Sunday, February 26, 2012

7 US troops wounded in Afghanistan, as protests against Koran burnings

Demonstrators protesting against the burnings of Korans at a U.S. base in Afghanistan tossed grenades at an American base Sunday in a sixth consecutive day of violence that left seven US troops wounded and two Afghans dead.

Afghan authorities also identified and launched a manhunt for a suspect in the killing of two U.S military advisers -- a lieutenant colonel and a major -- inside an Afghan ministry on Saturday.

The attacks were the latest in six days of violence across the country by Afghans furious at the way some Korans at an American base outside of Kabul were disposed of in a burn pit.

The Koran burning incident has swiftly spiraled out of control leaving dozens of people dead, including four U.S. troops killed by their Afghan counterparts, in a sign of the tenuous nature of the relationship between Afghanistan and the U.S.

In Kunduz province, thousands of demonstrators started out protesting peacefully but then the group turned violent as they tried to enter the district's largest city, said Amanuddin Quriashi, district administrator. People in the crowd fired on police and threw grenades at a U.S. base on the city outskirts, he said.

Seven NATO troops were wounded and one of the protesters was killed when troops fired out from the U.S. base, Quriashi said. Another demonstrator was killed by Afghan police, he added. Provincial police spokesman Sarwar Hussaini confirmed the casualties.

It's time to pull out the troops and bring them home. Although, right now there is no where for them to go that is safe read below.

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan police say a large explosion has gone off at the gates of Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan.

Provincial police spokesman Hazrad Mohammad confirms "a very strong" blast hit Monday morning at the entrance to the airport in Nangarhar province but says he does not yet have further details

An AP photographer reports seeing at least four destroyed cars at the airport gates. The airport serves both civilian and international military aircraft.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the blast, but Mohammad says many are feared.

All this because a couple of books were burned. And Christians are the ones who are continually being accused of being racists, hateful and violent. Really? 

As much as I love the Word of God,I would NEVER wish death or harm another person if they burned my bible. Because the Word lives inside of me. And that cannot be taken away.  I have the Living Water abiding deep within my soul. A joy and fire that cannot be quenched. Which is probably why you won't see Christians behaving in this despicable manner. We know the Truth and it has set us free.

Please keep our troops in constant prayer right now.


Jersey McJones said...


I understand your argument, but you have to remember - we are the ones over there. It's like walking into someone's house and rubbing mud in their carpet.

If you want to nation build, and have all that empire stuff, you have either to get along with the natives or murder them all.

So. Which are you in favor of?

How about we just don't meddle with them in the first place? Huh?


Always On Watch said...

I'm SO glad that my young USMC cousin is out of Afghanistan now.

I wonder how long this Koranifada will rage.

dmarks said...

Jersey: Who says we want to have any empire stuff? There is no American empire.

"How about we just don't meddle with them in the first place? Huh?"

We tried that with this particular country. But they came here and killed thousands of us anyway.

Silverfiddle said...

We need to stop apologizing and get out.

Anonymous said...

I keep on repeating myself, it has nothing to do with actual Koran Burning, it is stoked by the Taliban and others in a general anti-American anti-foreigner push. Sure local sensitivities were insulted, but it should not result in this.

By the side, if Bibles were burned by foreign forces not invited nor supported by locals in Central/Southern or Western Africa, Central and most of Southern America or say in the Phillipines, the result would almost be identical. I also wonder if someone burned a stack of Bibles in the streets around Westbro if a life would not be lost.....

As long as you say it is over burning the book, your getting the issue wrong.

D Charles

dmarks said...

"it is stoked by the Taliban and others in a general anti-American anti-foreigner push."

It is indeed about religious intolerance/hatred instead. The Taliban has no problem with foreigners. Remember they have hosted and supported Al Qaeda (with all its Saudis) for a very long time now.

And if "we" had accidentally burned Bibles instead in Afghanistan, there'd be no outbreak of savagery, would there?

Lisa said...

These cultures are exactly where their leaders want them. Uneducated and radical and the only thing they know how to read is the Koran.
talk about clinging to religion and guns.

Jersey McJones said...


You need to learn about our history over there.


dmarks said...

Jersey: I did. We did meddle... long before. In fact, in a way that favored the Taliban unfortunately. That did not make them attack us.

Leticia said...

Jersey, we are in accord. Let's get the hell out of dodge. I am fired up can you tell? LOL! I am tired of seeing our American and ally soldiers dying for nothing. We had cause to be there, but now, they should be left on their own. The Taliban is out for blood and they are adding fuel to the firestorm.

AOW, thank God he is out, but my friend is still there and I am scared for him, for all of our soldiers. God help them.

DC, it's not about the book any longer. This is about pulling the troops out and bringing them home and leave Afghanistan to fight their own battles. This is going to turn into a civil war and may bring in everyone else into it. We did our part, they spat on it and now it's time to close up shop. The Taliban is taking full advantage of this situation and will do everything they can to kill more Americans. They hate us all and want us dead.

Lisa, agreed.

I wish we could have annihilated the Taliban the first time around. But they are like a hive, if their Queen is killed, she is easily replaced. And the cycle starts all over. They are organized and we all know it.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

I too want out of Afghanistan, but we we must be careful with our reasoning for doing so, at least to ourselves.

Going into Afghanistan was the right thing to do at the time, however it's degenerated into something totally different under the presidency of obama. To be fair the apologizing and groveling didn't start with him, but he has made it worse.

America was never interested in empire building, no matter how many keep insisting it is. We also don't have only two choices - do nothing or murder them all. They should never be treating these savages as equals with korans and what not. By doing so, we are essentially legitimizing their savagery and backwardness.

@jersey - "You need to learn about our history over there."

What do you mean? i take it you are saying 9/11 was payback for some past wrong doing and that America should never have invaded after it because you deserved it. Fair enough. Assume we follow that logic, how many attacks and/or murders of American citizens on American soil later will you say, it's enough now the scorecard is even, time to bomb these bastards to hell?

I'm assuming your position isn't simply - no war, period. If so just say so and i'll know not to bother anymore.

dmarks said...

RW: "however it's degenerated into something totally different under the presidency of obama"

It is in fact a major degeneration/mistake when the mission changes from eliminating the enemy (and preventing future problems) to surrender/retreat/appeasement.

When Vice President Joe Biden said that the terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11 are not our enemy, was it one of his famous gaffes, or an actual intended lie by the Obama Administration to help back up dubious policy decisions?

Always On Watch said...

D Charles,
Perhaps those "if's" you posted are true. But also perhaps not.

The reality is that four scribbled up Korans were burned. How does that justify an enraged Afghan, supposedly on the same side as the coalition forces, going into a facility and shooting two coalition-force members IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD?

Obama's groveling apology has served only to inflame and embolden the Taliban. And let's not kid ourselves....The Taliban does still exert influence.

Anonymous said...


How does it justify? It does not, it is the collective anger, hate, missinformation, religious zealotry, tribalism and most importantly fatigue of war from the population that makes the place such a tinder-box for any action. Look, this is simple, we have all seen arguments between individuals and even families that go on a bit to long and it starts getting petty and anything inflames the situation. Afghanistan is a bit like that but much worse with the results of lives being lost every single day.

The book was a catalyst, an excuse if we must, because they want us out and frankly so do most of us also.

I am happy that Leticia has worked it out that it is not about the book (and subjectively never has) but I will disagree with the argument about apologies.

The apology was not for the population of Afghanistan, it was a diplomatic necessity and any intelligent President or Head of State would have done the same. It has to do with the books being on an American run NATO base and thus it was under their watch. Everyone knows such a desecration was considered insulting and illegal to the State and thus an apology/mark of respect to the State (in this case Afghanistan) was necessary. It is just protocol and there is no need to make a deal ovrer it (unless of course your into nitpicking because of elections...., then go for it).

Leticia said...

Anon, where's our apology? We have lost good men and no one has batted an eye, including the moron in office. Who excels in making apologies.

And for the record, in the beginning it was about the book, but now I just want our soldiers to come back home. And screw the Taliban and Afghanistan for turning on our soldiers.

Right Wing Theocrat said...

@Dmarks - "When Vice President Joe Biden said that the terrorists who attacked the US on 9/11 are not our enemy..."

Good grief, is that for real, let's hope it really was just a gaffe, one of his many mouth-opens-stupidity-comes-out-then-brain-engages moments.

Liberalmann said...

Fox is just *outraged* that Obama apologized to Afghans for U.S. military members burning the Quran. George Bush similarly apologized to Iraq for military members desecrating the Quran in 2008 -- But Fox won't tell you that. Why? Because Fox is not news!

Lisa said...

yeah Lib Nut but the media also said it was Bush's policies that were carried out in doing so. You inow what the media always said. It was ordered from the top.
Amazing how it's "different" now.

dmarks said...

Liberal said: "But Fox won't tell you that. Why? Because Fox is not news!"

Actually, Fox is a news source. An above average one. I also happen to remember that they DID report on the Bush apologies.

Do you ever have any idea what you are saying

Always On Watch said...

D Charles,
it is the collective anger, hate, missinformation, religious zealotry, tribalism and most importantly fatigue of war from the population that makes the place such a tinder-box for any action

And Afghanistan wasn't a tinder box before the war there?

I've never supported the long war there. Sure, striking Afghanistan and searching for OBL after 9/11 was necessary -- for numerous reasons.

But I never favored a war campaign of boots on the ground. Nor have I ever favored nation building, which is a consummate failure in any Islamic nation. Muslims do not desire "West Toxification."

Also in my view, we should have withdrawn immediately after OBL was found and killed.

Now we are faced with what amounts to a loss for us in this war. The end result will be reinforced tribalism.

Anonymous said...


yest Afghanistan was a tinder-box and ihas a history of the locals not liking any outsiders, regardless of what location they came from.

You have, though, made one wide-sweeping comment which is factually incorrect which i thought at least as a teacher you should be aware of.

You said "nation building, which is a consummate failure in any Islamic nation" which is grossly incorrect.

Indonesia, Morocco, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE are all well established countries with strong national identies. I look out my window at the lights of Tanger in Morocco and have studied that country closely. It has a "national identity" and a unity that is much longer than the existance of your own country - in fact it was the first country to recognize officially the United States. It is also a Kingdom and the country is very patriotic and supportive of the royalty there and unlike the other neighbours has not been a country of coups, communal violence or dicatatorship with a steady process of democratization that includes regular elections recognized as being fair.

My point is two-fold. To say that Muslim countries fail at nation building is a prefect example of how your and other blogs simply exagerate, get-it-wrong and have no place commenting based on that lack of reality. The second is that you think that you can simply throw such a line is endemic of the lack of knowledge flowing around your country - and considering your a teacher - is truelly sad - perhaps that is the problem of your poor education system?

Base your criticisms on what you know, not what you do not know, is that so difficult to do?

D Charles