Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obama: I'm going to Disney World

From Chicago Tribune: WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, set to unveil a new policy for boosting U.S. tourism, has chosen a fairy-tale setting for the Thursday announcement: Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, with its iconic Cinderella Castle as a backdrop.

And if some Disney magic rubs off on his re-election bid, too, then so be it.

The event, details of which were made public Tuesday, is the first of what is sure to be many election-year visits by the president to Florida. Obama carried the nation's largest swing state in 2008, but he faces a heavier lift this year in a state where the unemployment rate remains above the national average.

While specifics of his tourism plan were hazy, there is one topic at the top of the political wish list for Central Florida tourism: visa reform. The tourism industry has been pushing Congress and Obama to make travel to the U.S. easier for visitors from emerging nations such as Brazil, India and China.

"We understand that he [Obama] is going to trumpet the value of travel generally and improve facilitation for international travel, especially from China and Brazil," said Blain Rethmeier, senior vice president of public affairs at the U.S. Travel Association.

Brazil, whose citizens have a reputation for loving Orlando's theme parks, has only four U.S. consular offices for conducting the in-person interviews required of anyone who wants a visa to visit this country. That means some families have to travel several hundred miles for interviews before they can even get permission to travel to the U.S.

A recent congressional appropriations bill gave the U.S. secretary of state authority to develop a pilot program using videoconference technology to conduct visa interviews for leisure and business travelers. Such video conferences would be high on Disney's priority list, as they would likely cut the overall expense of coming to Orlando to see the Mouse.

A congressional aide, not authorized to speak on the record, said Capitol Hill expects the White House to make permanent a program called Global Entry, which cuts down clearance times at U.S. Customs checkpoints for "pre-approved, low-risk travelers" arriving in this country.

There also is the expectation that Obama will tout new hires for consular offices in Brazil and China — a move announced last year by the State Departmentthat could boost by 1 million the number of visas processed annually in each country.

Air Force One is expected to land at Orlando International Airport late-morning Thursday, with the president's motorcade taking him directly to Disney World. He is to leave Central Florida less than three hours later.

The tourism-policy changes are the latest effort by the Obama administration to get around legislative gridlock in Congress through executive actions.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't this idiot and his wife just get back from a 14 day vacation in Hawaii??  And used tax dollars to pay for it? So, now we are expected to fork out more money for Air Force One to be used, again, as his personal taxi? What the hell!  This is unreal.

This nation is in a serious economic melt-down. We have our armed forces spread out thin, if I might add, in areas that could cost them their lives. Our borders are unsecured, gas prices have gone up, the cost of food has gone up, and many, many Americans are out of work, and he wants to promote tourism. Yeah, he has his priorities straight, imbecile!

I can you tell right now not many of us, myself included, can afford to go Disney World, let alone all the trips the Obama's have had since they took over the White House. The Obama's have used this prestigious and coveted position to spend American tax dollars and live like Hollywood movie stars. He is irresponsible and arrogant.  

This is a blatant disregard for all the people struggling to get food on their tables and gas in their vehicles. 



Jersey McJones said...

Leticia, sometimes I think if Obama turned out to be Jesus Christ you'd change religion just to spite him.

This is a good thing. We need more tourism. We need more legal immigration. We need a President who can smartly market good ideas, and promote sound investment grounded in sound economic policy.

What's your problem here?

Look, I know you really, really, really don't like Obama, but you shouldn't just criticize every single thing the guy does just because you don't like him. Promoting American tourism and skilled immigration is smart. And the way he's doing it is smart.

Really, what the heck is your problem here???


Silverfiddle said...

Isn't this the guy who told people to stop going to Vegas?

And shame on you Leticia, for not using hushed, respectful tones when speaking of Jersey's Dear Leader and his beneficent travelings.

Leticia said...

The problem, Jersey, is that we have more important matters at hand, as I had mentioned on my post. This is not a priority right now. Just another publicity stunt and a way to make people forget the reality of America's situation and his incompetency.

And, thank God, Obama is NOT Jesus Christ, whew! That would be wretched in many levels.

Leticia said...

Silver, yep the very one, indeed. What a moron. And I just wasn't to maintain a low tone. :)

Z said...

Honey, this is FREE CAMPAIGN ADS, we'll have to get used to it.
Honestly, I'm thinking the DNC ought to pay NEWSWEEK, TIME, DISNEY, etc etc...maybe THEY can pay for the expensive plane rides..?
I remember Mrs. Obama's gone one day before or after him on several trips...know how much THAT cost us?
Or how about the time the dog got his own ride to a vacation destination? I don't know why he couldn't go with them, maybe he had a vet appointment, but that bugged a LOT of people.

and the story goes........he's going to get a LOT of good advertising like this and, sadly, America will pay for it.........and I don't mean just the cost of the plane.

christian soldier said...

Mark Levin - in his new book- pegs bho very well-

saw Mark him interviewed twice tonight---
He and I agree- we must return to our Constitutional mandates or this Republic is done..

Jersey McJones said...

"Honey, this is FREE CAMPAIGN ADS"

Well, at least it's not some sleazy Super Pac selling snakeoil to morons.


dmarks said...

Jersey: You are right. There are indeed some things Obama does get right.

Always On Watch said...

a fairy-tale setting for the Thursday announcement: Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, with its iconic Cinderella Castle as a backdrop

Ye, gods!

Well, I guess that the setting is perfect for promoting a fantasy. Except that this particular fantasy cannot possibly be sustainable.

In my view, the Obama administration is desperate to find some new sources of income for America. But tourism isn't going to cut it. What we need is an increased GDP -- with jobs for all those Americans who are out of work.

BTW, I love to travel, but I haven't had a vacation since 2007 -- even before Mr. AOW had his stroke. Mr. AOW lost his job in early 2008, and that put an end to having access to any expendable income.

Capitol Hill expects the White House to make permanent a program called Global Entry, which cuts down clearance times at U.S. Customs checkpoints for "pre-approved, low-risk travelers" arriving in this country.

And just how are these checkpoints being funded? With our tax dollars, of course! The mind reels.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Silverfiddle said...

OK Jersey, my bad. I understand why he's going now...

He'll be making an appearance in Disney's Hall of Failed Presidents, standing right next to the second-worst president, Jimmy Carter.

Leticia said...

Z, many of are not going to buy into his bS but, of course, some will and continue to drink the Kool-aid. Ridiculous.

Carol, we must but with this current administration I just don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. We are spiraling out of control and Obama is at the wheel.

dmarks, a plant in South Korea is going to help us how? I swear that man is an idiot.

AOW, danger is right my friend. This idea is going to cost the tax payers more money and God alone knows how that is going to happen, we are broke!

Silver, I think they are officially tied for first.

christian soldier said...

a heads up on action we can take on SOPA an P IP A..
the key words -from our govt-
"for your own good"

Leticia said...

Carol, I have called my congressman and two senators to oppose this idiocy. Not to mention signing the petition from Wikipedia.

Liberalmann said...

Thank the GOP if people hare having a problem 'putting food on their tables and gas in their cars.'

Leticia said...

LiberalM, if it makes you sleep better at night you just keep on thinking that. The rest of us know whom to blame, it wasn't the GOP.

D Charles QC said...

Leticia, playing the devil's advocate I will ask you a number of questions.

What is the limit for use of AirForce One?

Is not the travel of any President required to be via AirForce One?

Is not this trip to Orlando for the benefit of the US in regards to Tourism?

If you consider this trip to be for the benefit of the re-Election of Obama, is he the only one that is doing such campaigning via AirForce One?

How about some simple facts, just to get a better context. Every President uses AirForce One. Obama during the first half of his Presidency actually used AirForce One less times than President G W Bush (324 to 416 - source FactCheck.Org).

Additional points is that a trip does not mean a DC to destination and back again. A trip may be, for example, DC to Orlando then to Austin then to Chicago then to DC.

For me it certainly gives the impression that he goes to Hawaii a lot, but then he may go there to rest and work, sitting in the Oval Office may not be always the best work environment or necessary. I do believe the power of communication allows for work and travel these day - it does for me at times!

My point, as usual, is be careful with the explosive condemnations and count the realities versus what you may guess, assume or even think is in fact real. Once the facts are in play, then condemn.

I know, it is hard when you consider your President to be something akin of the AntiChrist and you would rather set the world on fire than have him re-elected. In this case JMJ's posting is pretty valid - in almost in its entire format.

MK said...

He doesn't care Leticia, he'll just borrow money from the chinese and make your children and theirs pay for it in years to come.

And mark my words, when they get to school, they'll be taught that he was really a messiah of some sort. Never that he left them the debt they're straining under.

Always On Watch said...

Main Street USA will be closed for Obama's speech.

Sure, part of that closing is due to security.

But there is symbolism in the closure as well. The real Main Street USA is suffering, and BHO doesn't care. Indeed, he's doing everything he can to promote and prolong the suffering. Case in point: the Keystone Pipeline.

Always On Watch said...

D Charles,
Is not this trip to Orlando for the benefit of the US in regards to Tourism?

It puts a bad taste into Americans' mouths for the President to promote tourism, particularly foreign tourism, when so many Americans are suffering in this ailing economy.

Americans who labor and are still struggling to make ends meet no matter how hard they try and Americans who are futilely searching for jobs really don't want to see the President promoting vacations when vacations are out of reach for those who really need a vacation.

In other words, whether he means to or not, BHO is adding fuel to the fire of class warfare.

Additionally, there is something frivolous about a President appearing in a theme park such as Disney World and on certain TV shows.

Finally, it seems to me that we're scraping the bottom of the barrel if the best that the administration can do to find new sources of income is the promotion of tourism while, at the same time, banning the Keystone Pipeline.

D Charles QC said...


I was under the impression that tourism makes money for the US economy and thus it can only do goo. That the logic behind being in Disney makes sense as it is an iconic destination to be seen at and promote the idea. Also that vacations, though for many are now hard to justify, that it is better to have your vacation at home in America and not go abroad.

Frankly, if tourism creates more jobs, the people will applaud him. Sorry, I find this just more Obama baiting. Hit him in the topics you can justify such as how taxation is done, his inability to control Congress even slightly and lack of leadership in regards to some of these Czars he has created.

Jersey McJones said...


Jimmy Carter??? Did you forget Bush II already???


Leticia said...

Charles, Air Force should not be used as a personal taxi and some restraint should be used. It's expensive and it costs taxpayers a lot of money.

As for his "tourism" bit it's a waste of more tax dollars and closing down a street for security purposes is basically stopping people from opening their businesses that day.

Why couldn't he had just found a better solution and said yes to the Keystone Pipeline?

He spends more time out of the office than he does in it. It seems to me.

One more thing, I have never, ever said I saw that man as the anti-christ. Not even close.

AOW, spot-on, my friend!!

MK, you, who are not even from America see's it but the liberals refuse to acknowledge it. Geez..

D Charles QC said...


I assume then from your response that you would similarly criticize every other President who used AirForce One for moving around - because those that had it did and it is considered part of the program (not to mention, as I have shown, that in fact the Obamas have not been the biggest users of the plane).

An interesting thing I was told is that if the President does not travel but makes all his speeches from the White House, he will be criticized for not visiting the country and being not-in-touch.

I feel this is a bit of a bashing excercise for the sake of it, if he does not go "to the people" (which always disrupts regardless of the location) you and others will say he is out of touch and does not give a damn, and if he goes out you will say it is an disruption and a waste of tax-payer dollars. Otherwise, damned it he does and damned if he does not.

As I keep on saying, target something and debate it but get the details and work on something that we can clearly say is a breach, a waste or whatever. You mentioned the Keystone pipeline - that is worth debating for example. I do not know enough about it, how much jobs etc. The only interesting comment I have seen is that it would make Canadian jobs, not American....


Lisa said...

Maybethis will help

Always On Watch said...

D Charles,
Obama's promoting jobs at Disney World today is extremely ironic -- coming on the hells of his stopping the Keystone Pipeline.

Always On Watch said...

D Charles,
Along the lines of what I was saying, from this source:

A day after President Barack Obama nixed up to 20,000 high-wage Keystone XL pipeline construction jobs, he flew down to Florida to tout his support for low-wage tourism jobs....

More at the above link.

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