Friday, April 29, 2011

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally - Washington Times

Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally - Washington Times

Hat tip: Good friend on Facebook.

Seriously, folks those dangerous Amish people must be stopped at all costs!  They are menace to society. *rolls eyes*

Moving on...the Federal government wasted precious tax payer money to investigate a dangerous criminal and as it turns out it was an Amish farmer trying to make living.  Yes, our nation was in grave danger to allow this man to ride freely on his horse drawn buggy on the streets selling his deadly unpasteurized milk to unsuspecting victims!!  Oh, the humanity!!

And as we turn our focus down south at the borders, drug cartels are killing innocent Americans, dealing their drugs, and crossing our borders unchecked and unchallenged.  Yet, to Homeland Security and apparently the FBI an Amish farmer was seen as the greater threat.

And people wonder why the United States has become a laughingstock.  Gee...I wonder.

For centuries people drank unpasteurized milk and lived to tell about it.  There is absolutely no difference here.  Furthermore, are mothers who breast feed are next on their hit list?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's 'intentional disrespect' toward Christians

The White House wonders why it is that one in five Americans believe the president is a Muslim.

Well, let's take a closer look.  Obama has never forgotten a Muslim holiday, has issued proclamations honoring Muslim observations, which if you think about it have absolutely no historical significance to the history of the United States and most Americans to do not recognize nor celebrate Muslim holidays.  However, Obama chose to ignore the most important holiday on the Christian calendar, Easter. He has totally and completely disregarded our nation's Christian heritage.

He cancelled the National Day of Prayer celebration last year, has at three different times, left out "endowed by our Creator" when referencing the Declaration of Independence.

While visiting Turkey on 2009 Obama stated that America no longer considered itself a Christian nation.  What gave him the right to even say that?  Just because he blindly believes it doesn't make it true.  We are still a Christian nation or we wouldn't be fighting so hard to keep it that way against the radical Left and liberals, etc....  The majority living in this great nation continues to believe in God Almighty and Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  That's not going to change.

Baptist pastor in Dallas also took issue with President Obama's avoidance of official Easter references over the weekend, saying that despite the president's claims to a personal faith in Christ, "deep down inside of him there is something that keeps him from making public proclamations about Christianity."

Whether he is or isn't a Christian no one truly knows but him, however, I will say that if he is a Christian he sure has a very strange and odd way of showing it.  Especially when we see him  or hearing him praise and embrace the religion of Islam.  Which most of us are very aware is a religion that despises Christianity and Jews and would have no qualms about torturing and murdering anyone that does not believe in their god or prophet or reads the Qu'ran.

You decide.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Is there a target on my back?

I had to share what happened this afternoon to me.  I had just gotten off at work and it was lunch time.  So, I went to Sam's Club to fill my gas tank, (OUCH!) Anyhoo, my husband texted me. And there was a woman in front of me, so I pulled up behind her to the other gas pump.  I decided to text my husband back since no one was behind me, was approximately five minutes when I finished or even less.  I did happen to hear someone blowing their horn but ignored it.  I looked up and noticed the woman in front of me had left so I was about to start my blazer and move up.  When I looked in my side-view mirror and noticed a very irate man coming to my window.

I put my car back in park and opened my door.  He yelled at me as to why I didn't move my car forward to the next pump?!!  With a few expletives mixed in the middle of that tirade.  I told him flat out, "I was going to move my car but now you can just go around me!" Yeah, I got mad.  I don't appreciate being yelled at by a stranger.

I got out of my blazer, and by this time people were watching us.  I said I was an emergency call with my husband, and he yelled, "I don't care!!!!!"  This man was out of control.  So, I got my cards and started to slice them through the machine.  He was still yelling at me and I told him I didn't appreciate him screaming and cussing at me, with that I was called dumb F'n b*&ch.  Nice, huh?

With that last remark, I said, "You know what?"  "I am not doing this."  God bless you and continued to pump gas in my blazer.  He then remarked, "well, good for you!" I said, "yes, good for me, I am blessed."  He got in his blazer and pulled in front of me. And started to pump his gas.  Could he not just have done that to begin with?  That's what most civilized people do when there is an empty pump, right?

The intendant came immediately up to me and was very concerned and asked me what had happened? I explained to him.  He said, "that guy is rich he should know better than to behave like that."  I said, "Being rich doesn't mean you automatically have manners."

He then walked to the lunatic and that was the last I saw and dealt with him.

I went to my prayer group, was shaking a bit and after we prayed for him.  My best-friend told me to grab my bible and open it up and see what God has for me.  I did and it opened at Psalm 71, I read the first few passages and it was exactly what I needed to hear!!!  God is so amazing.

Sorry for the long story.  But I just had to say how awesome our God is.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mary Did You Know "Passion Music Video"

May we never forget the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. It wasn't Allah, it wasn't Mohammed, it wasn't Buddha, NO! It was Jesus Christ that died so that we could live.  He shed His own blood for us.  

Be blessed in the love our Messiah, our Redeemer our precious, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Border Patrol agents are told to STOP apprehending illegals

This is no lie everyone.  Upper management (government) has ordered all U.S. Border Patrol agents that they are to stop apprehending illegal aliens crossing the U.S.-Mexican border.  And shoo the illegals to "Turn Back South" (TBS).

As most of us already know, these illegals will stop at NOTHING to enter our nation in whatever means necessary.  And I am sure by now that they have gotten wind that they can no longer be apprehended by law enforcement which in turn gives them the freedom to flood our borders and come across our land unchecked and unchallenged.  Make no mistake people, these illegals are defiant and are probably not afraid to use force to get across most of them have no qualms about shooting or injuring our patrol agents.

And once they do make it across, illegally. Our wonderful government will allow them to break federal laws and then give them money, food and shelter to support them.  Which, as we all know, is on our dime, our tax dollars at work.

This is absolutely insane.  Our government, a.k.a. Obama administration, are placing these men and women in grave danger.  If they are not allowed to use any kind of force why even bother having border patrol agents in the first place?

Read this: first reported this month that several Border Patrol officials, including at least one senior supervisor, told him they had been directed to keep the number of border apprehensions down by chasing illegal immigrants back toward Mexico. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has recently cited a reduction in border apprehensions as evidence of an increasingly secure border.
 T.J. Bonner, retired president of the National Border Patrol Council, said in an interview with that he’s familiar with “TBS-ing” and shares  concerns about criminals and terrorists crossing the border."
How is this protecting our nation?  Why is our government aiding and abetting criminals?  Is this Obama's way of securing votes in the 2012 election?

I truly fear for the safety of our nation, and especially all people living near the borders.  No one is safe.  American Border Patrol Agents need aid not getting their hands tied behind their backs!

My solution, and I am not a violent person, but I believe it is high time to secure our borders with lethal force.

I could go on ranting but what's the point?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Day of some humor

These are REAL strange laws and are far more interesting than made up ones, these laws are real, not invented or exaggerated...actual legal citations....

I promise I will get back to my political posts.  I just thought these were too funny not to share on.

  • In Utah, those seeking to modify the weather need a permit. R653-5-6 
  • In Massachusetts, selling a stink bomb is a crime. 269(15)
  • In Little Rock, Arkansas, it's illegal to honk your horn after 9:00 P.M. at any place where sandwiches are served. 18-53,54-Art. II
  • In South Carolina, its illegal to fish with a yo-yo, and dynamite. 50-13-1190, 1440  
  • Pig-greasing contests are illegal in Minnesota. 343-43.16 
  • In ancient Germany, a swordsman who made a person's brain leak out paid a 24 solidi fine. 
  • In England, Leopold Wrobel was sentenced to five months in jail for whistling the Addams Family theme song.
  • In Eraclea, Italy, its against the law to build sand castles on the beach.
  • A 2004 Rome law bans spherical goldfish bowls.
  • Kentucky lawyers must swear under oath that they haven't engaged in duels.


    ....they change the perspective


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foghorn Leghorn - Leghorn Swoggled

Don't be surprised if you see more of these cartoons on Sundays. I just love the Looney Tunes!!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend and prepared for the week.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boehner crumples and Obama stayed strong

I couldn't have said this better myself.  Read what Bryan Fisher had to say:

A defining moment in American political history occurred when President Obama and John Boehner went mano-a-mano in a private meeting over funding for Planned Parenthood. The speaker wanted to defund this baby-killing franchise, and the president wanted to keep the taxpayer spigot wide-open. 
Last Friday was the moment of truth. The president remained unalterably loyal to his pro-death principles by refusing to budge. When the subject of Planned Parenthood funding came up, Boehner asked Obama how much he would cut from Planned Parenthood. “Nope, zero,” said the man of principle. Boehner asked him again, to which the president replied, “Nope. Zero. John, this is it.” 
After an awkward silence, Boehner blinked. He ran up the white flag, the skirmish was over, and the unborn were the primary victims. 
Bottom line: the president was far more committed to destroying babies than the speaker was to saving them. Mr. Obama was willing to go the mat for his values regarding unborn babies, and the speaker was not. The president acted as a man of conviction, and, alas, the speaker did not. 
In fact, the president was perfectly willing to shut down the government over the issue of abortion; the speaker was not. 
The president was so committed to his pro-death platform that he was willing to see our soldiers go without pay. Think about that for a moment. It was more important to Mr. Obama to pay people to dismember babies in the womb than to pay the men in uniform who protect our liberties. Paying abortionists was more important to the president than paying soldiers. 
Why did the speaker crumple while the president stood strong? The likeliest explanation is simple: the fear of man. The speaker has always seemed deathly afraid of a government shutdown, surrendering up his hole card before anyone had even anted up. 
He seemed paralyzed at the thought that he would be blamed for a government slowdown, and everybody in the room knew it. He apparently was more of afraid of answering to the Washington Post than he was of answering to God. The Proverbs says, “The fear of man lays a snare” (Prov. 29:25),” and the speaker fell into a trap of his own making. 
The speaker is afraid of the wrong people. Instead of fearing the New York Times, he should be living in mortal fear of the Tea Party. The Tea Party cannot help but feel they have been sold out, their pro-life convictions abandoned in exchange for a mess of pottage, a $352 million reduction in actual government outlays. That’s about what we will now continue to pay Planned Parenthood to run their chambers of horror. 
I have no doubt that the speaker is a good man. He’s decent, upright and wanted to do the right thing. But the Scriptures also say, “Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked” (Prv. 25:26). When a good and upright man surrenders his principles under pressure from the wicked, the stream is polluted just as much as if he gone to the water’s edge and dumped the toxins in himself. Weakness is as deadly as malice. Allowing the wicked to pollute the stream when it is in your power to stop it is little different than doing the deed yourself. 
Now surely we will hear from the speaker and others that a separate vote was held yesterday in both the House and the Senate on defending Planned Parenthood. This is true, but meaningless. Everyone knew that bill was DOA in the Senate, and therefore the whole affair was just hollow political theater. 
The real moment of truth came when the speaker caved last Friday in front of the president and all but 59 House Republicans caved yesterday in front of the American people, by casting the only vote that counted, the vote to keep Planned Parenthood in the federal budget. 
All is certainly not lost. The speaker will have another opportunity to show some spine when the debt ceiling vote comes along, as will the flaccid Republicans who voted with Obama on the budget bill yesterday.  
Here’s hoping they begin listening to the voice of conscience and principle rather than the voice of the yammering nabobs in the Old Media. With votes on the debt ceiling and the Ryan budget on the horizon, we can’t afford another collapse under pressure. 
In conclusion:  The GOP had better stop with the proverbial growling and start showing some teeth and muscle.  We CANNOT fear man more than we fear God.  The liberals may have some rather twisted and demented convictions over murdering of the unborn but they never cave in or back down and they have mastered the art of intimidation.

We cannot allow that to happen.  We have to prove to them that conservatives are just as strong and just as committed in protecting the unborn as they are in murdering them.  We must not allow fear of man to make us crawl under a rock and hide.  We answer to God, not to man.  And right, now we must speak for the unborn babies who deserve a chance at life.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Power of Words

Thought I would share this. It brought tears to my eyes. I just can't seem to recall where I first viewed it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

D.C. mayor, council members arrested while protesting loss of abortion funds

Does this surprise anyone?  Not me, not anymore.  Sounds like Washington, DC needs a new mayor and city officials.  This is typical liberal behavior, they don't get their way and so they throw a fit and protest....

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 12, 2011 ( - The mayor of the District of Columbia and other city officials have been arrested on Capitol Hill as they protested having lost government funding for local abortions.
Bearing a sign with the words “Congress: Don’t Tread on D.C.,” Mayor Vincent Gray led a crowd of local activists to Senate offices Monday; he was joined by six council members, including the chairman.
The group was opposing the budget deal cut by Congressional leaders Friday night that reinstated the Dornan amendment barring taxpayer-funded abortion in D.C., and restored the voucher program that helps parents afford to take their children out of public schools. 
Forty-one protesters including the mayor and all six council members were arrested for unlawful assembly and for “blocking passage” near the Capitol, Politico reports. “We needed to make a statement,” Gray said upon leaving jail.
D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton had warned the president not to offer any D.C.-related riders to the GOP in the budget deal, and mentioned both abortion and the voucher program. 
“It would be unacceptable to use the District’s low income women as a bargaining chip at a time when women’s rights advocates and the District have been particularly focused on protecting the city from a return to this restriction,” wrote Norton. 
Although the GOP was unable to secure the defunding of Planned Parenthood in the annual budget, pro-life leaders counted it a major victory that the Obama administration agreed to restore the Dornan amendment and to hold separate Senate votes on funding for both Planned Parenthood and the abortion-expanding health care reform law.
What a great example these leaders are setting for kids to see.  However, I hope the libs continue to bury themselves in their own pathetic propaganda.

We just have to sit back and watch them self-destruct.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

School official welcomes Bible's influence

Some good news for a change.  I just had to share this small article that I found perusing OneNewsNow.  

Students at a California continuation school are witnessing change on their campus -- all because of the Bible.

Buena Vista Continuation High School in Chino was formerly a magnet for harsh tensions among students where daily disruptions and fights broke out on campus. But when a small group of students introduced a Bible club two years ago, others began noticing a change. Fewer fights occurred as lives were altered by the Word.
James Na, president of the Chino Valley Unified School District, tells OneNewsNow that students have been accepting Christ on campus. "Since then, the conflicts among students have significantly decreased by maybe 90 percent," he shares. Meanwhile, the "attendance rate has risen to close to 96, 97 percent, [which is] unheard of in continuation high schools."

The club is now attended by more than ten percent of the students. and Na is pleased that the Bible is changing the lives of students and keeping them from heading down a troublesome path.
"The kids make their own choices, and if the choices they're making [are] right, and when their performances start showing that they're becoming a valuable citizen, we need to welcome that," the school district president contends. "It's changing their lives on campus; that's amazing."
Na hopes the class will continue to grow and spread to other schools in the Chino Valley Unified School District and beyond.
See!  The Word of God can make a difference!  This truly fantastic news.  I wish more schools would follow suit or even test it and see what happens.  You can't go wrong. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ark. court strikes down law barring 'gay' adoptions

Associated Press logo small 2LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a voter-approved initiative that barred same-sex couples and other unmarried people living together from serving as adoptive or foster parents.

Associate Justice Robert L. Brown wrote for the court that the law would encroach on adults' right to privacy in the bedroom. "Act 1 directly and substantially burdens the privacy rights of 'opposite-sex and same-sex individuals' who engage in private, consensual sexual conduct in the bedroom by foreclosing their eligibility to foster or adopt children," Brown wrote.

The law, which was never enforced, would have effectively banned same-gender couples from adopting or fostering children because they can't legally marry in Arkansas. It also would have been extended to unmarried heterosexual couples who live together.

Voters approved the measure in 2008 after the state Supreme Court overturned a Human Services Department policy preventing homosexuals from serving as foster parents in 2006.

The American Civil Liberties Union sued on behalf of a group of families, arguing that the law arbitrarily bans qualified families from consideration when the state has too few foster and adoptive families. It said it knew of 29 people from a dozen families who claimed the law would have an impact on them.

Some of the law's opponents were worried that they would not be able to let a homosexual relative adopt their children if they should die.

A state judge had struck down the law last April because he said it forced unmarried couples to choose between their relationships and becoming adoptive parents. The attorney general later asked the Supreme Court to reverse that decision, arguing that fostering or adopting a child is not a constitutionally protected right.

When the lawsuit was filed in late 2008, Arkansas and Utah were the only states with bans on unmarried couples fostering or adopting children. Mississippi banned homosexual couples, but not single homosexual men, from adopting children. Florida was the only state to completely bar homosexual adoption until a federal judge ruled the ban unconstitutional in December 2008.

Bruce Babione, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, tells OneNewsNow: "The needs of children outweigh the wants of adults. The court's decision tragically places more importance on the sexual interests of adults than on protecting children."

The attorney argues that the voters in Arkansas did understand the best interests of children. "The people of Arkansas believe that children deserve the most safe and stable home environments possible. They cast their ballots to ensure that children would not be deprived of the best possible homes and they decisively approved ACT 1 for that purpose only," he says. "But the courts struck down the will of the people anyway."

Voters passed Act 1 in 2008 with a 54-to-43 percent margin.

And just the other day I was so proud of being an Arkansan and then this crap happens?!!  WTH! Is going on here?  How can ONE judge make such an arbitrary decision and completely go against the will of the people.  This is why so many people don't bother to vote any more because of bologna like this.  What's the use, right?

This is about the children, NOT deviant adults who live in unhealthy and unstable relationships.  Arkansans wanted children to go to stable homes  where there is a mother and a father present. Placing a child in an environment where the couple is not married is not only unsuitable but unstable.  Same goes for same sex couples.  

These are very selfish adults who don't give a rats-rear-end about the well-being of an innocent child.  They are politicizing the situation and subjugating our laws and the will of the people.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So glad I voted for this awesome man!

Rick Crawford: Perhaps It Is Time For Senator Harry Reid To Step Aside

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR-1)
On March 30th freshman Congressman Rick Crawford (R-AR) sent a letter to Senate Leader Harry Reid which was cosigned by 28 other freshman congressman. However, neither the signers of the letter nor the public received an appropriate response from Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) who continues to threatened government shutdown.

Today, April 6th, Representative Rick Crawford, now joined by 89 other US Representatives have in another letter addressed Senator Reid's "reckless, partisan strategy of shutting down the government."

Crawford writes in the second letter to Senator Harry Reid, "With all due respect, if you do not plan to fulfill your responsibilities as Senate Majority Leader, perhaps it is time to step aside." The letter goes on the state, "Mr. Reid, it is time to stop denying the dire straits of our nation's fiscal health. "It is time to pass a bill."
I am so proud that I helped promote Mr. Crawford, I had the honor of making his acquaintance at a Tea Party meeting when he first decided to run for Congressman. I shook his hand afterwards and told him he had my vote.
This man stands by his values and convictions.  He is a very strong conservative and so far, has kept his promises that he made to the Tea Party members and during his campaign.  
Arkansas can be proud of electing him to office.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How Obama Could Lose in 2012

I ran across this article  from The Patriot Update website and it really has me concerned, can Obama truly be re-elected?  Read this....

Contrary to what many pundits and partisans might have you believe, a Democratic president rarely loses a reelection race. Only once in the past 120 years has a president from that party who sought a second term lost. And that was Jimmy Carter in 1980. Thus, the odds heavily favor President Obama if he decides to run again—and all signs point that he will.
So what combination of factors in this complex system of politics must come together to cause a catastrophe for Obama politically that would result in his defeat?
I see three, and all have to be in place and reinforce each other for Obama to lose. First, the economy in 2012 has to be either stagnant or in decline in the 10 or so key electoral states (especially the ones in the Midwest) as he heads into the election. This would mean that the economy is creating very few net jobs in 2012 and that prices (including food and gas) are still rising.
Second, no new major international crisis arises that causes people to rally behind Obama because of his competent handling of it. And I emphasize the words “new,” “major,” and “competent.” Afghanistan and Iraq devolving again into a problem will not help Obama, and actually may hurt him because our country has basically moved on from the situation in both places.
Third, a Republican nominee has to emerge who is charismatic; is a very good communicator; is in touch with the country’s economic and social needs; and is a new brand of GOP leader whom many younger voters can connect with. Think of what it took in 1980 to defeat the Democratic incumbent—Ronald Reagan and crises galore.
Understanding the factors that could cost Obama the election allows us to not get distracted by the much-hashed-over details that matter little, such as money and technology. Focusing on what’s really important is a very good lesson for politics—and life.
Well, what do you think?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Funny

Hat tip: David

These are actual comments made on students' report cards by teachers
in the New York City public school system.  All teachers were reprimanded (but, boy, are these funny!)

1. Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom & has
started to dig.

2. I would not allow this student to breed.

3. Your child has delusions of adequacy.

4. Your son is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

5. Your son sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to
achieve them.

6. The student has a 'full six-pack' but lacks the plastic thing to
hold it all together.