Monday, August 30, 2010

Mosque money needs to stop

OneNewsNow: WASHINGTON - The good will tour of the Middle East by the imam behind the proposed mosque near "Ground Zero" is just part of the U.S. government's outreach to the Muslim world.

This year, the Obama administration will spend nearly $6 million to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including mosques and minarets, in 55 nations, according to State Department documents.

That includes $76,000 for a 16th century mosque in China, $67,000 for a mosque in Pakistan, $77,000 to restore minarets in Nigeria and Mauritania, and $50,000 for an Islamic Monument in India.

But that's a fraction of the total in the 2010 Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, which also will fund projects to restore Christian and Buddhist sites as well as museums, forts and palaces.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. program to restore Islamic and other cultural sites abroad is money well spent.

Let's get this straight.  As of right now we owe China money, right?  So, are we going to borrow the money from China to restore a mosque in China?  Please tell me how that is going to work?

This nation is in a recession, in dire straits and Americans are DESPERATE for work and our idiot government is restoring Muslim mosques!  Have they completely lost their liberal, Left-wing minds?!!  Seems to me their lips are permanently attached to Muslim booties that nothing else matters.  (Sorry for being so graphic but I say it like I see it.)

This is beyond outrageous. The Muslims have plenty of money, let them restore their own friggin mosques.  I know they can afford it.  And if they can't do what every other church does, ask for donations from their congregation, do fundraisers, silent auctions, whatever.  But the American tax payers should NOT have to foot the bill.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Taking Action - Michael Berry

Really? Obama managing a 3rd world country? That's a giving him a lot of undue credit. The man couldn't run a lemonade stand.

Michael Berry speaks the truth!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington blog tour

Thank LitFuse for providing me with a copy of this book.
About Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington: The war has stolen Rosalie’s fiancĂ©, Vic, from her forever. But rather than wallow, Rosalie distracts herself by cramming her days full of activity—mainly by shooting rivets into the B-17 bombers that will destroy the enemy.

When a reporter dubs her “Seattle's Own Rosie the Riveter,” even more responsibility piles up. Her strong arms bear all this, but when intense feelings surface for Kenny, the handsome, kind-hearted, and spiritually unwavering reporter, the fear of losing another love propels Rosalie to leave.

It’s only when Rosalie realizes that God has brought her to this place—and this person—for a reason, the sparkling grace of God compels her to let go of her own strength and lean on His, as well as open her heart to love.

MY REVIEW: As most of my friends and readers are already aware of I am a huge enthusiast of anything that pertains to the WWII era.  This great book is no exception.

Who was Rosie the Riveter? It was the name given to the woman depicted on posters urging women to help step up and aid in the war effort in taking over jobs that the men at war left behind.  Anxious to help they took up industrial jobs, some became taxi cab drivers, carpenters, operated heavy construction machinery, steel mills, etc. 

Because of their great efforts and sacrifices, I firmly believe these strong women helped to win the war.  The writing is so exceptional that we are able to picture life and work at the Boeing plant.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had live entertainment to keep them motivated as they worked, that was awesome!

I love any historical romance novel especially one that is depicted during WWII. And this book is no exception.  We truly get an inside look of what life was like for all the Rosie Riveters of the time. And not only them but the men who stayed behind and worked hard behind the scenes.

We learn about food rations, cars being parked to conserve gas, lots of information that just draws you into the era and daily life.

This book is a great tribute to each and every person who contributed their time and effort to help the United States win the war.  Tricia and Ocienna did a superb job and I hope many of my readers will take the time and read this book, it will be a great addition to your libraries.

About Tricia Goyer: Tricia Goyer is the author of twenty-four books including Songbird Under a German Moon, The Swiss Courier, and the mommy memoir, Blue Like Play Dough. She won Historical Novel of the Year in 2005 and 2006 from ACFW, and was honored with the Writer of the Year award from Mt. Hermon Writer's Conference in 2003. Tricia's book Life Interrupted was a finalist for the Gold Medallion in 2005. In addition to her novels, Tricia writes non-fiction books and magazine articles for publications like MomSense and Thriving Family. Tricia is a regular speaker at conventions and conferences, and has been a workshop presenter at the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International Conventions. She and her family make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas where they are part of the ministry of FamilyLife. For more on Tricia visit

About Ocieanna Fleiss: Ocieanna Fleiss is a published writer and has edited six of Tricia Goyer’s historical novels. She lives with her husband and their four children in the Seattle area. For more about Ocieanna visit her blog.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Obama NOT a Muslim, the debate continues

What would it take for me and others to believe that Obama is NOT a Muslim, but indeed a true devout Christian.

For one thing, I would like to see him profess in front of the entire nation that there is only one way to salvation and that is ONLY through Jesus Christ.  Jesus is LORD.

He would have to address our nation and retract his support of abortion and homosexuality and follow the biblical values that were set by our forefathers.  One Nation Under God.

On a political standpoint, the United States and her people come first before anything else.  Protecting our culture and way of life.  Enforce our immigration laws and support and adhere to the constitution of America.

Stand strong against tyranny and oppression. Desist his support of the Muslim movement and terrorists or any force that attempts to destroy America.  Protecting our military personnel and our borders.  Our safety comes first.


Why I believe that Obama is NOT a Christian but a closet or part-time Muslim or maybe just a Islamic sympathizer.

  1. He believes that there are many paths that lead to heaven.
  2. He denies the authority of the Holy Bible.  Quotes the Koran.
  3. He supports and exhorts homosexuality
  4. He supports the annihilation of the pre-born aka abortion
  5. He affirms and honors Muslim prayer
  6. He is associated with black liberation theology
  7. Obama has NEVER professed or testified that Jesus Christ is Lord.
  8. In 2007 Obama recited "Allah is supreme" from an article of the NY Times
  9. Muslim roots
  10. Has mocked the Holy Bible in a speech on October 13, 2008...The full quote for context:
    “And even if we did have only Christians in our midst, if we expelled every non-Christian from the United States of America, whose Christianity would we teach in the schools? Would we go with James Dobson’s, or Al Sharpton’s? Which passages of Scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is ok and that eating shellfish is abomination? How about Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith? Or should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount – a passage that is so radical that it’s doubtful that our own Defense Department would survive its application? So before we get carried away, let’s read our bibles. Folks haven’t been reading their bibles.”
  11. He is expanding and supporting the Muslim culture, beliefs, teachings and their movement around the world.
  12. He has given his approval to Muslim mosque being built on ground zero
  13. Ignored the National day of prayer but.....
  14. In 2010 President Obama hosted an iftar — the special evening meal observed during Ramadan — on Friday night in the White House dining room.
    He participated in a similar gathering last year.
    IN his own words:
    Celebrations like iftar dinners "remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam's role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings," Obama wrote in a statement Wednesday
    "Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity and racial equality ... a reminder that Islam has always been part of America and that American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country." 

I could add more but I think you get the jist.  The debate continues...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Who are the last remaining nations giving birthright citizenship?

Who else but the United States and Canada.  Every other modern developed nation in the world has gotten rid of birthright citizenship.  I won't talk about Canada, just my native country of America.

The US really has become a laughingstock to the world and I find that so disheartening.  Our wonderful government refuses to see the damage this policy has caused our nation.  The people who have tourist Visas or those who come to work on their work Visas or yes, even student Visas have violated their promise to leave when their Visas expire.  And lest we forget the illegals who sneak across our borders.

All of them have broken our laws and instead of deporting them or arresting them, they are rewarded with citizenship.

They have all of these babies and get all the government assistance that they want.  And we, the working schmucks pay for it all.

Just yesterday, I was looking at a food application from my boys school! And I ran across this question....  
Question: May I apply if someone in my house is not a US citizen?  
Answer: Yes.  You or your children do not have to be a US citizen to qualify for free or reduced priced meals.
How do you like them apples?  My husband and I barely scrape by but by the schools or government standards we make too much money.  We have to fork out $35 every two weeks so our boys can receive a nice hot lunch.  Before you ask, we did the math, and it will cost a little bit more to pack their lunches. Trust me we calculated very carefully.  I don't think I could have the heart to send them to school with PB sandwiches every day.

So, not only do illegals get their free education, they are welcomed to eat free food at the schools. 

We need to end this policy now!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

President George W Bush Greeting Troops at DFW

This man truly cared for our troops and our country. God bless the Bush family. Where are the Dems? And the MSM????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Licensed for Trouble blog tour

First I would like to thank LitFUSE Publishing for providing me a copy of this wonderful book.

About Licensed for Trouble: PJ Sugar receives shocking news that she's inherited the Kellogg family mansion. Though she has no idea why, the timing is perfect-PJ has clearly worn out her welcome at her sister's house. Unfortunately, the mansion is in shambles, and PJ is short on cash. Rescue comes in the form of Max Smith, a mysterious handyman willing to trade his services for PJ's investigative skills. But PJ already has a full docket with cramming for her PI license and nurturing a growing romance with her boss, Jeremy Kane. Can she take on Max's case without dropping the ball?
Find out more about book one, Nothing But Trouble and book two, Double Trouble.

My review:  I LOVED this book.  I am totally hooked on the PJ Sugar series.  You are immediately drawn to PJ and all the funny shenanigans she gets herself mixed up in.  This book had me laughing out loud at times and it had its serious moments as well.  And not to spoil the book, PJ finally chooses between Boone and Jeremy, and I am not going to tell you whom she chose, you will just have to find out on your own.  I was torn for her because both men are great. 

There is a lot of action, romance, comedy and even some sad parts all wonderfully and creatively enter twined together that makes such a fantastic read. Susan has such a unique ability of writing that the reader is captivated by the first page. It just gets better and better.  And I love how you think may have figured out the mystery and then she hits you with a shocking and surprising twist at the end. You are definitely kept on your toes trying to figure out the puzzles and clues.  If you like a good mystery this is definitely a book for your collection.  I can't wait for the next one.

About Susan May Warren: Susan May Warren is the RITA award-winning author of twenty-four novels with Tyndale, Barbour and Steeple Hill. A four-time Christy award finalist, a two-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Book of the Year.

Susan's larger than life characters and layered plots have won her acclaim with readers and reviewers alike. A seasoned women’s events and retreats speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: From the Inside-Out: discover, create and publish the novel in you!. She is also the founder of, a story-crafting service that helps authors discover their voice.

Susan makes her home in northern Minnesota, where she is busy cheering on her two sons in football, and her daughter in local theater productions (and desperately missing her college-age son!) A full listing of her titles, reviews and awards can be found at:

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Slight humor, or not?

My Building Permit:

I recently applied for a building permit for my new house.
It was going to be 100 ft tall and 400 ft wide with 9 turrets at various heights and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system. It would have parking for 200 cars and I was going to paint it neon green with bright pink trim and a little silver to finish up the look.

The City laughed and told me to go to h_ _ _!  

I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a Mosque.
Work starts on Monday. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Military can take cuts, while study on monkeys on cocaine...

Our wonderful government is trying to free up cash in the face of a slow U.S. deficit, unveiled a series of cost-cutting measures on Wednesday that will shed thousands of jobs and shut down an entire military command.  Basically, our military personnel and their families are going to feel a horrid financial crunch, yeah, like they live it  up now, NOT!
This current administration has proven time and time again that they despise our military, do not care if innocent American blood is spilled.  This is very worrisome.  They are hurting the only people that are capable of defending us against terrorism against anyone who wants to harm us.  They are binding them completely.  No one is going to want to volunteer to join the military if they get peanut shells, because right now they get the whole peanut.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he hoped the shakeup would show Congress that the Pentagon would spend tax dollars wisely during tough economic times and address long-standing concerns about wasteful expenditure.
However, they feel that its is extremely important for our tax dollars to pay for the ludicrous, outrageous items below, wouldn't the list below be considered, "wasteful expenditure, Mr. Gates?"  

 $2 million to capture and study exotic ants
$71,000 to study how monkeys react under the influence of cocaine   LG: "they have humans on cocaine, study them, right?

$750,000 to develop a computerized choreography program that could lead to a YouTube-like “Dance Tube” online application
$554,000 to replace windows at a Washington visitor center with no plans to reopen the visitor center
$54 million to develop a building for the Mohegan Tribe in Connecticut that will also serve as a practice facility for the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun women’s professional basketball team
$300,000 to study whether Integral Yoga can be an effective method to reduce hot flashes in menopausal women
$60,000 to study people’s perceptions of federal stimulus spending

Monday, August 9, 2010

Germany Shuts Mosque Used By Sept. 11 Hijackers

Police in the German port city of Hamburg shut down a mosque that was used by several Sept. 11 hijackers Monday for its suspected links to terrorism.
Security services say they believe the Taiba mosque served as a recruiting arm for groups linked to armed Islamist movements.
"We have closed the mosque because it was a recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war," said Frank Reschreiter, a spokesman for the Hamburg state Interior Ministry.
At least Germany has the guts to shut down a mosque and will deal with the backlash of angry Muslims which I am sure is happening.
I am positive that would never happen here in the states.  Our government is too corrupt and liberal to do anything to impede on the rights of the Muslims.  A mosque is being built on ground zero and they won't even bat an eye, even though Americans are protesting it's construction.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spanish police close public beach for Michelle Obama's £250,000 Spanish holiday

 Michelle Obama today faced a fresh wave of attacks over her lavish break in Spain with 40 friends, which could easily cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering £50,000 a day.

The First Lady has been lambasted for her extravagance at a time when the economy is still struggling. One blogger went so far as to brand her a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

And her critics will be further annoyed when they learn that the president's wife had a Spanish beach closed off today so that she, her daughter and their entourage could go for a swim.
Spanish police cleared off a stretch of beach at the Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella after the Obamas had finished a busy day of sightseeing.

Picture above:  Police officers keep onlookers away today from the site where U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha are staying at the Beach Club of Villa Padierna Hotel in Marbella

Police used palm trees and police tape to mark off the boundaries of a 100-yard expanse for the American delegation. On either side, onlookers gawked - and police occasionally stopped and searched sun lovers if they strayed too close to the private party.

It is unclear whether the police presence was paid for by Spain - or whether a nasty invoice could be landing in the lap of the American taxpayer.

The exact cost of the trip is unclear as Mrs Obama, 46, and her friends are footing personal expenses themselves - which is just as well.

For a start, they will be paying for the 60 rooms booked at the 129-room Hotel Villa Padierna. With basic rooms starting around £380 each, the nightly bill will be no less than £22,800.
Michelle Obama
Sun, sea and search: A Spanish police officer inspects the bag of a local bather. Anyone who strayed too close to the Obama party were stopped
Meals will also be picked up by the Obamas and friends.
Spanish newspaper El Mundo detailed the Obamas' dinner on their first night in Spain. The tapas menu for the delegation included sea bass tartare, strawberry gazpacho and sardines, followed by a main course of lobster with seaweed risotto.

The meal cost about £40 a head, according to El Mundo - which means a bill topping £1,600 would have hit the table if all 40 friends dined together.

Stretched over five nights that's £8,000 for dinner alone.

Whether or not the taxpaying American will be paying for meals, they will definitely be footing the bill for the First Lady's 68-strong security detail, her personal staff - and the use of presidential jet Air Force Two.

The per diems for the secret service team runs at around £172 each, which amounts to nearly £60,000 for the length of the summer break.
Use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at £91,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground.
Mrs Obama's personal staff, of which there are an unknown amount and who might cost considerably more per day, also have to be taken into account. 

The American public will also cover the cost of the only official part of the holiday, a visit to the Spanish royal family on the island of Majorca.

This will involve transport there and back for the entourage - as well as travel, accommodation, food and expenses for all while on the island. 

Conservative estimates already put the total cost at £150,000. With Majorca to come, the bill will be more like £250,000.

Back in the U.S., anger was mounting - especially as it has emerged the First Lady will have enjoyed eight holidays by the end of the summer.

Unemployment is on the rise, people are losing their homes, vehicles and what little money they bring is supposed to sustain them.  And we see this abuse of our tax dollars at work.  Blatant disrespect.  

I don't understand how people can still be so blinded by the Obamas hypocrisy, especially the MSM?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An early funny cartoon

Please forgive me whom ever I borrowed this picture from.  I just had to share it.

The hat tip goes to you!  And thank you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blatant disrespect of our flag and National Anthem....spitting nails

I posted this on my Facebook page, no one but Steve H, paid any attention to this video.  I despise the ignorance!  We cannot get our nation back until people pull their heads out of the sand and start fighting back.  We need to stand together and take back our nation.  It is intolerable to see the American flag being desecrated, spray painted and placed on the ground.  And all the while our National Anthem is being sung in the background.  It makes me sick!

Those vile people have literally stomped on every single American soldier that died or who have served to keep this nation free.  Our flag is our signature to the world, it represents our pride as Americans, our liberty and freedom.

Our own government refuses to pass a bill that would protect our flag from this kind of blatant disrespect.  I cannot believe a proud American would ever contemplate doing what those people did.

If these people hate our flag and nation so much why don't they go back to their own country and protest their at the steps of Calderon?  If they are natural born and hate America then they should pack up and leave!  No one is forcing them to stay.

It is time to put up a wall, and place underground electrical currents that will deter them from entering America illegally.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Virginia Attorney General Rules Police Can Check Immigration Status

Way to Go Viriginia!!

 In a decision that could lay the groundwork for an Arizona-style immigration policy, Virginia's attorney general said state law enforcement officers are allowed to check the immigration status of anyone "stopped or arrested."

The decision comes after a federal judge blocked Arizona from implementing its provision that would require law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they stop and suspect of being an illegal immigrant.

State officers have the authority to arrest suspects on criminal immigration violations, they are advised against arresting over civil immigration violations. Overstaying a visa would fall under the latter category.

That's two states, let's see how many more will join this fight.