Thursday, January 26, 2012

Women On Waves....

Women on Waves has proven that it is just another manifestation of pro abortion hypocrisy and contraceptive imperialism. While this vile organization shouts at pro lifers to "obey the law"  they blatantly and deliberately set out to offend and ignore the laws of entire populations who have deemed abortion "illegal." They are extreme in their desire to murder as many of the pre-born as they can yet, demand that the pro-life movement be silent.  Sorry, that's just not going to happen. Not by a long shot.

WoW (Women on Waves) was founded by the sick and demented person of Dutch doctor Rebecca Gomperts, the medical officer for the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior II.  

For those of you not familiar Women on Waves, it's an international organization based in the Netherlands that helps women in countries where abortion is criminalized. They literally have a ship and dock in countries like Chile where women get unsafe abortions and die on a regular basis.


Dr. Death, aka, Gomberts found that reputable medicine "didn't fulfill her." In 1997, she performed her first abortions. She enjoyed ending pre-born life so much, she decided to make it her life's work.

Two years later, the newly minted abortionist established the Women on Waves Foundation (WOW), and equipped a trawler named the Sea Change with a mobile abortion clinic in a small converted shipping container put together by an artist.

She intended to take the boat to South America and Africa, providing abortions just outside the territorial waters of nations where abortion is still illegal. The purpose of the whole charade was to promote abortion law liberalization with a concerted media blitz.

One of the primary missions of the abortion boat was to "train local service providers in techniques of vacuum aspiration." In other words, WOW intended to leave hastily trained illegal abortionists behind to cause the very carnage it claimed it was trying to end.
FACEBOOK had at first removed this content from WoW's page,facebook censorship 

But after a few words from Dr. Death, they went ahead and recanted and allowed the post.

I am amazed that this has not been shut down, I believe they were in 2009 but since then have a found a way to get their despicable death boat back on the waters. I honestly will never understand why women are so bound and determine to destroy so many innocent lives.

Regardless of how the child was conceived, we are still speaking of a person with a soul, with life coursing through their tiny bodies. This is an individual who, out of no fault or choice of their own was given life. So, how arrogant of women and men to believe that they have the right to brutally murder and rip their tiny bodies apart, for one erroneous and selfish reason, convenience. If a woman wasn't "pregnant" than why does she need an abortion? Look the word up.


Magpie said...

A general comment on the issue:

There was a fictional program I saw wherein three anti-abortionists kidnapped two kids and threatened to kill them if a graphic video of an abortion in progress was not shown on prime time TV.

The demand is not acceded to on the principle of not giving terrorist what they want, and the kidnappers kill one of the kids.

In their view there is complete equivalence in killing a mature child and conducting an abortion. A police team saves the other kid in the nick of time. The kidnappers – a doctor, a nurse and a cripple – are utterly unrepentant because they believe their cause was just.

Quite a chilling drama to watch.

The actual act of an abortion is hideous. The clinical detachment required to conduct it, I think, would be outside my capability – and I actively train in how to destroy people.

However, how do you look into the eyes of a frightened 14 year old raped by her own father and tell her she must abort her own future by carrying the child to term?

In most cases… people weigh the two up and say ‘this is worse’ and in effect choose a side.

More often than not, those who live by religious faith choose the anti-abortion side. There’d be different reasons for that, but a key one is that they are simply more comfortable in having an external authority tell them how to live and, by extension, how other people should live.

However you or I feel about it, women WILL seek to terminate their pregnancies, for whatever reason. Even if it is criminalised, ways will be found. It has always been so.

Simply vilifying women who choose to abort as “selfish” is a dreadful mistake. It will not achieve pro-life aims, and it will compound terrible feelings they already have.

Silverfiddle said...

Magpie: I appreciate your argument.

I am against all abortion, but I can also see the privacy side of it even if I think it is morally wrong.

Were this simply and truly a "decision between a woman and her doctor" no one would even be troubled with the debate (no one would know), but it has gone far beyond the minuscule percentage of rape, abuse, etc.

This is now a multibillion dollar enterprise funded with US tax dollars. It is a cause. And there are people like this doctor on an un-holy mission to throw as many babies into the maw of Saturn as she can.

Always On Watch said...

I know a few women who have undergone abortions. Not a one of these women uttered a single feel-good comment about ending the life of an unborn child.

Leticia said...

That program sounds absolutely horrid, Magpie. I don't think I would watched it.

I heard a story just this morning from a very successful attorney who's mother was abducted, raped at knife point and still kept her child.

Maybe selfish, was a cruel word to use, but you still cannot omit the fact that there is a living, human being inside the young girls body; a life separate from her own. Does it really matter how that child was conceived? Is it really that child's fault? No, it's not. The circumstances you mentioned and I mentioned are beyond words of expression except to say, "horror." But I find it difficult to murder the innocent human being that was conceived through such an act of violation. They are innocent.

Silver, you are correct Planned Parenthood has made millions, billions of dollars by murdering the pre-born. And that is sickening.

AOW, I know a few also, and they have great regret, sorry and emotional turmoil over the decision. Not to mention the physical scars as well. Some of these women will often mention how old their child would have been had they not chosen to abort their blessed child.

I wish I could take that pain away. But only through the Grace and love of God can that happen.

MK said...

Linked to Greenpeace you say, that alone is a guarantee of general scumbaggery at work.

Never heard of this group until now, thanks for spreading the word. Now i'll know to reach for the insecticide if i'm ever approached by one of these creeps for a donation.

Leticia said...

MK, it's awful how they work around the laws of pro-life nations to help their women murder their babies. It's downright deplorable.

Liberalmann said...

Hey!Lets go back to the days of back alley abortions with coat hangers and high death rates! Idiots.

The right wants to make abortion illegal but be still able to kill them later if they become criminals. Hypocrites.

Jersey McJones said...

Leticia, Mifepristone only safely works during very early pregnancy. Women who suffer rape may take serious chances to deal with that, but who are you to tell them what they should do?

All the rest of you, you briefly touched upon "privacy" but unfortunately you prefer control. Abortion is an age old practice, with several thousand years of recorded history. You demand this can not happen.

Grow up.

Let people live their lives.

Stop pretending Roe v Wade changed the world.

The world changes very slowly, so as to make us feel things have always been the same. Things do change, but when they change for conservative, backwards ways of thinking, they do not get better.

If you want to stop abortion, then come up with a way to make life easier for reluctant moms, for Christ's sake. (Heck), how the (heck) do you deal with over a million abortions a year and only 40-some-odd thousand adoptions?

How the (I would not dare express this profanity here) would you deal with an extra million poor dumb kids born in America every year?

What would you do with them?

Would we become like India or China, flooded with mass humanity, living our lives in a literal sea of smelly human flesh?

WTF, woman!!!

Make abortion safe and realistic. Work for that.


christian soldier said...

Thanks for the head up-on WoW---

dmarks said...

LiberalMann said: "Hey!Lets go back to the days of back alley abortions with coat hangers and high death rates! Idiots."

The coat hangers have been replaced by high tech tools. And the death rates are extremely high now. Every time an abortion takes place. a person dies.

"The right wants to make abortion illegal but be still able to kill them later if they become criminals. Hypocrites."

Well, think about it. Not really. There's a huge difference. The young victims of abortion never get a fair trial. Never get any due process. Executed criminals do.

You are ignoring political reality, also. So many on the left favor abortion AND the death penalty. Such as our last two Democratic Presidents.

You do get some on the Left with admirable stand of opposing both the death penalty AND abortion. Like Representative David Bonior.

I happen to oppose the death penalty, by the way. But I recognize the difference between punishing a criminal with death after a long court process, and with killing a child due to selfish reasons, convenience, misplaced justice (lets kill the innocent child instead of the rapist or pure bloodlust.

Jersey said: "All the rest of you, you briefly touched upon "privacy" but unfortunately you prefer control. Abortion is an age old practice, with several thousand years of recorded history. You demand this can not happen."

This is one of the many invalid arguments in favor of abortion that I have seen many times. Variations on the "it has been going on forever, so we can't stop it".

The same can be said for rape and hunger and poverty. But like with abortion, thankfully there ARE people who work to elimininate them.

"Would we become like India or China, flooded with mass humanity, living our lives in a literal sea of smelly human flesh?"

I'm sure the people of India and China would appreciate you saying they'd be a lot better off if they "culled the herd" and killed off a lot of people. And that they are smelly.

"How the (I would not dare express this profanity here) would you deal with an extra million poor dumb kids born in America every year? What would you do with them?"

The children in question already exist. I favor killing neither pro-born or born poor children. Both groups already exist. And it is not an either or. Killing poor children at any stage of life is not a good solution.

Leticia said...

LiberalM, apparently you have little or no respect for life, regardless of what stage of development they are in. Thank God, your mother chose to keep you and not abort you. Other children aren't so lucky.

Jersey, my comments above are for you as well. All life, whether you want to believe or not, is precious, you can come up with you all your petty excuses and examples it all boils down to one thing. You don't give a rats-rear-end that beautiful, INNOCENT, children are being butchered, brutally, for the sake of convenience.

Again, you have a good mother who chose to keep you rather than abort you.

There is ALWAYS adoption.

Dmarks, we will never get through to pig-headed people who refuse to believe that the pre-born deserve a chance at life. Sad, if you think on it, I would have been fighting for their right to be born, had their mother's been considering aborting them.

dmarks said...

At least the country isn't full of Jersey's dreaded smelly Chinese.

Z said...

poor Liberal"mann"...
he can't figure out the difference between the life of a sweet young soul ready to come into the world and a piece of scum murderer.
"Gee, the Right will kill people but want babies born." imagine?

That comment of his literally scares me for mankind.

Leticia, what a horrific, they'll do ANYTHING to kill children.
I sub'd a high school class last week; they're reading a Russian author who discusses children in his book, the Kreutzer of the questions the teacher asked me to run by them is "Why do people have children today?"
They were all so cynical I could have's an accident, they do what society expects, etc. ...horrible answers that wouldn't have occurred to me when I was their age; I was stupid enough to think all parents wanted their children because mine seemed to! And still do!.

I believe our kids are suffering in profound ways from easy abortions, from cheap sex, from debauchery in films and TV.........if you don't value the sexual intimacy between a husband and a wife, and you see it cheapened where people have sex like dogs with anybody they like (hooking up, etc.), why would kids think children are a blessing?

It breaks my heart. But, I suppose I was a part of the promotion of this stuff because it's my generation that inflicted this on Western civilization! Sadly, my past isn't too innocent, either.

Then we have people like liberal"Mann" loose in the world with ugly comments like his. My God...

Debbie said...

I've never hears of this group, but I'm sure they have many followers. Sad state of affairs, killing babies as a profession and enjoying it.

Right Truth

Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

Tell you what, liberalman, conservatives would be perfectly happy to end the HUMANE execution of around 37 vicious murderers a year if liberals would be willing to end the barbaric slaughter of thousands of INNOCENT unborn babies every day. No deal? Now THAT is hypocrisy!

Democrats just never learn. They just skip from one crime against humanity to another, from slavery to segregation to abortion. Their next big cause will be euthanasia. One has to wonder what atrocity they will engage in after that.

We had to shoot a lot of democrats to end slavery. We had to throw a lot of democrats in prison to smash the KKK and end segregation. But looking back on history, democrats have fled the scene of their crimes. No doubt when humans have evolved to the point where we recognize abortion to be the barbaric practice it is, there won't be a single democrat on the horizon. In fact, they'll claim credit for ending it and accuse Republicans of being bloodthirsty.

Leticia said...

Z, I never thought there was a worse organization than NARAL or Planned Parenthood, but there is. It's despicable.

Debbie, this organization should be called, "Death on waves." Because that is exactly what it is.

Lone Ranger, you are so correct. And history continues to repeat itself. The Democrats have never cared for the people.

dmarks said...

Leticia: I disagree strongly that the Democrats have never cared for the people. So many times they have.

But on this specific issue, they definitely throw science, consistency, compassion, and decency completely out the window.

dmarks said...

Leticia, to respectfully disagree with your claim, "The Democrats have never cared for the people", I give you Dave Miller's "The Mission" blog.

click here

He devotes a lot of time to helping people, as you can see reading this. And he's a liberal Democrat.

How many of us care about people enough to do what Dave is doing?

Leticia said...

dmarks, they don't have that great of a record. Slavery for one thing, abortion, gay marriage, supporting and aiding people who really shouldn't be on welfare, Food Stamps and housing, labor union. Etc. The Democratic party supports abortion, so no matter what good deeds they do, they still support infanticide and that's just not acceptable.

dmarks said...

Leticia: It is not fair to hang slavery on liberal Democrats, or today's Democrats. You are talking about something 160+ years ago.

You will find the view of modern Democrats on slavery to be as different as possible from the views of 1859 Democrats.