Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kirk Cameron says 'Homosexuality is unnatural'

I shared this on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing here. Kirk Cameron did a fantastic job on this interview and as you can see, no one got ugly, no one one spewing hateful remarks. It was too men speaking about opposing views.

It's worth watching. God bless you, Kirk.


Jersey McJones said...

Why are you so fascinated other people's sex lives?


dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

Respectfully, Leticia, homosexuality commonly occurs in the animal kingdom, which makes it hard to call it "unnatural" for me. In terms of human behavior, I'd hardly call it less "natural" than certain rather contrived behaviors/activities such as space travel, deep sea diving, or NASCAR racing.

Silverfiddle said...

If people would keep it to themselves it wouldn't be an issue.

But then we have incidents like this:

OXFORD, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — A transgender student at Miami University has filed a complaint against the school after not being allowed to serve as a residential assistant in an all-male dorm.

Kaeden Kass, who was born a female but identifies himself as male, filed a complaint with the dean of students and the Miami University council over the incident, according to WLWT-TV. Kass was offered the same position for a female suite.

“The problem is, I’m a male-identified person,” Kass told WLWT-TV. “As soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

It is a sad commentary on our society that anyone would even entertain such absurdities.

The college has a transgendered dorm, but that wasn't good enough. This person wants her 5 minutes of fame riding the manufactured grievance train.

jez said...

"If people would keep it to themselves it wouldn't be an issue."

Well, that's just not true. Just because you personally don't harass gays and transsexuals, doesn't mean it never happens. Not everyone is as thoughtful as you, Silverfiddle.

agree that the complaint you point to seems frivolous.

Andreas Says said...

well said

Leticia said...

Jersey, LOl! It's about Kirk Cameron's responses. An actor who isn't ashamed of being a Christian and spoke out, quite eloquently, about his belief, if I might add. Duh.. Let's get your head out of the gutter, shall we.?

dmarks, I was very impressed with this man's stance and wanted to point out that these two men, who apparently were on opposite points-of-view held an intelligent conversation without the mud-slinging and name-calling. It was refreshing. And as a Christian, Mr. Cameron did us all proud and I agreed with everything he said. Natural or not, animals cannot be compared to humans.

Silver, precisely correct. I was only posting a video and immediately, Jersey believes I have some fascination with other people's sex lives.

Jez, yeah, it is a frivolous complaint.

Andrea, welcome!


dmarks said...

Leticia: You mean no-one called the other a liar or a moron, just for having a different well informed opinion? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I watched that interview on CNN and thought it was a good item. He expressed his view and that is what Piers looks for, he only gets up the noses of those uncomfortable with the positions they are selling.

That elements in the left in the US are making anything from this is sad, but then again so many in both our countries thrive on scandal, even if they have to make it themselves.

Damien Charles

Leticia said...

Damien, exactly. And I was so impressed with both men. No disparaging remarks from either of them. Which is why I posted the video.

Teresa said...

A very respectful interview. Just because we as Christians oppose endorsing a sexual activity for public display or public purposes(gay marriage and the lifestyle in general) doesn't mean we give a care about what people do in their bedrooms. There's a big difference between bringing in the gestapo to the bedrooms and forcing people to endorse a behavior for public display.

Lone Ranger said...

The most basic function of every living thing on this planet is reproduction. Since homosexual behavior does not result in offspring, of COURSE it is unnatural. The fact that it occurs in the animal kingdom means that unnatural sexual behavior occurs in the animal kingdom. But, if liberals don't think they are above lowly animals, that's ok with me. They certainly don't seem to possess or exercise the common sense or logic of higher life forms.

Ducky's here said...

Someone should tell Mr. left Behind that his theology is unnatural.

Jersey McJones said...

dn driannI've probably written this here before, but please let me do it again.

I used to work with a young man from India. In his old little town, every year, there was a like a holiday, and all the queens would dress up in the most ostentatious drag and parade through the town, making jokes, partying, having a good time. The people of the town were culturally obliged to allow this parade into their homes, and entertain with them, and share gifts, and thereby their homes would have good luck throughout the year.

It's a shame some people wouldn't think that's really cool.

They didn't have a problem with gays. It's just a cultural thing.

We should turn this whole polarization around and enjoy each other's existence. Gay people have just as much to offer the world as anyone else. By suppressing them, we only suppress ourselves.


jez said...

Lone ranger, do you think that gay animals have been so trained, or do you consider them capable of artifice?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Kirk said it very eloquently, his point of view is something we can all learn something from. Good on him and I'm in firm agreement with him.

And I'll also add, it's nice to see a Christian man be the father to his children that God demands of us. An example we can aspire to.

Magpie said...

Sexuality is elastic.

A person can have a sexual relationship with another person of the same sex and then never do so again.
Or a gay person can have a heterosexual relationship at some time. Or never.

Some people are asexual and don’t like either.

Some people like oral sex and some do not. Some like anal sex and some do not.
Some people change their minds about what they like.

Some people like group sex. Some people would rather masturbate than have sex.

As long as everyone is doing it voluntarily and is an adult I don’t care what they do.
Neither should you. And neither should he.

He’s got no business telling other people how to run the most intimate aspects of their lives.

Just another jerk foisting his beliefs on other people.

Just another holdover from the dark ages of witch trials and the Inquisition.

Silverfiddle said...

Just another holdover from the dark ages of witch trials and the Inquisition.

I didn't hear him calling for gays to be driven from their homes and burned at the stake. Did I miss something?

Just another jerk foisting his beliefs on other people.

Magpie, meet mirror.

dmarks said...

Silverfiddle: I didn't hear him calling for gays to be driven from their homes and burned at the stake. Did I miss something?"

Good point. Similarly, it is the liberals, not the conservatives, who want to raise taxes on gays, destroy healthcare for gays, retreat in the face of the advance of Islamic terrorists (a movement that seeks the death penalty for homosexuality), ruin schools by diverting the money to teachers unions, and lots of other issues that gays will suffer under (along with non-gays, of course)

Leticia said...

Teresa, I am not as polite as Mr. Cameron, lol! I could take a few lessons.

Lone Ranger, yes, but you will never convince a liberal of that. We are not animals. And animals are not sentient.

Ducky, be my guest. There are many ways to reach that wonderful actor.

Jersey, it may surprise you but I do have gay friends, and they know where I stand on their relationships. Doesn't mean I don't love or care about them.

Magpie, okey dokey... too much information there. He was being asked the questions, all he did was respond, nothing wrong with that.

Silver and Dmarks, right! I, never heard him once even call for a dead fish flogging.

Liberalmann said...
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Liberalmann said...

Lol, Leticia, that's like saying, "I can't be a racist, I have black friends." Let me suggest that you are not really a 'friend' to the gays you happen to know.

What's 'unnatural' should be Christians throwing stones and their shameless piety. And pea brained morons like Cameron is merely a simpleton.

He's a good follow up to this:

Leticia said...

LibM, I only mentioned my friends because people, like you, think that Christians treat them like pariah's. And that's not true. I hate that they think that what they are doing is not a sin, when in fact it is, especially those who claim to know the Word of God. Sin is sin no matter what it is. And as believers, we are to flee from it, we fail, most of the time, but by God's Grace and wonderful mercy, if we ask forgiveness it is given.

Lone Ranger said...

"Lone ranger, do you think that gay animals have been so trained, or do you consider them capable of artifice?"

I consider them abnormal, just as I consider self-cutters, bulimics, anorexics, pedophiles or anyone else with a self-destructive mental illness abnormal.

Magpie said...

"Magpie, meet mirror."

No no. You don't get away with that...

He calls gay sex unnatural and gays sinners and used his profile to force that belief into public discourse.

I'm not saying his sexual preferences are wrong. I'm not saying he is a sinner. I'm not truing to invade HIS intimate life and deny him the freedom of who to love.

False equivalence.

Bob said...

Leticia, I rarely disagree with you but in this case I feel obligated to make a statement about homosexuality.

Last fall, I blogged on my son's suicide , and also revealed that he was gay. Because he was gay, and because I am a Christian, and because I lived his life with him, I can speak with personal knowledge, and not just conjecture are Mr Cameron did in the posted video.

Unless you are gay, or have had a gay child, or had a gay sibling, you will not understand. It gets that simple.

My son outed himself when a teenager. He had made arrangements to move out of the house because he knew of, and had heard me speak, of my strong Christian beliefs that homosexuality was wrong. Can you believe my son would be so afraid of me?

Ever since he was a toddler, I had noticed effiminate characteristics in my son, and was really worried. One day he was playing with his sister's Barbee dolls. I breathed a sigh of relief when he ripped the legs and heads off them, and did not even caution him. I felt there was some hope he would not be a sissy.

Throughout his life, he kept developing effiminate characteristics, and never could throw a ball correctly, or walk like a normal male. That is the way God made him.

My point is that my son, Matthew, never had a chance to be anything but gay. Those, like Mr Cameron, who believe it is a "desire", or a "life style" have no idea of what they speak.

Sure, some people are combinations of homo and hetero, and there is probably a continuum of sexual proclivities between the end points of homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Guess what? God created us that way. Mr Cameron seems to think that sexual proclivity is a choice, but men don't just wake up morning thinking that it is a good day to make love to a man. That is what Mr Cameron is suggesting.

The Bible is crystal clear about salvation, and being homosexual does not preclude God's grace. I would be glad to hear arguments stating otherwise.

So, maybe Mr Cameron and other devout Christians can do something other than blindly taking somebody's word for something, and try critical thinking for a change. They need to challenge their own beliefs.

John Wesley famously recommended that we apply four tests to things we are asked to believe. These encompass the Scripture, church tradition, reason, and experience. Maybe Mr Cameron could profit from that blueprint.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

"He calls gay sex unnatural and gays sinners and used his profile to force that belief into public discourse."

False. Watch the video again, he was asked and he answered, seeing as how you dislike this Magpie, then you should take up your issue with the interviewer. He shouldn't ask such questions if he doesn't want to hear the answers.

Unless off course your real motive is that Cameron is simply not allowed to speak at all because he doesn't celebrate homosexuality. Now that's forcing a belief upon others, in which case SF would be right on the money.

Leticia said...

Bob, first of all, they aren't any words that can even come close to articulate how sorry I am for the loss of your precious son. Please accept my condolences. I couldn't imagine your pain.

I am also truly sorry that he felt he had to leave your home. No child should ever have to be afraid of their parents.

The bible is very clear about homosexuality, however, it also speaks very clearly about ALL sin. Sin is sin and we cannot excuse it. Each person will have to stand before our Heavenly Father and answer for our actions and behavior. We are to flee from evil, and sin, regardless of what it is, is still sin.

But you are correct, I only have friends that are "gay" but not a family member. And have no idea what kind of emotional roller-coaster that would cause or the turmoil.

And, let me say this, I know people condemn those who have committed suicide that it is a straight ticket to hell, but I DO NOT believe that, only God and God alone can make that judgement call.

Gosh, your words really touched me and I feel inadequate to answer you without causing you any more pain. You have endured enough for a lifetime.

So, I will just say this. God hates sin, but loves the sinner and that's every single person that has ever walked this planet. Otherwise, the sacrifice our Savior would be worthless. His precious blood was shed for your son, for me, you and everyone.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Even if homosexual behavior is found throughout the animal kingdom, it still is NOT natural and it is not the norm. Besides, aren't we as humans supposed to be a bit better then the lower animals?

I don't believe in harassing gays, transgenders, etc., but by the same token, I don't want them pushing their life-style in my face either, nor do want my grandchildren in school being taught that they must respect and tolerate homosexual behavior.

Leticia said...

Abouna, excellent points. God made us greater than the animals so, yeah, that's a losing argument. We are not animals. Although, at times, animals sometimes behave a lot better than humans.

Glad you are back my friend.

jez said...

Abouna: "[I don't] want my grandchildren in school being taught that they must respect and tolerate homosexual behavior."

How should they act towards homosexuals? With contempt and bigotry?

Bob said...

The Most Rev's Profile:
Rantings of an Angry Orthodox Catholic Priest

In comments the Most Rev said:
" nor do want my grandchildren in school being taught that they must respect and tolerate homosexual behavior."

So, did I miss the big event when Catholic priests were not vowing celibacy?

Or, was the Most Rev bending the situation to support his position?