Thursday, December 29, 2011


Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love and, apparently, paying out massive pensions to public employees who will continue working for the city.

Marion B. Tasco, who has been described as being “politically savvy,” will retire from her sixth term as councilwoman, collect $478,057, and then be sworn in on Monday to serve her seventh term.

How does she get away with this?

Tasco, along with many of her fellow Council members, is enrolled in Philadelphia’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). DROP allows city workers to collect salary and build up pension money during the last four years of their employment, writes Aaron Kase of Philadelphia Weekly.

Naturally, when DROP was originally introduced, it was touted as being “revenue neutral.” It’s been anything but that. SInce its introduction, Philadelphia’s DROP program has cost the city $258million in extra pension costs over a decade, according to a 2010 Boston College study.

Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter has tried on numerous occasions to eliminate the DROP program.

“In September, Council voted to override Nutter’s veto of a bill, sponsored by Tasco that would preserve the DROP program, while reducing its cost,” writes Jan Ransom of the Daily. Nutter has vowed to work “tirelessly” to abolish the program.

And his attempts didn’t deter Tasco.

“While many of Tasco’s fellow council members dropped out of the re-election race after controversy broke out over their enrollment in DROP, Tasco stayed in the race and won,” writes Robert Johnson of Business Insider.

That means, come Monday, she will be elected as City Councilwoman for Philadelphia’s Ninth District, with all the pay and benefits that come with that position — as well as an additional $478,057.

As Business Insider points out, the city’s web page touts Tasco “as one of Philadelphia’s most influential, politically savvy, and pro-active public officials.”

Over the next few days, Tasco could be proving that claim correct.

This wasn't mentioned in the article, but can you guess what political party she represents? If you answered Democrat, you are correct. Surprised? I am not.

This is a perfect example of how politicians have turned their backs on their constituents and are robbing them blind. The majority of them are corrupt and have no qualms about hurting hard-working taxpayers. They are, quite, literally yanking the food from our hands.

How she was able to get re-elected is beyond my comprehension. She should be fired or locked up for misdirection of funds. She should not be allowed to collect that money, it doesn't belong to her. This is stealing, plain and simple.

I am curious to know if the schmucks who voted for her are regretting it, as much as those who voted for the narcissist, who is presently in office and continues find ways of crippling our struggling nation. He actually has the audacity to ask congress to raise the debt ceiling to $1.2 trillion. So, he can pay bills on time. Really? Is anyone else buying this BS?

These people are nothing but political, blood-thirsty parasites. And they only way to get rid of them is to vote them out of office, permanently.

A perfect way to start is asking for photo ID's of all voters before they even step near a voting booth.


dmarks said...

Government worker pensions should be zeroed out entirely. It's all an unearned handout; welfare for the wealthy. Consider that these workers already have a pension (Social Security).

Silverfiddle said...

A famous economist observed that something will continue until it no longer can, and these kind of taxpayer ripoffs are breaking cities and states.

Look for federal bailouts of these irresponsible governments. That will be the next controversy over the next few years, which is why I continue to preach, ABO! Anybody but Obama.

Leticia said...

dmarks, but will it happen. Will the people finally start saying, "Enough!" These ingrates were not elected to break our bank accounts, but to help us.

Silver, and the sad part is, people continue to vote them in. Do they enjoy seeing their city and states broke? I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more about federal bailouts.

dmarks said...

It's the version of the golden rule, in which those who make the rules get the gold.

Always On Watch said...

For pity's sake!

My dearest friends in the world are facing the choice of medical bankruptcy (with insurance) or divorce, and this woman is milking the system!

I am appalled beyond a printable comment.

Leticia said...

dmarks, I believed you just nailed it.

AOW, I am so sorry for your friends. How horrible and then to read about this vile woman stealing from the people. Maybe the state shouldn't allow her to come back?

Debbie said...

What, that cannot be, it is robbery, it's vulgar and unthinkable.

Right Truth

Jersey McJones said...

DROP programs are all over the place, including, and mostly, among Red States.


Leticia said...

Debbie, indeed it is.

Jersey, red state, blue state, does it really matter? This woman and many others in her position are literally robbing the people and absolutely lack shame, she's seems proud of her despicable behavior.

DROP programs should be exactly that, DROPPED!

Jersey McJones said...

No, it doesn't matter. So why did it matter to Leticia? Leticia? You there?


Leticia said...

Jersey, it should matter to all American taxpayers, it's coming out of their pockets. Should it matter if it is a red or blue state, nope.

dmarks said...

Thankfully we have leaders like the governor of Wisconsin who realize the danger to budgets of overcompensating state employees, and he went on the line to reign in the waste.

The greedy pigs who were caught with their hand in the cookie jar there have been insulting and trying to recall him.

Leticia said...

dmarks, of course they are. It will stop them from getting their hands on more money. Blood-sucking miscreants.

Malcolm said...

I'm not surprised Marian B. Tasco is a Democrat. I say that because I doubt you would have made it a point to call out her political party if she was a Republican.

If you truly believe the DROP program should be a concern of all American taxpayers, why did you bring up Tasco's party affiliation? Whether or not a politician who is working the system has a "D" or an "R" after their name is irrelevant.

I find it interesting that although you called out the fact that Marian B. Tasco is a Democrat, you didn't do the same for Philly Mayor Michael Nutter (who the article states more than once has been working to eliminate DROP).

dmarks said...

Malcolm said: "If you truly believe the DROP program should be a concern of all American taxpayers, why did you bring up Tasco's party affiliation?"

Actually, it is fair to point this out, because typically on the issue of over compensation of our public "servants", the Democrats side with the greedy.

dmarks said...

Also, Mayor Nutter is definitely part of the problem. He is wallowing in a salary over $160,000 a year. That is not including massive perks. That;s enough for him to become a millionaire serving a couple of terms. He's part of the 1%, not the 99%, at the cost of the taxpayers.

All mad money after millionaires. They could cut this salary less than half of this amount, and the Mayor would still be in the economic elite, and still be able to live comfortably.

The city could hire a couple more cops, a couple more teachers, or a couple more firefighters for the money saved.

Leticia said...

Malcolm, if it were a Republican you had better believe I would have called it out. Politicians, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever, are not above the law and should be held accountable for any disreputable actions. I only mentioned her party affiliation due to the fact that Dems tend to do this kind of garbage more often. Look how the Obama's spend American tax dollars on lavish vacations.

dmarks said, "The city could hire a couple more cops, a couple more teachers, or a couple more firefighters for the money saved.

Couldn't agree more. I believe ALL politicians should tighten their belts and lower their salaries. Just my opinion though.

Teresa said...

It clear the DROP program needs to be dropped. I don't care whether the politician is Democrat or Republican this program needs to be eliminated in all states. But, Leticia is correct when she points out this mode of thinking and occurrences of these types of abuses of excessive spending and/or corruption (taking advantage of the system) is more prevalent with Democrats than Republicans. That is why America is becoming a nanny-state where people are hooked on entitlements, as if they were the drug of choice or something.

Malcolm said...

Dmarks said: "Typically on the issue of over compensation of our public "servants", the Democrats side with the greedy."

That all depends on who you're terming "greedy". I will say that unfortunately, the outrage of citizens and politicians when it comes to greedy politicians is sometimes selective based on party affiliation.

In regards to Mayor Nutter's salary, don't hate the player... hate the game. However, it should be noted that he took a 10% pay cut in 2009 to help balance the budget. Also, it's not like he's the only overpaid politician. I'd argue that most of them make too much money.

With that being said, I think he should get some credit for trying to get rid of the DROP program. If you don't think he does, so be it.

Leticia: Since you say you would have called it out if Ms. Tasco was a Republican, surely you must have some prior posts about greedy politicians who happen to be on the GOP side. :-) I say this because there have been ample instances of this within the past few years. For example, the issue of anti-spending politicians taking farm subsidies.

We'll have to agree to disagree on which party is guilty of greed more often. I'm not willing to say which side is guilty of it more because I don't know. What I do know is that it needs to stop.

Since you brought up the vacations taken by the Obamas, I thought I'd share this:

dmarks said...

"Since you brought up the vacations taken by the Obamas, I thought I'd share this:"

There's no need to go to that link. Why? It is an attempt to justify something bad by saying it happened before.

Why not just say it is bad now, and end it?

Malcolm said...

dmarks: Leticia is the one who brought the Obama vacations into the conversation so don't blame me for providing that link. I find it funny how some of you all of a sudden had a problem with presidential vacations once President Obama took office. Where was your outrage during the administration of George W. Bush?

Leticia said...

Teresa, thanks for backing me up.

Malcolm, I wholeheartedly agree that politicians make way too much money. That should go to the police, fire department, teachers, first responder. I know what article you are speaking of, but just remember, President Bush vacation on stateside and never carried an entourage everywhere he went nor did Laura Bush.

dmarks said...

Malcolm: "I find it funny how some of you all of a sudden had a problem with presidential vacations once President Obama took office."

Why find it funny? You are really missing the point of objective to bad policy, by which the ruling elites live a lavish lifestyle. This has nothing to do with Bush.

It's time to end this now.

Malcolm said...

Leticia: You, Teresa, and Dmarks have all stated that it's the Dems who are more guilty of gaming the system. Yet, you've provided no evidence to back up your claim. The point is, I don't see how anyone could prove either way which side does it more. To do so would take countless hours of research which would likely be futile because there's probably political crooks on local levels who never get uncovered.

Although Bush vacationed in TX, the numerous amount of trips he took there added up. It's already been established that Bush spent more time on vacation than any other president.

Also, Bush’s numbers only include the cost of flying the president to Crawford. The cost of transporting and accommodating staff, media, friends and family is not included in Bush’s vacation numbers. It stands to reason that he and Laura Bush traveled with some type of entourage. Considering he was POTUS and she was the First Lady, I'd expect nothing less.

The bottom line is that all the sniping about the Obama vacations is yet another example of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Dmarks: I'm not missing anything. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Unless one can prove that it's more prevalent on one side of the political spectrum, it's pointless to make it a Dem vs. GOP issue.

Leticia said...

Malcolm, no actually, it is those that support Obama that seem to have a problem with finding fault in the man.

Republicans are quite aware of the faults of our former president and would never say he was perfect.

Supporters of Obama cannot seem to deal with the harsh reality of his failures. And yet, those who have a clearer picture of the man, get insulted.

Tasco is stealing from the people, and yet she gets people defending her.

Malcolm said...

Leticia: What you said about Obama and Bush is only partially true. However, I don't want to derail the topic of your post by getting into a drawn out back and forth about Obama and Bush. I do have a proposition for you though. Would you be interested in writing a guest post for my blog in which you expand on the differences you see regarding supporters of Obama and Bush?

Malcolm said...

As for Ms. Tasco, I'm not going to defend her. Anyone who does is engaging in partisan politics. As I alluded to earlier, this is something that happens on both sides of the political aisle.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Pure unadulterated corruption and unmitigated greed.

Leticia said...

Malcolm, I thank you for the offer, but I must respectfully decline. I barely have enough time with my own blog. I am sure you will find someone to help you. Glad you don't support Tasco.

Abouna, it's criminal and she is getting away with it.

Malcolm said...

Leticia: Fair enough. I'll go ahead and address one of your previous comments here then. :-)

As I said earlier, your comments about Obama and Bush supporters were only partially true. Although there are some Obama supporters who will never criticize him, that isn't true of all of us (me included).

When it comes to those who I think suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome, I see a lack of objectivity and consistency. There have been so many instances that one could devote an entire blog to the subject of ODS!

As for Bush supporters, there are some who are never critical of him. I see this in both right-wing media and the blogosphere. On the other hand, I do give credit to Republicans such as Joe Scarborough for having the guts to call out Bush for his shortcomings. Sadly, when Joe does this, there are right-wingers who deem him a "RINO".

Leticia said...

Malcolm, my apologies for not responding to your comment. For some reason Blogspot puts many comments on spam and I keep forgetting to check it.

I have no qualms about criticizing any Republican, including President Bush. No one is perfect and all have their faults.

And let me tell you, he ticked me off a few times.

We cannot be blind to our party nor its representatives, otherwise, what would this world come to? We need people who are not afraid to stand up against the grind.

Malcolm said...

No problem Leticia. In case you didn't see it, I responded to the comments you left in my post asking if people would vote for an atheist. When you have time, I'd love to see your reply. Here is the link: