Saturday, December 17, 2011


Human rights groups in Bangladesh have mobilized in requesting severe punishment for 30-year-old Rafiqul Islam, who has admitted to using a machete to cut off his 21-year-old wife Hawa Akther Jui’s fingers on her right hand as punishment for pursuing higher education without his permission.BBC News reports the sickening news:

“The incident is one of a number of acts of domestic violence targeting educated women in recent months.

Police say that Mr Islam, who works in the United Arab Emirates, tied up his 21-year-old wife, Hawa Akther Jui, earlier this month. He then taped her mouth and cut off the five fingers.

Doctors say the fingers cannot be re-attached and it appears that Ms Akther will have to live with permanent disfigurement.”

Jui told the BBC that her husband had taped her mouth shut and blindfolded her, “saying that he would give me some surprise gifts.”

The Daily Star of Bangladesh reports that several hundred people of Narsingdi, organized by Narsingdi Debate Forum, made a human chain across a busy road in the city Saturday to protest the horrid crime. Hundreds of people have reportedly vistied Jui’s residence every day to express empathy with her.

Mohammed Saluddin, the Bangladesh police chief said that Mr Islam had confessed after he was arrested in the capital, Dhaka, and will face charges of permanent disfiguration. Human rights groups have called for life imprisonment.

The Daily Mail reports that the attack is only the latest in a series of violent acts against educated women in the “Muslim-majority company.”

In June, an unemployed man gouged out the eyes of his wife, an assistant professor at Dhaka University, apparently because he could not stand her pursuing higher studies at a Canadian University.

So much for the peaceful religion of Islam. Another fine example of how these despicable men treat their wives and women in general. 

This poor young woman, I cannot imagine her pain and horror. How horrible to be born into such savagery where women absolutely have no rights whatsoever. 

Her only crime? Education.  Apparently this heinous crime  merited torture and getting her fingers chopped off?  

And yet, people like Obama and Clinton and liberals in general, prefer to fund and support the LGBT movement rather than using it to help these poor women who had the misfortune of being born in Muslim nations. They are the true victims.  Slavery and being subservient are their only option. If they choose otherwise, they suffer great and brutal consequences.


christian soldier said...

now-now-it's the religion of peeeeeeeace--SARC

D Charles QC said...

Leticia, though as dispicable and horrible this event is, I strontly disagree with a commnet you made here.

"So much for the peaceful religion of Islam."

Your second half of the statement is logical. "Another fine example of how these despicable men treat their wives and women in general."

To blame the religion is not only illogical but frankly questionable. I even wonder what was the goal of such a posting? Just showing an example of bad men as being reflected does not work. It is without context. How about you show an item about the 800 Catholic priests and monks in The Netherlands that since 1945 have abused possibly 10's of thousands of children (major story in Dutch press this weekend). They were clergy, if we follow your logic then they represent Christianity and my Church?

It also fails considering your talking about Bangladesh. Do you know much about that country? It is amongst the most poor and illeterate countries on the planet with a history of maddrassa-based schools being the main source of education. In otherwords, conservatives dominate the masses. Having said that, the last two Prime Ministers have been women. What does that say? That the religious aspect only goes so far and yet when it comes to politics, leadership, religion takes second fiddle. Why is that? Bangladeshi women almost to a total wear saris (line in India) and the vast bulk of women do not cover their face and often not their hair (no hijabs, they use their saris), why is that?

If it was a real hard-liner country, there would be no women politicians let alone PMs, no saris but dress like Pakistanis and hijabs.

My point is the acts man is always done in the name of what has the most impact - using/abusing God's name, patriotism and then fear.

dmarks said...

DCC has a point, Leticia. It's like looking at those Mormon rape cults and dismissing all of Christianity because of them.

Silverfiddle said...

Ah, I knew Sir Charles, Lawyer of the head choppers and wife abusers would show up, explaining how this is a Bangladeshi thing, not an Islam thing...

It's religious conservatism! Right. Why, conservatives here in the US are always cutting their wives' hand off and chaining them to stoves, and caning them for attempting to drive...

Silverfiddle said...

Dmarks: I appreciate the point about not tarring an entire group of people over the actions of a few, but here there is a distinction.

Nowhere in Christianity is there or has there ever been any strain of belief or thought that said pederasty is ok.

The pedophile crime scandal was a result of people not questioning authority and venal criminals in roman collars taking advantage of it.

D Charles QC said...


I will assume your first comment about me is a sad attempt at humour. I will have to assume so as otherwise it would be considered pathetic unless you can justify it.

Giving one criteria to one group and not to the other is as sad as avoiding context of which both are existing here.

We must ask ourselves what is really cultural and what is really theological and then add what is in reality believed, supported and actually taking place.

Broad sweeping assumptions are not only a failure in context but simply "dumbing down" the discussion. Everytime someone attempts to use the "religion of peace" criticism - it reminds me of past phrases that we all now consider unacceptable, cringe or simply stupid. I think we are all above play-ground banter, don't you?

There are plenty of examples that throw such arguments down the toilet when we talk about what is supposively done in the name of Islam or Christianity. Also, I should add, the beliefs of some like the Mormon offshoots, Westbro or Evangelicals in Nigeria and Uganda will claim another Christianity that you and I reject. They are a minority so we can ignore them yet I would argue that the Muslim world suffers horribly for a dominance of the equivelant of Westbros' and the like, plus a huge puritanical community and a mass of undeducated sheep that are gullible.

The reality is simple. Salafis and Wahhabis have a following and claim to be the "true Muslims" and yet they are at total odds with the Taliban who claim similar. Shia conservatives claim the same and yet the bulk of Muslims whom are most certainly sincere, argue otherwise. Women cannot show their faces in some of these societies yet ultra-consevative Iranians (Shia) can and can even drive cars, what is that? I have seen women in Morocco covered in a burqa driving a car or riding a motoscooter, yet she would be arrested in Saudi, why is that?

Get the point, if the general argument and sweeping comments were correct, this would not happen.

Because it is politics, culture and people always claim it to be more.

Silverfiddle said...

Prince Charles: Give me one example anywhere in history of a Catholic priest preaching that pederasty is permissible.

Now, how many imams have preached on ways to discipline one's wife?

Pederasty is a gross break from Christian teaching, the dysfunction we see coming out of Islamic societies may not be mainstream islam, but the roots of such freakshows can indeed be found in the religion.

Put that in your hookah and smoke it.

D Charles QC said...

Silver, I have tried "sheesha" and never really liked it. I am a cigar smoker.

Certainly pederasty is not in the Catholic faith but other Christian groups, notably puritanicals, Mormons and some Evangelical groups use the Old Testiment as justification for such. The sexual abuse by the Catholic and other Churches on the vulnerable children of their followers is a very serious issue, it most certainly has to do with opportunity, proximity and false-trust.

Getting back to the "theological exuse", do remember that there are so-called commandments to beat and even kill women in Judaism and I ask you two simple questions. Do you condemn that as well and is not our faith Judaic in origin? Muslims will claim the same and the debate on what was actually Islamic and theologic and what in reality is simply Arab tribal rituals actually is certainly discussed.

Do you know the differences between facts, assumptions and context?

dmarks said...

Silver asked: "Prince Charles: Give me one example anywhere in history of a Catholic priest preaching that pederasty is permissible."

It isn't preaching, but the other priests and higher-ups who have for decades supported and relocated rapist priests instead of turning them over to police is a major problem. And that is support, and this support has been found very high in the Catholic heirarchy.

Anonymous said...

It's also pretty lame to blame Obama and the 'liberals' for supporting the human rights of another group and point fingers at them over this. But, that's how the wingnut mind works.

Silverfiddle said...

Sir Charles: Certainly pederasty is not in the Catholic faith but other Christian groups, notably puritanicals, Mormons and some Evangelical groups use the Old Testiment as justification for such.

What the hell are you talking about? Where does this go on? Pederasty? Are you serious?

And your question about stoning is either purposefully ignorant or an obfuscation. Stoning? Jesus said don't do it.

Yes, both Judaism and Islam have similar roots, but Jews and Christians have grown out of our primitive ways. There's the distinction.

Dmarks: My point is that the dysfunction we see in the Muslim world flows out of the religion, and there is a lot of dysfunction spilling out.

The misbehaviors we see from Christian leaders is a refusal to follow the teachings of Christ, not taking them to some wild extreme or freakish variant.

D Charles QC said...


Whatever pederastry you may "imagine" is sanctioned in Islamic doctrine is exactly the same in the Old Testiment - in otherwords, almost zero and questionable. That was my point.

I did not use the word "stoning" and you will find also that in Judaic texts the instruction to "kill her" and "kill them" (wives). Again, my point is that the text is there and therefore so-called puritanicals, hard-liners, ultra-conservatives or whatever you wish to call them will use them as an excuse. I did say that I believe that the dominance of such groups, unlike with us in the West, is dominating.

It is intersting how you immediately come to the conclussion that those Christians who abuse are simply "not good Christians" but I see no evidence that you would not give that same value to Muslims - it would be logical (and I know that I am following the prominent position by my and other established Churches) that the acts of such Muslims is not following the principles of Islam. In otherwords, does not flow out of the religion but, as in most cases in all faiths, out of man using and abusing the name of religion.

Jersey McJones said...

Without reading too much into Islam, this is what happens in misogynistic societies. This is a perfect example of why we should always support the advancement of the rights of women everywhere on the planet - because we have to understand they are coming from well behind. I hope you would extend your good wishes for women to here in the US.


Leticia said...

DC, why did I post this? Because someone has to be a voice for these women. It's not about Bangladesh, it's about Islam and how the men of this so-called religion torture their women.

You can defend the religion of Islam all you please, but let me remind you, their women are not treated like human beings. This woman's only crime was that she wanted to educate herself. You can defend that bastard and his ilk with his sadistic religion all you like. But the truth and evidence stands for itself. This is not an isolated incident it is a daily occurrence Women are brutally tortured, raped, stoned, burned, etc, because men feel they are worthless and can do what they wish with them. They are seen as property and nothing more.

Dmarks, I know the point he is making but my post had one purpose, to expose the sadistic and cruelty women have to endure all in the name of Islam and Allah.

No other religion can boast the atrocities that these innocent and defenseless women have to endure. Even cults like Mormonism, women do have a choice, they just aren't made aware of it. But I won't get into a debate about Mormons, although, that would be an interesting topic to explore further.

As for the 800 Catholic priests abusing children, these men will be held accountable and incarcerated. Muslim men, suffer zero consequences, or if they do, it is a slap on the wrist. Nothing more.
They can rape an innocent woman, and she is the one who gets stoned.

Silver, how correct you are. And from what I can tell, many people are beginning to turn in any person, priest or otherwise for criminal behavior.

Anon, your comment is unmerited. There is a difference with women being brutalized by their husbands, or men in general who are Muslim. I don't see that happening with LGBT people. They don't have to expose their behavior to the world, they choose to do it. These women don't have a choice in any manner or form.

Jersey, I agree completely. There are still women in the free nations that are brutalized by their husbands. No person should have to live in that kind of hell.

Anonymous said...

Only a pin head would compare deviant priests to the muslim right to ownership of women. The same kind of pin head it takes to say muslim and christians worship the same god. Some may think it is noble to defend organized misogamy by likening it to some other random evil but it fails as any kind of argument to even a fool.

spreadeaglepatriot said...

Thanks for the post.

Christians, quite some time ago, prevented the "little people" from learning the 3R's and have since been proven wrong for doing so.

Muslims learned quite some time ago not to let women have power like the Egyptian women had before they fell for what the "prophet" was spewing. Egypt even had a female Pharoah. Can't let that happen again now can we. They tried to wipe all references of her from the whole of Egypt.

The revered Islamic scholar, al-Ghazali, who has been called 'the greatest Muslim after Muhammad,' writes that the role of a Muslim woman is to "stay at home and get on with her sewing. She should not go out often, she must not be well-informed, nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary; she should take care of her husband... and seek to satisfy him in everything... Her sole worry should be her virtue... She should be clean and ready to satisfy her husband's sexual needs at any moment." [as quoted from Ibn Warraq]

The poor soul in this post is "lucky" I guess that she kept her life.

Makes me sick! You?

Spread the Word

Jersey McJones said...

"spreadeaglepatriot, " (what a weird moniker!)

All three major monotheistic faiths teach pretty much the same misogynistic nonsense. It is the societies around them that have changed. With modernity and progress, the Muslim people will move past this eventually. In the meantime, we should call them out for their misbehavior, but without attacking their faith, as that just forces them inwards and backwards. It's counterproductive and ignorant of human history and nature.


Silverfiddle said...


I am not accusing muslims of pederasty (although that is a rich subject to mine). Someone brought up priests abusing children as a comparison to this man cutting off his wife's hand (one islamic misogynist horror among many).

My point is that nowhere in the faith is child abuse even slightly encouraged, whereas in islam, disciplining ones wife seems to be a recurring them.

I will repeat my point that you ignore: All religions have some barbaric practices in their past, when views by 21st century lights. Christianity and Judaism have gotten past them; Islam has not.

The very fact that such barbaric islamic acts elicit such shock and outrage in the west is a testament to the lack of them here.

WomanHonorThyself said...

could these pple be any more vile!!! Happy Monday my friend~!:)

Leticia said...

Anon, my sentiments exactly.

Lisa, I hope I got that right? Anyhoo, Yes, it absolutely makes positively sick to my stomach. Muslim women are slaves, period. No freedom. They are at the mercy of their husbands, sons, fathers, cousins, uncles, you name it. Despicable.

Jersey, I disagree. This has been going on for centuries and I don't believe that will ever change. From what I have observed these people will not stray from their faith or the teachings of the Qu'ran.

Silver, precisely correct. They have never shown any kind of indication that they will ever refrain from torturing their women. It is accepted. And God help any Muslim woman who dares to stand up for herself.

Angel, no my friend. Had a great Monday.

Debbie said...

I posted on this too. So did Daniel Greenfield, you might enjoy his take:

Right Truth

Leticia said...

Debbie, he did a fantastic job!! Really put things into perspective. And I love that it is a man's point-of-view.

Jersey McJones said...

Leticia, everything changes. It is the nature of reality. It is evolution - change over time. It may not always go well, but change still happens.

If we approach people diplomatically, perhaps we can win them over - given enough time. If we attack them and isolate them, just because we feel they are behaving the same, then we only debase ourselves and force them into retraction.


Lisa said...

Leticia as usual I understand the reason you posted this. You explained it very clearly,the this is barbaric and quite disturbing behavior of a culture who is not only backward but also Islamic,it's in the Koran.
It is their belief system that women can be treated in such a manner.
As a woman it really bothers me that these women endure this type of treatment and especially since they didn't even get to choose their husbands.
They need a voice,a big voice to stand up for them. Like you said this has been going on for centuries and I think it's due time that the UN and our government make this a priority as opposed to LGBT rights.
These woman are treated this way for merely being women.
Did you know that most of the priests accused of pedophilia in the Churches in this country turned out to be gay?
Just thought I'd throw out that left out little tid bit.
It is kind of amazing that one would choose not to be with women yet surround themselves by little boys.
I wouldn't be surprised of those in the Netherlands or should I say Liberaland turn out to be gay as well.

liberaldude said...

Leticia said: "As for the 800 Catholic priests abusing children, these men will be held accountable and incarcerated. "

Really? When?

Leticia said...

Jersey, point well-taken.

Lisa, absolutely. These women do not have a choice. I absolutely believe this is when people need to get involved. My heart just breaks for these women. And there isn't much that we can do, except try to make people aware that these atrocities are still happening and someone must intervene.

liberal, I honestly don't know. But if there is an ongoing investigation, I would hope justice will prevail and those youths will be able to have some closure.

highboy said...

And once again Charles tries in vain to compare practices of an entire region of the world where Islam was founded with deviant practices by small sects of Christianity found sporadically throughout history. Color me shocked.

Leticia said...

Highboy, I am not sure why he does that.

Teresa said...

The Catholic Church does not promote pedophilia. Islam does teach men to treat their women as if they were property. Actually, since 98 percent of Catholic priest pedophiles were/are liberals I think liberalism should be indicted, not the Catholic Church. Liberals are the ones who try to undermine Catholic dogma all the time. This is evidenced by the locations in the U.S. which had cases of pedophilia, like Boston.

Leticia said...

Teresa, funny how quickly DC changed the subject from brutalized women to accusing priests of pedophilia.

This was about the women being tortured and abused, not about priests.

Teresa said...

I feel so sorry for this woman. Islam, whether perverted by terrorists or not, is not a religion of peace. It has morphed into a violent way of life, in both their culture and religion. She will be in my prayers.

Always On Watch said...

Her husband's name is Mr. Islam? Good grief!

From the article:

The incident is one of a number of acts of domestic violence targeting educated women in recent months.

Why the ramping up?

Leticia said...

Teresa, absolutely. Regardless of how liberals tend to defend this religion, the acts of these people speak volumes.

AOW, apparently the men feel threatened by intelligent and capable women, so in order to keep these women inline, they torture and mutilate them.

dmarks said...

Teresa said: "The Catholic Church does not promote pedophilia."

It did so for decades by, instead of turning priests who rape children over to police, instead relocating them so they could get a fresh batch of victims. Many in the Catholic heirarchy who enabled this abuse are still there.

Leticia said...

dmarks, I believe you may be mistaken. Some of those priests were imprisoned and were murdered by their cell mates.

D Charles QC said...


please excuse this late reply, I have been unwell since Christmas and only made it home for New Years.

I will have to disagree with your comments regarding the item being about Islam - it is not, nor is it about Bangladesh as a whole. Though I understand the point you are making, it is in fact incorrect.

The horrible brutality that occured, though the man in question may himself scream it is about religion, is about culture, the sad history of man's dominance over women, sexism in general and most of all - power.

I believe it is rather superficial and a bit shallow to place the blaim on the faith and I stand by the view that it is what man does in the name of faith that is evil - as it often happens in many faiths.

Most certainly our own modernisation, social growth and standards of living, transparency and ability to question has limited the potential of abuse here, that is in fact a luxury most of the world does not have. What is said to be "Christian" results in the imprisonment and even threat of death to gays in West Africa. That is a simple example.

Islam's own scriptures has nothing demeaning or putting into second-class women, what you see is sexist Arab, Turkish or South Asian cultural practices.

Bangladesh follows South-Asian Culture and you will find the same level of abuse by Hindu Banglashis or Hindu Bengalis (India's West Bengal) AND India is full of stories of "child-brides", women throwing themselves on the funeral fire of their deceased husbands (they are in fact drugged or thrown) and so on. Nepal is notorious for having the highest rate of "wife-beating". How about rape? South Africa and Papua New Guinea are the world's leaders on that.

Getting back to Islam - their scriptures have as much texts about the status of women than Christian or Jewish texts and it is in some of their Sunnah that there are questionable references. All the rest is simply their various cultural or historic practices which frankly speaking the world has suffered for years.

Like the rediculous claims of some clash of civilisations and some push for a caliphate or the illogical statement that all terrorists are Muslim - we must weed out the rumours, cultural assumptions and give creadence to "all the realities on the ground" and then make statements. When you can do that, the picture is different and much more closer to reality.

Cheers and all the best for this new year.

ps. I through in the example of Priests simply because if you start targetting the faith as the cause, then in the same light you must use that example. Both are creations of the cultures surrounding the faiths, the leadership and politics, the social environment - but when scrutinised - most definitely not the faiths.

Anonymous said...

Bangladesh has not been well-served by Islam. In the early 1970s, when Bangladesh finally revolted against Pakistan for treating it like a despised colony for 23 years, the Pakistani troops who were stationed in Bangladesh (then called East Pakistan) raped everything that moved. Bangladeshi women are treated badly by the men of Bangladesh all the way around, which is why the birth rate and the poverty rate of Bangladesh are so astoundingly high. Bangladesh is the most overpopulated large country on the face of the earth. During the frequent monsoons and cyclones, people in Bangladesh die like ants - and no preparation is made for the next storm, for example, to build on higher ground instead of continuing to build on flood plains. The excessive population pressures force Bangladeshis across the border into Myanmar Burma, because India will not tolerate any Bangladeshi immigration at all. In Myanmar Burma, the Bangladeshis call themselves Rohingya, and they abuse the hospitality of their Burmese hosts until the people of Myanmar Burma have no choice but to fight back or face annihilation at the hands of the invaders. Then Islamist posts appear on the Internet whining about the brutal treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar Burma, without giving the historical background details of the situation truthfully. Bangladeshis in the United States tend to do rather well, because they leave their Islamic baggage at the doorstep when they come here; and they are somewhat friendly to people who they meet in the United States. Still, the men treat the women and girls quite violently. The only solution for these problems - overpopulation, violence (look at the history of Bangladesh; the violence is ridiculous) and oppressive and violent treatment of women and girls - is for Bangladesh to rid itself of Islam, and to adopt a more modern faith. Bangladesh is in a geographic position to enable itself to do so, because none of the nations around it are Islamic. Bangladesh has nothing to gain by continuing on its road to disaster. These are intelligent people, and not naturally violent. The history of Bangladeshi culture is one of refinement and elegance. It is Islam that imparts all of the crudity, low standards and violence to Bangladeshi culture and history. Islam works well in some countries, and is very compatible with the culture and history of those countries. Not so with Bangladesh. It is just as important to defend human rights in the USA as it is in Bangladesh.