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Wednesday, February 01, 2012  From the Pamela Geller website

Again, I generally do not share these emails (there is too much personal information), but I thought Atlas readers should read this. Name, personal email, and photos redacted.

Dear Pamela,

I'm Muslim and I'm married to a Catholic White American from [redacted]. My mother hates my husband because I did not convey him that he must convert to Islam. My mother is so ashamed of me, she demanded me to divorce my husband. My mother told that I brought shame to my family and if my father was alive, he would had me killed. She said to me that a Muslim cannot be a friend or married a non-Muslim because we do not have the same beliefs. She has so much hatred that I can not leave my two sons alone with my mother. In the back of my head I'm worried that she may harm them. For Muslims, men killing women mean nothing them it is like garbage disposal to them.

I'm going to share the pictures of my handsome sons.

Please, please keep writing and informing how Muslims destroy family and enslaves wives, children and anyone who does not share their beliefs. Muslims make Islam "cancer call Muslim" and America needs to know and to be aware of it.

I love your dedication of saving America from the mad religion. We are being brutalized by mad mafia.


Needless to say the photo of her and her boys was just beautiful. I advised her to take her husband and children and move. ASAP.

How much more proof do people need to realize that Islam is not a peaceful religion?  This poor lady is clearly afraid of her own mother and is fearful for the lives of her boys.  And yet, has the courage to speak out and warn Americans of the danger of Islam.  

I am not going to say that all Muslims are evil, because that is simply not true, however, from reading and trying to understand the Qu'ran, I have to come to realize that there seems to be a distinct correlation with the degradation and brutal abuse of their women and daughters with the law of Sharia.

We are hearing of so many honor killings, and just recently the case in Canada where a man and his wife killed their three daughters and his polygamist wife.

People need to be aware that there is intolerance in this religion, make no mistake. And some will go to great lengths to protect and force people to adapt and acquiesce to their radical demands. 

This e-mail speaks volumes and the fear is almost tangible.


Magpie said...

I can’t imagine any milder and more peaceful people than some Muslims I know… while there’s a bunch more out there would cheerfully kill me.
At one point six odd billion of them, it’s a pretty big club.

I could start my tirades on Saudia Arabia again and how they have got far more military investment from the US over the last forty years than Israel, but that all leads back to the questions of why we do business with people who ban women from driving, apply the death penalty for that thing that a certain Republican candidate and former Democratic president have actually done, literally taking an eye for an eye, death for witchcraft…. Etc etc etc.

Our values say one thing and the entire edifice of our strategic and economic investments say something else. We look the other way, far too much.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Islam is a Death Cult for the barbaric and brain dead. Islam IS as Islam DOES. And you can readily see, globally, what Islam does.

How do you think nations and the world would treat, say, Catholicism if everything done in the name of Islam were perpetrated in the name of Catholics?

So, then, Magpie, isn't it odd how our current president and the Religious Left REFUSE to allow ourselves to be more energy independent, so that we might hold the ME at greater arms' length?


Jersey McJones said...

I don't believe the letter is real. In fact, I rarely believe anything that comes from that hateful, stupid Pamela Geller.


Lisa said...

Hmm there seems to be a pattern here although I am sure Jersey will find a way to dismiss it by calling Pamela Geller the one with the problem.

Silverfiddle said...

My concern is letting obscurantists immigrate here and eventually changing the character of our culture.

We should be actively excluding people like that mother.

Leticia said...

Magpie, believe it or not I agree with you. We had the opportunity to cut ties with Saudi Arabia but Obama nipped that in the bud. We should never support any nation or person who legalizes the abuse of another person.

BZ, the Qu'ran is very clear about how women should be treated and that they are to kill their enemies, "infidels" at any cost. And God forbid the name of Allah or Mohammad is used out of context or ridiculed, that is a death sentence.

Lisa, a definite pattern. Most liberals hate Ms. Geller because she is a strong conservative and from what I can tell, she won't back down from her political or social which are contrary to theirs.

Silver, it's already happening. Look at Massachusetts and Michigan. They have wormed their way into our nation and are demanding that Americans adapt to their ways instead of the other way around.

dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

Blov said: "How do you think nations and the world would treat, say, Catholicism if everything done in the name of Islam were perpetrated in the name of Catholics?"

That could apply to the Serbian Orthodox Church. During the 1990s, the church, from the very top down, encouraged Serbia as it invaded Croatia, Bosnia, and kosovo and slaughtered hundreds of thousands. Incinerating people in ovens, systematically raping many tens of thousands in rape camps. It's hard to get worse than this. Fanatical Muslims are not the only ones who do this, even in the modern era.

christian soldier said...
the Koran states that lying to further the cause of islam is OK-taqiyya..

My heart goes out to this dear woman-
I pray for her safety as I have prayed for the safety of 2 other women of my acquaintance...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It doesn't help matters any when groups like the Wycliff Bible Society comes out with an "Islamic Friendly" Bible that removes all mention of God the Father, or Jesus Christ as the Son of God. One does not fight evil by compromising with it.

Always On Watch said...

Just think of how many more there are like this woman and who cannot speak out even by writing a letter.

dmarks said...

Leticia, you ought to visit this blog I just discovered. I'd be interested to see what you add to the conversation.

Lisa said...

If ind it amazing Leticia how the left never calls out the barbaric behavior and mistreatment of women in the Islamic religion.They prefer to go after Christians fro being against abortion because that's the real barbaric behavior,geez.
More of that crazy Pamela Geller who by the way knows alot more about this culture than our left wing quarterbacks.

See here

Lisa said...

Leticia here's another one the left hates. Poor things they are in denial and they think 9/11 was our fault but

dmarks said...

9/11 happened because some very bad people hate our freedom.

Leticia said...

Carol, she is in a tight situation. I hope it all turns out well.

Abouna, I have never heard of that, that is sacrilegious.

AOW, I am sure there are many women living under this kind of religious repression.

Dmarks, I will check it out. Thank you for the link.

Lisa, it's rather pathetic how so many liberals defend this religion and believe it to be peaceful. Quite the contrary, it is inhumane to women and children.

Thanks for the links.

Ducky's here said...

Come on Jersey, get straight.

Everything posted on Geller's hate site is legit.

She and Spencer make good money in speaking fees talking hate to fundies.

Leticia said...

Ducky, Geller tells it like it is. I am glad she is politically correct, we need people in the media who aren't afraid to speak the truth even it offends someone else.

Ducky's here said...

Leticia, where does an Ozarks trekkie even meet a Muslim.

Leticia said...

Ducky, I am not from the Ozarks, and Trekkies are from everywhere, and btw, I am originally from the home town of Gene Roddenberry. And I have friends that are Muslim, believe it or not. However, as I have stated not all Muslims are bad.

And, seriously, Muslims are everywhere in the south.

MK said...

"How much more proof do people need to realize that Islam is not a peaceful religion?"

When they're being led to the public square to be lashed for offending islam.

Jersey McJones said...

Ducky! LOL!

And you cons, you're so myopic. You don't see the way women are treated in the West? In America? Domestic violence in America is an embarrassing scourge.

Early Paglia rules the day in the modern office, where women are "milfs" or "ho's" or "bitches," and proudly so sometimes. It's not a good look for our culture.

It's pathetic. In all sectors, we are rife with nepotism and sexual misconduct and personal favoritism. We are only happy when we agree with each other.

Do you people really think you're all that much better than everyone else?


dmarks said...

And I bet that despite his disdain for sexual harassment and assault, Jersey still voted for Clinton.

Leticia said...

MK, that's a good question and you probably won't receive answer from the libs who love Islam.

Jersey, no one has ever said that the US was perfect, every nation great or small has their faults. And I know that a lot more could be done for rape victims and those who have suffered from domestic abuse. Fear is a great adversary and can be used as a wielding weapon. It's a great tool for manipulation to gain control over another person. It's disgusting.

Dmarks, I wonder if he did?