Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Pakistan Playing Both Sides of the Fence?

In lieu of Sunday's fantastic news that Bin Laden the Butcher is dead, I had a question that kept drumming through my head.  "How was this man able to hide in "plain sight?" in a million dollar home?  In Pakistan?

They must have had some indication?  Someone as recognizable as that man could not have just walked into the country,  set up house, armed it and had it guarded without some warning bells going off, am I right?

The United States has regarded Pakistan as a one of our top allies in the fight against the Taliban, al Queda or any terrorist threat. But I am a bit suspicious that they may be playing both sides.  Which is probably why the US government did not inform the Pakistan government of this raid.

And, furthermore,  the United States has also been quite generous with our anti-terrorist pals with $18 billion foreign assistance and reimbursements, which 2/3rds of which are security related.

So, what's your opinion on this?  I am very curious to hear your answers.


Teresa said...

I think that Pakistan is playing both sides of the fence. I think they are partially to blame for us not catching Osama Bin laden sooner. I think the Pakistan government tipped him off and that is how he survived for so long. I think stopping our foreign aid to Pakistan would be a great idea.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, Pakistan is all about collecting that foreign aid.

Pakistan has never been our staunch ally. Period.

I suspect that OBL was getting dialysis inside that walled compound.

Leticia said...

Teresa, I believe Bin Laden would have been informed had the US informed the Pakistan government of the raid. Agreed.

AOW, not sure what our government is going to do about aiding Pakistan since they seem to have apologized and were "embarrassed" that Bin Laden was sleeping under their roof.

TonyFernandez said...

Pakistan has two governments, the military and the de jure government. Pakistan is both for us AND against us.

Debbie said...

It's all about the money!!!!

Right Truth

Karen Howes said...

Pakistan has never been our friend, that's for sure. Personally, if they were harboring bin Laden, and we knew it, we should have threatened to turn that godforsaken place into a parking lot unless they turned him over to us immediately.

Silverfiddle said...

Of course they are, Leticia.

I was in Afghanistan ready to go into Kashmir after the devastating earthquake of 2005. We had food, tents, medics, a legion of troops and tons of aid...

And the government told us no. They did not want the infidels getting a propaganda boost by helping their people.

Imagine that. These hateful bastards would rather see these suffering people starve and bleed to death than to have them helped by troops with an American flag on their shoulders.

Patrick Carroll said...

Pakistan are nuclear and dangerous. They should not and must not be trusted.

Mustang said...

Pakistan is working both sides of the fence. Please bear with me, as this has become a major issue with me. We Americans are suffering from public school syndrome. We must change the way we think about “foreign allies.” They are NOT our friends. We are NOT their friend. There is only one reason to form an agreement with a foreign country, and that is because the agreement furthers our perception of our own national interest. We should NOT agree to a single issue with any nation that does not first fulfill our own goals and objectives.

That said, we should expect Pakistan to do the same. They are acting in their own self-interest. In my opinion, the Pakis are behaving like adults, while we behave as if leftists control our government.

Oh, wait … they do.

Well, then I suppose that explains why we gave several billion dollars of our own people’s tax dollars to the Pakistanis while the richest Pakistanis pay no taxes at all … and why our spineless president refuses to take a no-nonsense approach with Pakistan. IMO, it is only a matter of time before Pakistan or Iran provides a nuclear warhead to a terrorist and sends him to America via the Mexican border. When this happens, it will be because OUR GOVERNMENT allowed it to happen.

Z said...

what bugged me the most is that Musharaff apparently said he was upset with US for intruding on Pakistan's sovereignty.
I wonder if he remembers that OBL intruded on OUR sovereignty on 9/11 and we had every RIGHT to do this, especially considering they must have known he was there!

Yes, they're playing both sides....NOW some pundits are saying we'll have to keep dishing out the $3.5 billion a YEAR to the Pakis just to keep them on our side instead of China's....as if they're on OUR SIDE NOW?

I'm just seeing where you say they apologized? I didn't know that...hmmm They have a lot to do to SHOW US they mean they're sorry, don't they. Maybe we should finally get tough and say "SHOW US you're sorry! BE on OUR SIDE or the money stops yesterday"

MK said...

Pakistan has always been a land of islamist savages, the time for Uncle Sam to pull out the big stick and start sorting them out has come.

cube said...

Trust but verify is a great way to deal with the Pakistan problem. If they want our money, then they must earn it and, once their help is verified, they will get the US aid.

This should also apply to other nations and the UN.

Leticia said...

Tony, spot-on! Absolutely.

Debbie, money, power and control.

Karen, precisely. It makes a lot of sense.

Silver, I was not aware of that. And it seems they shouldn't want our money either. I don't think there is a middle-eastern country we can truly trust or rely on.

Patrick, that's true. And yet, we remain.

Mustang, you are positively right on target, as usual. I cannot argue with that logic.

Z, it is about the money and they don't want to lose it. I wonder what would happen if the money stopped coming in? And for that matter, why aren't our American citizens getting that money?

MK and cube, it needs to be done, period.

dmarks said...

There are some things to remember about Pakistan:

1) It has invaded part of India, and through regular soldiers and terrorists, seeks to force an Islamic theocracy on the Kashmir state of India.

2) The place is so savage and backwards that rape is one of the punishments that can be dealt out in the criminal justice system. No, not rape as a crime. But rape as an ordered punishment.

3) They do not recognize the rights of the Israelis to exist. True, many other nations in that area are similarly antisemitic, but that is no excuse.


It's long past time for Pakistan to get rid of the rape punishment, pull out of India and apologize, and declare itself a completely secular republic, and finally recognize the right of the people of the nation of Israel to live.

Leticia said...

dmarks, I had absolutely no idea about the rape punishment?! My mind cannot seem to compute that. That is absolutely reprehensible and sickening.

jez said...

Not sure whether they completely cleared this up, but I know that Pakistan's rape laws were substantially changed for the better back in 2006.
Not letting Pakistan off the hook in any way, but rape is one of the most open secrets about conditions in western jails. It's even welcomed by many online commentators whenever a heinous perpetrator gets locked up. When will we get serious about preventing that?

dmarks said...

Read this

jez said...

dmarks, I know that story, it's from before the 2006 legislation I mentioned.

Leticia said...

Jez and dmarks, I am still in shock that it was used as a punishment. That is beyond sick.

Thank goodness it has been repealed.

dmarks said...

It was repealed with a struggle... with segments of the Pakistani legal community supporting rape as a criminal sentence.

There are lots of savage, shocking and barbaric laws and punishments in some countries. Such as the Palestinian government executing people for having Jewish friends. But what can you expect: the Palestinian government uses ambulances as troop transports.