Monday, February 6, 2012

Might as well share it here, too.

It was Friday night and my boys and I were invited to a friend's house to watch a movie and play games. So, about 6:45 PM we left, my husband left at 6:30 PM, his job had him work a 12-hour shift to cover for someone.  Anyhoo, we had an awesome time. We watched Real Steel, it is a pretty good movie, I would say it was similar to a Rocky movie, except with Robots. We liked it.

The boys and I got home and nothing looked out of the ordinary. I unlocked both locks to our front door and immediately noticed that our flat screen TV and sound bar were missing, I looked across the kitchen and saw the back door wide open. 

"Oh, God! We were robbed!"  That's what went through my head. I immediately called my husband at work and then called 911.  I had to remain calm for my boys sake.  I had to keep a cool head.  I called my friends to let them know what had happened.

I didn't want to touch anything until the police arrived, but walked around the house, all of  our drawers and closets were opened, the mattresses were askew, it was a mess.

I wanted to cry. But just couldn't do it in front of my boys. The police finally arrived and he asked us a few questions and began to try and lift finger prints. Nothing.  The scumbags were gloves.

Finally, my husband arrived and he was the one that noticed that they came through one of our windows. They tried all of them and unfortunately we had forgotten to lock one, so they climbed through and ransacked the room. They stole all of my husband's guns, $$, cell phones, etc.

The policeman wrote everything down and assured me that he would be putting in for extra patrol that night. That was a small comfort, but not enough to make me feel safe. And my husband had to go back to work!  Luckily, a good friend called me about 12:30 am and asked if we needed him to spend the night to watch over us, of course, I said yes.  And he did. He spent the night on the couch with a loaded gun.

I was so happy that they missed my pistol and was able to sleep with it next to my bed as well. But every single noise woke me up and I didn't get any sleep whatsoever.

And to top all things off, and this what has made me the angriest, is that those scum-sucking-low-life bastards (excuse my language) hurt my CAT!  They must have either kicked her or threw her.  All I know is that she is limping severely. What kind of vile human being injures an innocent and defenseless animal?  She is the sweetest little thing. She probably saw them and showed them some love and for her effort was injured.  My poor beautiful baby.

We are going to put sensors on our doors and windows and motion lights all around our house. That's all we can do.  I am also debating about taking shooting lessons and getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I believe it will be worth the cost.

There is some good news and  it is quite funny.  Our computers are so old that they didn't bother taking them! LOL!  My monitor probably weighs 50 lbs and the boys are even older than mine. Our towers are just as antiquated. Thank goodness for old things.

Well, that's my story.  We are doing okay.  My boys are still a bit apprehensive and I must admit so am I. But we will get through this, I know we will.  I trust in God to keep us safe and secure.  And no one was hurt, and everything, except the money, is replaceable. 


Z said...

OH, LETICIA! I am SO SO SORRY about this! OH, my gosh...I'm so glad you're all safe. And I feel just awful about your poor sweet kitty....what monsters.
I'll be praying for your comfort and peace... how terrible.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

'm sorry this happened, Leticia and sorry your pet was hurt.

I would also like to point out that firearms did you no good preventing this incident and concealed carry will do nothing either but provide a false sense of security. Right now there are more firearms in the criminal population due to your ownership.

Better to just have the house properly secured and alarmed.

jez said...

Terrible. I'm sorry. The worst thing about being robbed in my experience is the intrusion into your personal space... just horrible.

Sounds like these guys must have had a car, quite unusual in the UK where burglars tend to get all the small expensive items they can fit in a backpack. Back when I lived in halls, when break-ins were a weekly occurrence, CDs used to be the most popular thing to swipe probably not any more as people don't have any.
I'm not surprised they left the computers, too bulky. They like laptops.

Get the windows and doors tightened up ASAP, that's the best security investment. If you need a weapon, I say invest in a nice copper-bottomed saute pan, not only do they have the ideal swing, balance and weight to take out all but the most solid-headed of intruders, but they'll also transform your cooking if you don't already use one. :)

Always On Watch said...

How awful!

How is your cat? Did you take her to the vet?

Back in the spring of 2009, someone ransacked our bedroom during the small window of time that either Mr. AOW or I was out of the house. This happened in broad daylight!

The thief (or thieves) got only one piece of my jewelry. Apparently, I came into the front door before they could grab the rest. They exited through the back door, which was out of my line of sight as I entered.

I still remember my terror and anger when I went into the bedroom and saw the mess (Everything looked normal elsewhere in the house). They must have seen me coming up onto the front porch as the bedroom window faces out that way.

I grabbed my handgun, made sure the house was clear -- even as I was phoning 911 via the cordless phone.

Thank God the lowlifes who invaded my home didn't hurt any of the cats!

Mr. AOW have been robbed twice here at our house, the first time in 1972, when our one decent vehicle was stolen (We had gotten married only a few months before).

There is nothing much worse that not feeling safe in one's own home. Once our home has been invaded, we don't sleep well again!

dmarks said...

I see Ducky predictably made a comment in favor of a fascistic gun-control agenda.

Conceal-carry brings real security.

Lana said...

Letica, don't forget to call your insurance company and report to them. You may be surprised how much is covered under your policy. Take care.

Silverfiddle said...

I'm sorry to hear about this, Leticia.

Hopefully, the criminals are of the typical stupid variety and will get caught trying to sell your goods to a pawn shop.

I hope your husband had all the serial numbers written down for his firearms, and you need to be sure they all go in the police report so if someone uses one of those guns in a crime you've got it on the record that they were stolen.

Of course, no thread would be complete without an ignorant leftist comment...

@ Ducky: "Right now there are more firearms in the criminal population due to your ownership."

More quacking twaddle...

Amy Proctor said...

Obviously Obama supporters, taking yours for themselves.

Did you feel scared to go into the house? I would have taken the kids somewhere else terrified to enter. You did everything right and handled it as best you could... hopefully the memories you made with your boys that night weren't robbed as well. :(

Still praying for you...... this is such a scary experience and I've never had this happen to me. We've had our car vandalized but not our home.

If there's anything we can do or if you need anything (items replaced, etc), just say so. Many blessings...

Ducky's here said...

No dmarks, I made no statement about gun control although I do favor a fairly tight point of sale control.

I Leticia's case firearms were of no value and they were apparently improperly stored.

The thieves broke in because she wasn't home. What good is concealed carry?

Thankfully she didn't come home while the robbery was in progress and the scum were armed. Because in a showdown she loses.

Yeah, conceal
ed carry. Because we all want an armed gun loon next to us at Mass or in a bar.

Leticia said...

Thanks everyone, we did call the police he made a report and the insurance company was also informed and we faxed the police report to them yesterday morning. Everything was covered except for the missing cash and my poor Ziyal.

I called our vet and they said it probably is a bad sprain or sore muscles and told to keep warm compresses on her and watch her a bit before bringing her in. Animals that are victim's of crime, apparently don't get a break. She never leaves my side now, she is constantly with me, on my lap, chair and sleeps with me. I know she has been traumatized. It still makes me so angry!!

Ducky, the guns were in a secure place, but they had five hours to do what they wanted and take what they wanted. They were determined. They left nothing untouched. Which still makes me sick. We believed we were scoped. The house across the street was also robbed during the Christmas holiday.

Jez, that's what the policeman said. They backed into our long drive way, to the side of our house, where no one can see them and carried out all of our things through our porch.

Amy, thank you sweetie, but we are going to be okay. I promise. I actually wasn't afraid when I entered the house and it never occurred to that they would still be in there. I am grateful to God they were long gone.

Silver, we will be perusing pawn shops in the next few days. Our robbery was in the paper and the items that were taken were listed. They will probably keep them or go to another town to pawn them.

I am still feeling so violated and angry and seeing my kitty limping doesn't help. But we are already taking precautions and securing our house.

Because, unfortunately, my husband is often called into work to work the night shift, luckily that is unpredictable.

Gosh, what wretched mess.

AOW, I feel your pain.

Liberalmann said...

Lol, it didn't take long before the lame predictable 'blame Obama' crap from Amy Proctor.

Sleeping with a pistol next to your bed in you state of fear was smart. I heard of a similar situation where the thief came back and actually entered the couple's bedroom. He was shot...well he thought it was the thief. He killed his daughter

dmarks said...

Ducky said: "Yeah, conceal
ed carry. Because we all want an armed gun loon next to us at Mass or in a bar."

Why do you give a rip? It's really none of your business what someone else has in their pants.

If by "loon", you mean a law-abiding gun owner with a carry-conceal permit, you are WAY off base for insulting a person for harmlessly expressing his or her Constitutional rights.

If it is an armed criminal, well that person should be in prison, and not in the bar or in Mass.

Which would leave us with something that should not be a problem at all: a person with the rights to carry a concealed weapon.

dmarks said...

Liberalmann said: "Lol, it didn't take long before the lame predictable 'blame Obama' crap from Amy Proctor."

It is a very real possibility that the destructive policies of President Obama made this possible. He does appoint judges (usually those who oppose people's Constitutional rights, and encourage criminals to commit crimes) and encourage bad legislation and changes in laws.

Such as Obama's racist effort to put more crack fiends on our streets.

Leticia said...

LiberalM, my husband is a hunter and there is one thing that he has drummed into my head, KNOW YOUR TARGET before you shoot. I would never shoot blindly.

Home is the one place a person feels safe and secure, and that was taken from me and my boys.

dmarks, thank you for clearing that up. I am surprised that I am the one being insulted for wanting to carry a weapon to protect my children.

Those shooting lessons also come with self-defense. And I believe it will be worth it to take the class.

I just thank God that we were not home. All I had in my hand is my mace.

Liberalmann said...

Leticia; in your state of fear after this incident and in the dark, to deny the possiblity of a tragedy like this is absurd.

Dmarks-offthemark, you lie once again. Obama has done nothing or even suggest he will implement any form of gun control. In fact he's increased gun rights by signing Legislation allowing firearms in National Parks.

Nice try.

Leticia said...

LiberalM, what on earth am I supposed to be denying? I hope that you never, ever will become a victim of a crime, because it takes time and courage to get through it and to process the violation.

I will protect my children and my home no matter what it takes to help them feel safe again.

Teresa said...

Oh my! That's horrible Leticia. These hooligans have violated your space. And hurt your cat. What sickos! I hope you are doing better now. I hope the police catch the culprits soon.

Leticia said...

Teresa, thanks my friend. We are still cautious at night, of course, but I cannot allow that fear to control me or my children. God did not give us a spirit of fear. And I refuse to let the enemy steal that from us.

I have already forgiven the people who broke in and pray that God will touch their hearts so they will not hurt another family. By His Grace I know it can be done.

jez said...

Leticia: that is admirable. I think I'd require more time than you.

dmarks said...

Liberalmann said: "Dmarks-offthemark, you lie once again."

I call your bluff. Again.

1) Name one lie of mine previously, which justifies your "again" claim.

2) What did I just now say that was a lie?

You never answer such questions when confronted. Instead you tend to lie and run away.
Click here for Obama's record of hostility toward our Constitutional rights and in favor of gun control.

This is just one more reason we need to elect more politicians who vote in the public interest and protect our rights (which tend to be Republicans) and vote out the ones with very bad voting records (which tend to be Democrats). So Obama will have no more help with his bad ideas.

Among Obama's terrible ideas: "Obama supported a bill that would shut down law-abiding firearm manufacturers including Springfield Armory, Armalite, Rock River Arms and Les Baer. Obama also voted for a bill that would prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month."

Malcolm said...

I'm sorry to hear about this incident Leticia. In addition to being thieves, they also hurt harmless animals... real classy.

To counter what Silver Fiddle said, I have to call out an ignorant comment from the right in this thread...

Amy Proctor said: "Obviously Obama supporters, taking yours for themselves."

It kills me how people like Amy can't keep a lid on their Obama Derangement Syndrome. What, conservatives don't steal?!

Leticia said...

Jez, it hasn't been easy, there are times I still experience fear, especially while I am in the shower and the boys are fast asleep in bed. My husband is on 2nd shift covering for someone. I am ready for him to be back on first. I am trying not to let them win.

Thank you, Malcolm. I am still angry that they injured my kitty. She so sweet and loves everyone that comes into our home. She wouldn't have even been able to scratch them, even if she wanted to. She was declawed when I rescued her.

It's horrid violation, but like I said I am doing my best not to give into fear and let them win.

jez said...

Let: sounds like you're doing really well though. It's quite an inspiration!
I hope the thieves get caught, but I don't hold out much hope... the cops are probably too busy hiding in a layby pointing radar guns at motorists.

Lisa said...

I had a long comment posted and deleted it it in error.
I will shorten it up.
I know the feeling about getting robbed. We lived in a neighborhood that went downhill and our house got robbed. Our dog was home and luckily he wasn't' hurt. Thank goodness my neighbor called me at work to let me know and that she had already called the cops. All I could think about was my dog so the first thing I did was call my mom who lived close by and asked her to go to our house and make sure out dog was OK. I made a 20 minute drive home in the rain in 10 minutes and even though they got enough items in the 1/2 hour they were there I was relived to see my mom's car,the cop car and my dog barking. Heehee he was barking at the lady cop he was following her around nipping at the bottom of her raincoat like the coppertone dog.
Very violating especially that they hurt you innocent little girl . That's why I like animals better than people sometimes.
I guess libdud doesn't get out much to know that recently 2 women who were home alone shot intruders who broke in while they were home. I guess they would have been better off unarmed right you freak?

Leticia said...

Jez, thank you for those kind words. I know it's only through God's Grace that has kept me strong. The policeman did take fingerprints, but the scumbags were gloves, so there is no hope there. And we went to all the pawn shops here in town looking for the missing guns and none to be found. Thank goodness they were covered under our insurance. We are also looking at a better gun safe, heavier and harder to break into.

Lisa, I support gun owners, as a matter of fact, I think I found the perfect hand gun today. It was very light weight but deadly and I absolutely loved how easy the clip fell out. It was a bit pricey but I told my husband I wanted it, so as soon as we get paid and insurance comes through, he can have my old pistol and I am buying that gun. I refuse to be unarmed.

dmarks said...

Make sure you get the best training. Your local NRA should help on that!

Now you are in the ranks of a group the liberals hate: an informed citizen expressing her 2nd amendment rights.

President Obama, with his "God and guns" statement, in particular singled you out.

Leticia said...

Well, Obama can just kiss off. I refuse to be without protection in my home.

And my husband said he would give me shooting lessons with the new gun when we purchase it. Can't wait!