Friday, May 4, 2012

"It seems as if this anarchist, radical leftist Occupy organizer went on Hannity’s show to try and bring a positive light to his message. As it turns out, his appearance did a tremendous disservice to the Occupy Movement narrative. Hannity destroys this guy." Eric Oden


Wow! Hannity ripped this guy to shreds!!  I couldn't believe what was coming out of that "kid's" mouth! It was the police doing all the bad things, conspiracy....And then his remark about some jobs being "beneath him."  Talk about insulting all the blue collar workers.  Who's going to hire this moron? After this pathetic interview.

Hannity mopped the floor with him.  Loved it!

I will probably share some funny videos for Saturday or Sunday, haven't decided.


Lisa said...

I saw this last night too. He's nothing but a professional protester. This just proves that Acorns are nuts.

Maggie's Place said...

Hannity does it right (sometimes)

Leticia said...

Lisa, I was like "GO HANNITY!" Took this clown down. lol

Magpie, yep, agreed. It was hilarious, and telling the guy "GET A JOB!"

Z said...

I saw it, too.......
Didn't he seemed drugged to you?
He's kind of a cute kid and the words coming out of his mouth seemed so insane to me....

Remember the part where he said the NYTimes wrote that the NYPD had BROUGHT IN RAPISTS to discredit the OWS? Ya, they supposedly brought in rapists and said "Go at 'em" so they could say "See, the OWS rapes!" THAT part was the most incredible! He really THINKS THAT?

By the way, ever consider how Juan Williams and so many other leftwingers give the OWS thugs such breaks for their rape, drug use and defecating, etc., "that doesn't REALLY represent the movement...that was a PLANT!"....but let ONE nut at a Tea Party event hold up one lousy sign that's racist or whatever, and it's "Look at those NASTY TEA PARTY PEOPLE"


Jersey McJones said...

You guys are nuts.

If you think most people would see that interview the way you do, your are really, really nuts.

The kid made a fair point. Hannity wanted to go on and on about something that had nothing to do with the OWS message. Hannity just sold his own message. It may as well called them "dirty hippies."

It's stupid.

The kid makes a fair point: more right-seeming legislation over recent years have had negative effects than left-seeming legislation. We are not, as a people, as a nation, any better off than we were since the 70's.


Ducky's here said...

Protests all over America , one bank window gets broken in Seattle (always Seattle, the black masks are big there) and Hannity convinces you clowns that this wasn't peaceful.

Disrespecting the freaking cops?

Let me tell you about the stinking cops. There was a rally near the local high school and I went with my film class to film it for the local community access channel.

Cop comes over and tells us we can't film. I ask hm why try to reason and he calls his buddies over. Now, I have a heart stent so I didn't really want to get hooked up with these fringe right mouth breathers so we packed up and left.

Small locality, NYC, Oakland the cops are all the same.

Well, my students are involved in a letter writing campaign to the mayor and we pretty much know what the bullshit response is but those cops did more to radicalize those kids than any teaching I can do.

z, if you've been paying attention and get your head out of the hze you will have figured out that the Baggers are dead. Romney kicked their face in. It's over. America is not going to move that far right, wake up.

Leticia said...

Z, kind of scary that those people really think like that. Has to be drugs or they are just plain insane or unbalanced. He destroyed any kind of credibility.

Jersey, come on!! The guy made an ass of himself and his cause, face it, he wasn't making any sense. He is the one that brought up the "hippie" statement and even had to bring up the "Christians." He is 29-years-old and plainly stated he was living off his school loans!!! What rubbish. He's lazy and doesn't want a job that is beneath him? We all have taken jobs that we didn't like, but did it anyway. He needs to grow up and take responsibility and quit blaming other people.

Ducky, get real. The guy couldn't stand answer coherently and was babbling on and blaming all the crap that those OWS people were doing. Seriously, the NYPD sent in women to get raped, defecate on their cars. Are you honestly going to tell me that you believe that rubbish? The man needs to get a job and move on with life.

And the Tea Party is alive and well, sorry to disappoint you.

Liberalmann said...

Hannity is a corporate shill and this kid pwned him good. The OWS are more 'patriot' than Tea Baggers.

dmarks said...

Last time I checked, the OWS movement speaks for about 30%, not 99%.

What is the OWS message worth? Not much. It appeals to the worst: the idea that you can get ahead by begging or trying to get others to steal for you, rather than earning it yourself.

Ducky said: "the Baggers are dead. Romney kicked their face in. It's over. America is not going to move that far right, wake up."

What you talkin' bout? The Tea Party movement had nothing to do with the far right.

dmarks said...

Liberalmann said: "Hannity is a corporate shill and this kid pwned him good."

Again, the opposite is true. Hannity has opposed the biggest handouts to corporations in history: the bailouts.

It looks like, Liberalmann, that you heard this insult, "corporate shill", and you like the sound of it, so you use it in a parrot like fashion just to make noise and without any regard to what it means.

"The OWS are more 'patriot' than Tea Baggers."

Not really. They are just greedy and lazy, and in the end anti-American, as they push for more power of the ruling elites and destroying our Constitutional liberties: all of which is pretty bad for the country.

The OWS protesters should sit down and shut up.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

That moron is a joke, if he thinks that sort of crap is supposed to draw people to his cause, he's insane.

Seriously, rape is not cool! Living off student loans!

I think the best thing he said was - I don't fully understand it myself. That essentially encapsulates the entire occupy movement and I'd say most of the leftwing movement in the western world.

I'm thinking I should spread the word on this Leticia, great find.

Leticia said...

MK, I know, when he said he didn't fully understand,it was made perfectly clear how confused those people are. They have no idea what they are doing. Spread the word my friend. Snag the video.

Liberalmann said...

marks said.."Again, the opposite is true. Hannity has opposed the biggest handouts to corporations in history: the bailouts."

Hey, I have some swamp land for sale. Interested?

dmarks said...

Once again proven wrong on the facts, Liberalmann lobs us a non-sequitur.

Liberalmann said...

Not wrong at all, Hannity is a millionaire and a corporate shill. Like all loony wingnuts, he will stand against anything...anything Obama does.

His job is to get the lesser amojng us-Fox watching dummies-to vote against their own self interest to keep the Oligarchy in place.

dmarks said...

"Not wrong at all, Hannity is a millionaire and a corporate shill."

Completely untrue. He advocates ending corporate welfare. If he's a corporate shill, he is not giving them their money's worth.

"Like all loony wingnuts..."

Well, It would say it takes one to know one, as you out yourself as loony wing nut with every comment. But Hannity is not that loony.

"he will stand against nything...anything Obama does."

So? Hannity is to be commended for opposing Obama's destructive policies. One can hardly blame him for being knowledgable about the issues, and this opposing most of what Obama does.

Leticia said...

Lib, Hannity asked the questions and the guy couldn't answer coherently. Why are you angry at Hannity. I would be embarrassed if I had supported the OWS in the first place. They are the one's that are doing all those rotten things.