Thursday, June 2, 2011

Obama declares June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month"

President Obama has declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month" -- and to the dismay of a pro-family group based in Richmond, Virginia, the Federal Reserve Bank is joining in the celebration.

Though The Family Foundation's new office in Richmond has a beautiful view of the state capitol and the flags, the rainbow flag fluttering from the flagpole outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is also in view. Foundation president Victoria Cobb does not expect it to fly away any time soon.

"Our expectation is it'll be flying all month," she predicts. "We think the Federal Reserve ought to be focused on the economy rather than focusing on special rights."

The Federal Reserve is a private operation and is not government run, but Cobb points out that it is simply following the nation's leadership in promoting a lifestyle that involves less than two percent of the population.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi-based American Family Association has received a complaint from a Federal Reserve employee who objects to the flag and what it represents. In reference to the "gay pride" flag flying just below the American flag, the employee wrote in an email: "For the past five or six years, the homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats. [The bank president and vice president] have initiated this agenda. This offends me as a Christian."

In an interview with the website, Sally Green -- identified as the bank's chief operating officer -- says the institution "strongly support[s] a diverse and inclusive culture" and has "learned it is important to value and embrace differences -- both seen and unseen. We are flying the 'Pride' flag as an example of our commitment to values of acceptance and inclusion."

What would happen if this flag was flown underneath the American flag?

All hell would break lose from the gay community, Muslim community, liberal community and any other group that despises Christianity.  I can almost guarantee someone would tear it down, throw mud on it, set it on fire, something to destroy it.

Obama is a disgraceful president and a mockery to the honorable position as president.


Mustang said...

Barack Obama is FILTH.

Bd said...

So, you'd all rather exclude a portion of our society based on your narrow viewpoints, eh? That's what I call 'filth.'

Bd said...

And by the way. He did this in 2009. Still catching up on your feigned outrage, huh? Lol!

dmarks said...

BD: this is actually news from 2 days ago. So it is a current event.

"feigned outrage"

Are you calling Leticia a liar then? Saying she is not outraged?

"So, you'd all rather exclude a portion of our society based on your narrow viewpoints, eh?"

That is exactly Leticia's main point; against the intolerant religious bigots who would censor the pictured Christian flag.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Leticia, I shall not tell a lie. I did pull down my neighbors rainbow flag. A lesbian couple moved right next door to me and sadly, they have been nothing but trouble for all of their neighbors from the day they moved in. The butch drinks like a fish and they fight like cats and dogs, screaming at the top of their lungs. They slam their door with a lot of force every time they go in or out, then to rub it in every one's face, they put up the rainbow pride flag. Finally several of us neighbors had enough and co-wrote a letter of complaint to the apartment complex management, and that same day, the butch came home drunk as a skunk and parked her car in such a way that she blocked the sidewalk. That is when I went out and pulled their damn flag down and threw it in a mud puddle. It was wrong to do, but Gosh, it made me feel good.

Karen Howes said...

Not surprised, Leticia.

Personally, I'd do away with ALL "month" celebrations. They're just stupid.

Always On Watch said...


Sometimes I wonder if BHO himself is a bisexual. People with gaydar say so, you know.

cube said...

Q: Since the Federal Reserve Bank is so intent on celebrating diversity, maybe they would consider flying the Gadsden flag as well.

A: Not bloodly likely!

Leticia said...

Mustang, to put it mildly.

Bd, yep. AND I am very aware of when the moron declared this, I certainly don't require anyone of your caliber to remind me. Look at the picture and see what this post is about before you begin your ridiculous insults, okay? It's about the flag...*good grief*

dmarks, thanks! Precisely correct.

Abouna, my friend, I applaud you on you courage. I honestly would love to tear down Mexicans flag being flown around town. This is America after all.

Karen, it's disgusting. I truly would love to see only our American flag being flown alone or accompanied by the flag of the state.

AOW, I wouldn't doubt it.

Cube, no they probably wouldn't.

Silverfiddle said...

Every month under Obama is Taxed, regulated, raped and plundered month...

Leticia said...

Silver, that is the truth...sad, isn't it?

Bd said...

Good job Rev. You prove again the Catholic church to be irrelevant in a progressive society.

dmarks said...

"You prove again the Catholic church to be irrelevant in a [leftist] society."

Thankfully, the US is not a leftist society, and is thus more tolerant of different faiths.

Bd said...

Oh yeah! The 'tolerance' is just rampant in this thread, lol!

Leticia said...

dmarks, and the majority of us a very thankful for that.

Bd, I was not in the best of moody yesterday, but I can be quite intolerant as anyone else, especially when the LGBT movement is forced upon me. I am a believe in Jesus Christ but would NEVER force that on anyone. People must come to Christ on their own without malicious persuasion or coercion, okay.

I do not appreciate that flag to be flown to honor a most vile, sexual lifestyle. Quite frankly, it was God almighty that created the rainbow and I despise the fact that it is being used in this manner.

Bd said...

The LGBT movement is not 'forced' upon anyone.

Leticia said...

bd, explain?

Lone Ranger said...

Sooo, when can we look forward to bulimic, anorexic, suicidal depression month? I mean why discriminate when it comes to pride in self-destructive mental illnesses?

Patrick Carroll said...

...Just another fantastic innovation courtesy of President OH-BLAH-BLAH!

Leticia said...

Lone Ranger, indeed. Great point.

Patrick, don't you mean president Oblunder? I don't think he's gotten anything right.

Bd said...

Far more right than Georgy Boy, lol! Far more that will help the likes of the average Americans here who vote against their own best interests and the welfare of their families as they buy the lies of the corporate right who are out to screw them.

MK said...

So this is what obongo meant by 'leading from the rear'. lol

"What would happen if this flag was flown underneath the American flag?"

You said summed it up pretty accurately.

I'd like to see one of these homo organizations fly a Christian flag for a month on top of their buildings. After all they might not agree with the Christian view on guys rear-ending each other, but shouldn't they display tolerance too seeing as how we are flying their flag even though we don't appreciate their various back door adventures.

dmarks said...

I see BD buys into the myths of the "corporate right". Truth be told, George W. Bush could be counted to act in the public interest most of the time. and Barack Obama acts in the public interest a small amount of the time.

As for the link you gave, the first item shows "Signed financial reform law establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look out for the interests of everyday Americans"

Actually, instead of helping anyone, Obama's efforts on credit cards have forced companies to raise rates and do other negative things.

The next one, "The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009: a $789 billion economic stimulus plan" is so embarassing that they should not have even had it on the site. The stimulus actually made the problems worse, and consisted largely of pork and payouts to the President's political buddies.

In my town, I saw how this "stimulus" intended to improve the job situation actually forced a small business to close (a pizza joint that had its driveway blocked for weeks on end by a poorly-done road project that had a huge Obama stimulus sign for it).

Remember when Obama heralded these projects as being "shovel ready", but later admitted he was lying about it in order to get the bill passed.

Well, the stimulus sure buried that pizza joint owner's dreams.

Bd said...

Geez, dmarks, one lie after another in your post. I think you better check into Obama's legislation of credit card companies to start.

The right believes if you repeat a lie often enough, their uninformed minions will believe it and it becomes the truth. That's the Fox News formula.

Leticia said...

MK, lol! Colorful, yet very tactful. I agree.

dmarks, no matter what you tell bd, he seems to find something to disagree on. But I suppose we must continue to do our best and educate him. Never give up, never surrender.

dmarks said...

BD: Name one lie.

The list also has other outright bad things. Such as Obama wasting more corporate welfare on the abortion industry, when more than half of the country opposes abortion.

"That's the Fox News formula."

What did Fox News have to do with this?

Bd said...

See? You don't know what you're talking about. You get your talking points from Hannity and your 'facts' from thin air.

dmarks said...

BD: The introduction of 'Talking points' came from you, not me. I'm just referring to facts.

Not talking points or Hannity.

As for my facts being from thin air, challenge one of them with an effective counter argument.

As for what Obama has done for us, let's look at some other facts:

1) The price of gasoline, higher than under Bush. Thanks for Obama's efforts to shut down domestic oil and encourage foreign imports.

2) He's killing the space program. Listen to an astronaut. I have.

3) His plan to destroy health care will in 2015, force 1/3 of companies to drop coverage for their employees.

Address this. And sorry. name-dropping of Hannity, or introducing Fox news which has nothing to do with anything does not count as a refutation.

Leticia said...

dmarks, it's a wonder that liberals still believe Pres. Bush was the worst when all you have to do is look at statistics of Obama. He is hell-bent on dismantling this nation.