Sunday, February 12, 2012

Star Spangled Banner Whitney Houston

Rest in peace, Ms. Houston.


Lisa said...

The best rendition of that song ever!
Such a shame. I knew she had problems but I was still in shock.

Leticia said...

I was surprised as well. I had read somewhere on the net that she had been partying pretty hard that night.

Debbie said...

She had a great voice, a true gift. It is a shame that her addiction won out over everything else.

I worry about her 18 year old daughter, out partying with her, doesn't set a good example.

Right Truth

Z said...

she even sang "Ban NER yet waves.." correctly. I go nuts when they make BA A NNER ER four syllables!

Perfectly beautiful post for a great loss..thanks, Leticia
That girl could SURE sing but she SURE didn't know how to live.

Leticia said...

Debbie, her daughter is following in both of her parents destructive footsteps.

Z, yep. She nailed it.

Teresa said...

This is so sad. She had a magnificent voice. RIP Whitney Houston.