Obvious, right?

Let's take a common scenario in Scouting: the camping trip.

Do you think there would be concerns voiced should the Girl Scouts allow heterosexual males to chaperone a weekend camping trip with the girls? Of COURSE there would be, because heterosexual males are attracted to females.

Why shouldn't there be concerns raised if openly-homosexual males wanted to chaperone a Boy Scout camping trip, since, obviously, homosexuals are attracted to members of the same sex?

Pedophilia need not apply here: what applies is potential sexual desire and whom it's directed at.

Jersey McJones said...

Leticia, leave them alone. Who are you to tell them how to live? They're not hurting you. They're not hurting Jesus. They're not hurting anyone. And as with the majority of any group of people, they're just as decent, kind, pleasant, useful, and harmless.

Give it a rest already. Some of the finest human beings I've ever known are or were gay. Knock it off already. You're coming off mean and hateful.


Leticia said...

Nate, well said. But some people won't listen.

Jersey, they began this assault on the BSA and many other organizations, that honor God and nation. Which they seem to despise with their very being. They have some kind of vendetta against any organization, including the church, that disagrees with their lifestyle.

I am sure many of us have "gay" friends, I do and they know where I stand. And one last thing, some homosexuals are backing the BSA.

Z said...

Leticia, what a good post and what really terrific comments you got.
It is a terrible shame for the Boy Scouts and for gays, in my opinion.

For years, there had to have been gay children in the Boy Scouts but they didn't have to come out in some big parade!, they lived their lives happily getting badges and enjoying the busy-ness of Boy Scouts activities before their sexuality.
Now, parents will be worried about their boys on camping trips, etc. and whatever gay boys there are will be shunned..because 'it's all out now'...and if you complain, you're a bigot.

it's all very sad and the Boy Scouts organization will suffer financially and, finally, probably have to shut down; that character building group must have really irked the liberals who caused this to happen. Character always seems to bug those ...if they even understand that character IS, that is.

Leticia said...

Z, I agree. This actually hurts everyone. It's a sad scenario.

Mike said...

Z sort of summed up how I feel about it. I think there should be some sort of DADT unwritten rule about this, mainly because the organization is NOT about sex and this new policy is.

I don't have a problem with gays, am not against civil unions. (only with "marriage" because that word has a definition and "gay marriage" is a contradiction. Govt. shouldn't be involved in marriage in the first place)

I've known a lot of gay folks in my life and some are my friends to this day and always will be. They're the ones who don't define themselves by that...they're more than that. Their sex life is none of my business, just as mine is to them. I'm anything but a prude, but I wish sex could go back to being something more private than what it is today.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, with each post you homophobes are proving your simple mindedness.

Liberalmann said...

Soledad destroyed your guy today:

Soledad O'Brien, Tony Perkins Clash Over Boy Scouts' Policy On Gay Members (VIDEO)

jez said...

Nate: I would prefer multiple supervising adults, and I would expect that mixture to be mixed gender.

Bryce Thomason said...

Some in the spiritual arena of thought accept as true that they "must stop" the "gay agenda, whatever that might be. Of course, there are folks who are very obstinate in the GLBT community about certain issues such as gay marriage and they demand to be heard and are vocal on the following stage over this debate. When I read the gentleman's essay arguing that no one is born gay, I certainly understood where he was coming from, as he felt as if the ""gay agenda" had come too far, and so, he is just as adamant about pushing back now.