Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birth control controversies a fundraising boon

When I first saw this picture on Facebook I thought it was quite fitting. Rush Limbaugh has been hammered for calling a woman a "slut."  Yet, the Left love hurtling such colorful and lovely adjectives to the Right all the time. Laughable.

Anyhoo, moving on to my post. 

There has been a noticeable shift in the 2012 campaign for the support of abortion right activists.  I was reading an article on the Politico about Emily's List, whose main mission in life, apparently, is to elect pro-abortion Democratic women. This seems to be the main focus of this group.  They want women who support infanticide.

So, I decided to read further about this group and will share the article here.

EMILY’s List is helping to raise money for 37 women running for Congress — 11 in the Senate and 26 in the House. Much of the money is going to big name Senate candidates like Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

But lesser-known candidates are positioned to benefit, too, like Lois Frankel (D-Fla.), who is running for the seat held by deep-pocketed tea party favorite Rep. Allen West, and Ann McLane Kuster (D-N.H.), who’s challenging Republican Rep. Charlie Bass.

This cycle, pro-abortion rights groups are confident that these are winning issues for them, and they’re using recent controversies to their advantage.

Congressional Democrats have latched onto women’s issues and tried to paint the GOP as anti-woman. In the Senate, the No. 2 Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer plans to make a law on violence against women a wedge issue.

Other pro-abortion rights groups are including women’s health controversies in their fundraising pitches.
Planned Parenthood sent an email on International Women’s Day last week, blasting Rush Limbaugh for calling a Georgetown Law student a “slut” for her views on birth control and Texas Gov. Rick Perry for a state law that blocks funding to Planned Parenthood.

EMILY’s List has been sending emails to fire up their supporters and running ads that hammer Republicans’ recent maneuvers. The group ran an ad in February featuring remarks by GOP donor Foster Friess that women should put aspirin between their knees knees for contraception, and images of a House hearing on birth control that featured an all-male panel.

The Left seem to thrive on bashing, harassing, ridiculing and being as hateful as possible to any person or political personnel who do not agree with their masochistic tendencies in the murdering of the pre-born. This is not a war on women of any kind. Quite the contrary. The war is to protect the life of all babies who deserve a chance at life.  Plus, this is just another attempt in distracting voters from the real issues at hand, a failing economy, high gas prices, unemployment, the terrible loss of life in Afghanistan, Israel and Syria. 

Okay, sooo....

This is what I am hearing. Women and men, because I will not exclude the men who are also involved, want American tax payers to pay for their contraceptives and abortions, when they are the ones who have behaved irresponsibly while engaging in their sexual activities. Yeah, I don't think so. I certainly do not want to see my $$ being spent on something that can be easily prevented.

I would write it a bit more but I am still feeling a bit under the weather with this nasty, horrid cough that just doesn't seem to go away. So, I may be taking a trip to the my PCP tomorrow. And guess what?  That's coming out of my pocket, not the tax payers. 


Right Wing Theocrat said...

Nice pic Leticia.

"The war is to protect the life of all babies who deserve a chance at life."

And a lot of them happen to be unborn girl babies. The democrats can paint us as anti-woman and i suppose their stupid followers will just swallow it, but we're not.

If we were, we would be getting out of the way of abortionists. If we disliked women we would let lefties push their agenda all the way, kill as many unborn girl babies as you can. We would let the live ones embrace rampant promiscuity and help them along a destructive path and call it freedom. We would push them away from Christianity, the one religion that actually mandates that we men treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Yeah us women-hating sexist bastards.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Almost forgot to add, hope you feel better soon, get those boys of your to bring you chicken soup and all the things that make illness bearable.

dmarks said...

In all fairness, the Republicans do call Democrats terrorist and extremist.

As for abortion, and birth control, there is a wide and strong support for birth control in the US. The last poll I checked showed less than 10% opposed.

In contrast, there's usually an even split between those who favor abortion and those who oppose it. It is as least as easy for abortion proponents to overdue it and turn off the electorate as it is for abortion opponents to do so.

The Dems have gotten some mileage lately of getting many to confuse these two issues, and this is only temporary.

Silverfiddle said...

What's wrong with you, Leticia?

You don't support a woman's right to have taxpayers pay for her birth control and abortions?

Careful! You'll be branded a traitor... ;)

Jersey McJones said...

It's a losing card for the GOP, so why wouldn't you expect the Dems to play against it? Politics 101. It may fire up the GOP base, but it turns off most women and independent voters in general, let alone the way it fires up liberals. If you want people to be "pro-life" (as if there was some "anti-life" movement out there), you're going to have to make the case with the culture first - not by shoving it down our throats through the government, tyrannically.

Remember, you're the ones telling other people how to live their lives on this one, not the other way around.


dmarks said...

"Remember, you're the ones telling other people how to live their lives on this one, not the other way around."

That is probably true for contraception, but not for abortion. That's the side in which the Left is forcing its choice on someone else to the point of death.

"If you want people to be "pro-life" (as if there was some "anti-life" movement out there"

The abortion industry disparagingly uses the term "anti-choice", so there is precedent.

Jersey McJones said...

dmarks, you are going to have to convince people, like me, that embryos are people - full human beings with not only full civil rights, but rights overriding someone else's. Most people do not think an embryo is "someone else." That's the crux. Until that happens, you are simply trying to legally impose by force your religious beliefs on others.


dmarks said...

Jersey, from 50% to 55% of abortions are performed on embryos. So by allowing abortions on embryos, but banning them for the unborn in later, post-embryo stages, you've already gotten rid of a large chunk of the abortions performed. Are you sure you want to go that far? To ban at least 40% of abortions?

"...but rights overriding someone else's."

No one has ever argued for that. The only rights for embryos that have been argued for is the right to just live if someone else decides to kill them. That is not something that overrides anyone at all.

"Until that happens, you are simply trying to legally impose by force your religious beliefs on others."

Now this is entirely false. I am against abortion for reasons of human rights, not religious reasons at all. The Christian denomination I belong to is rather ambivalent on the issue. In fact, this group tends to favor abortion. If my side can be dismissed as a merely religious argument, then so can yours, since there are multiple Christian sects that argue as you do.

Your position that an side is an issue is invalid if some religious people also happen to take the same view is preposterous. Because abortion is not a religious issue at all.

Dismissing it as a mere religious argument is like dismissing the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement as invalid because there were some devoutly religious leaders involved in promoting both. Same with the discussion of the death penalty.

Also, the only "force" involved here is in the killing.

Liberalmann said...

Your post is skewed it's amazing. First of all no one on the left rallied around liberal talkers who used disparaging remarks like they did for Rush with the throngs of apologists who came to his defense and to point fingers. Secondly, people like Maher said this on paid cable and paid stand up routines. Rush did this on public airways.

But the big picture is if you're a female defending those on the right advocating taking away your rights you deserve what you get.

Z said...

Feel better, Leticia! Let us know.

Great cartoon...

I won't comment much more than that...let me just say that, as always, I agree with you and RWT. And SF. The rest? What's the point? How many times must we remind libs that we're entitled to what WE feel and want to say, too? man

dmarks said...

Liberal: Not true. Leftists have been rallying around their hero Bill Maher, giving him a free pass.

"Secondly, people like Maher said this on paid cable and paid stand up routines. Rush did this on public airways"

This is one of the "talking points" of those who give Maher a free pass. And it is a really stupid one. How does this in any way justify Maher?

Whatever point some might try to make with this, it is not true anyway: Maher's rants are FREELY available on Youtube (which is where I have reviewed them). Just as you need to PAY at rush limbaugh's web site to listen to the archives.

Anyway, if Leticia wanted to support someone who wants to take away her rights, she'd be backing Obama

Leticia said...

MK, I snagged that picture from a friend on Facebook. Yeah, we're the bad guys because we want to protect babies. Go figure? My boss sent me home after being at work for 10 minutes. My son and I are now on antibiotics and taking otc's to combat this infection/cold crap. Yech! I haven't been online all day. I hope we get better soon.

Dmarks, I really do hope it is temporary. Just this morning in the waiting area of the doctor's office some school in Minnesota? Are handing out free condoms to 12-year-old kids. What the bloody hell is wrong with these adults?! My son, who happens to be 12, asked what a condom was. Darn!

Silver, Ooops! Too late for that!

Jersey, no, we are trying to educate parents, schools, etc. To speak about abstinence. And not allow the media and Hollywood to teach kids that it's okay to have sex as long as they use protection and if that fails, that it's okay to murder a baby. No, I don't think we are doing anything wrong. AND...what is the definition of pregnancy? Enlighten me.

LibM, that picture depicts the true reality of how the Left talk to any conservative. I have been called those names and much worse. I am quite proud that I stand for the pre-born and I will never back down from that fight. Children are precious, and I thank God for mine, they are a blessing not a curse or an inconvenience to be tossed into a waste bin.

Dmarks, darn right!

Teresa said...

It is really sickening that Democrats and the women in their Party in particular love, love, love infanticide. The truth is on our side, Leticia. Some prominent pro-aborts have even admitted that the pre-born baby is a baby in the womb. Pictures are converting many people to the pro-life cause.

This is about preserving religious liberty and not about women's rights. Women already have access to cheap contraceptives, abortions, et al. The issue of religious liberty is a winning issue for the GOP.
Great pic! Sending get well wishes your way, Leticia.

Leticia said...

Teresa, thanks, I hope I feel better soon, too.

And the Democrats just don't understand the logic of our argument. It's about protecting life.

Magpie said...

The Republican shift to the war on women - which they will also lose -is because they have nothing left, and because one of the main candidates is a religious fruitcake.

Part of me hopes they keep going with it, because it will help the Democrats, but on the hand it dumbs down US politics to a scary degree.

You're not going to stop women from choosing to abort.
You'll make it more difficult. It might happen more late term on average because you've cut down accessibility. A few desperate teenage girls will kill themselves instead...
but that's about it.

Abortion is another red rag conservatives wave at you to make fundamentalists go berserk and stop them asking why they just set up a toxic waste dump next to your child care centre, for which they just cut funding.

5 years from now, 10 years from now, we'll all be having this exact same conversation, because they still won't have delivered on these radioactive social issues and you still won't have woken up to the scam they are running.

And yeah... the Democrats love love infanticide. They eat kittens for breakfast and stop people from watching the Brady Bunch too.
Fer Pete's sake...

dmarks said...

There is no "war on women". That is just a silly Democratic campaign slogan. And there is no truth to the toxic waste and day care center example. Though it is true that the Dems here are waging a war on child care providers: in Michigan for example the Democrats forced child care providers into a union without a vote. Which resulted in the workers receiving a pay cut.

Abortion is a real issue, and restrictions on it do have a track record of reducing instances of it. If anything is a scam, it is the Dems position on this. And a very good case can be made that the left is creating a diversion by fabricating a 'war on women' issue to divert attention from fact of Obama's terrible record on the economy. They are the one who dumb down America.

jez said...

"restrictions on [abortion] do have a track record of reducing instances of it."

what do you have in mind, dmarks?

Silverfiddle said...

@ Jersey: Remember, you're the ones telling other people how to live their lives on this one, not the other way around.

Wrong again, as usual.

You're free to do what you want... On your own dime!

Jersey McJones said...

Silver, stop lying. You do not pay for anyone's abortion, except in extremely rare circumstances, at the state or local level, in an emergency situation, when the life of an uninsured mother is at stake. Have you ever heard of the Hyde amendment, or were you born yesterday?


dmarks said...

As an aware person, Silver surely knows that Obamecare skirts around the Hyde Amendment, so why even mention it? He was correct to not mention it.

Jersey McJones said...

Okay, dmarks. Explain how Obama skirts the Hyde amendment, please.


Leticia said...

Magpie, seriously, why can't you all see how precious life is? Does it really matter who the mother is? Teenage girls have their babies and can give them up for adoption. There have been reports of women being raped and keeping or giving up their babies for adoption. Do you not realize, generations of people are being eradicated all in the name of "convenience?" Why doesn't that bother you?

Dmarks, spot-on, as usual.

Silver, exactly! I do NOT want my $$ going to pay for anything someone chooses to do in the bedroom, or wherever they choose to have sex. Yeah, right.

Jersey, why don't you re-examine Obamacare before lashing out at Silver. It's in there. Or have you forgotten?

dmarks said...

Jersey: For one thing, Obama directly subsidizes the abortion industry with hundreds of millions every year. Add this to Obama forcing abortions through O"bamacare" which Leticia is referring to.

Jersey McJones said...

dmarks, you're lying, and Leticia, you're believing it.

Prove it, dmarks. Prove it like a man.

You should be ashamed of yourself for being foolish enough to perpetuate stupid lies like that. BS for simpletons. You should be ashamed.


dmarks said...

You should think before you comment. Surely you are aware of the massive money given to Planned Parenthood every year, which goes into a slush fund which is used both for actual abortions and political pressure efforts to increase abortions and get more money for them?

I am not ashamed of myself for being informed on these issues and wanting better policy.

dmarks said...

And some more specifics: Planned Parenthood is a leader, if not the leader in the abortion industry. They perform one-quarter of the abortions in the US. The federal government lavishes $300,000,000 each year for PP to toss into their slush fund.

Leticia said...

dmarks, it's all about the money, it always has been. I wish they would be de-funded.

Jersey McJones said...

dmarks, either you are a liar or a moron.


dmarks said...

Jersey: You might want to check Leticia's rules here. anyway, I presented the facts, and you went into 2nd grade playground mode. I suggest you do some research. I presented the facts, and all you did yourself was lie and insult.

I could also point out the fact that President Obams originally intended Obamacare to force abortions on this country in a big way (another Hyde Amendment violation), until Rep. Bart Stupak fought to remove abortion from the plan, making it a lot less dangerous for children.

Always On Watch said...

Just a quick observation here....Even some of those who are not adamantly pro-life find these recent HHS mandates way out of line. They are rightly concerned that the mandates actually promote promiscuity and irresponsibility.

Lone Ranger said...

Whenever presented with a moral choice, democrats ALWAYS come down on the wrong side of the fence. There was a time when democrats were not convinced that blacks were fully human. That made them perfect slaves. And they had science to back them up. Darwin told them that blacks (or savages, as he called them) were somewhere on the evolutionary scale between whites and gorillas. Republicans forced their will on democrats and ended slavery. Then, democrats admitted that blacks might be human, but were certainly lazy and stupid and not fit to exercise rights equal to whites. And Republicans one again forced their will on democrats and put an end to segregation. Now, the subject is abortion, and again, democrats have not morally evolved to the point where they can see it as the greatest holocaust every unleashed on the human race. Once again, they are slow to catch up. But, Republicans will once again win the moral battle and make abortion illegal. Next battle, euthanasia. It never ends.