Friday, February 26, 2010

McCain rips Obama for 'unsavory dealmaking'

A tense exchange during Thursday's healthcare summit in Washington had the feel of a presidential campaign.

Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) at yesterday's healthcare summit denounced what he called the "unsavory dealmaking" involved in the process used to create the House and Senate healthcare bills that Democrats passed before Christmas. McCain chided the president for promising to bring "change in Washington," yet breaking a promise he made eight times on the campaign trail to make sure negotiations over the healthcare bill would be open to the public.

In response, President Obama accused the Arizona senator of still being in "campaign" mode and said lawmakers were on hand to "talk about health insurance," not read "talking points."

Julie Gunlock, a senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, says creation of the bill was an "unsavory process," and that McCain was right to point that out.

"You could almost see President Obama's blood pressure rising as Senator McCain was talking and reminding him of his campaign promises -- that was quite a moment," Gunlock notes. "It sort of highlights why the Democrats and why Obama went back on that campaign promise to make sure that there was transparency in the process and cameras throughout the negotiating process. Those backroom deals would never have flown if there had been cameras in the negotiating process."

Now that's what I am talking about. Obama is incapable of handling the truth and just like true liberal behavior he lashes out like a kindergartner and says something so juvenile. What a president. I am sure he was searching for his teleprompter and apparently none was available to give a more intellectual response opted for his assinine remark.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama Doesn't Even Fake Bipartisanship Well

I just had to share David Limbaugh's comments about the above title. I really don't think there is much for me to add. He nailed it completely.

How long will it take for every last American to realize President Barack Obama is not about bipartisanship, reconciliation (other than as a process to cram his health care bill through Congress) and uniting Americans? As his latest gyrations on health care demonstrate, he will not be deterred in his quest to saddle Americans with socialized medicine, even if it greatly increases the likelihood he won't be re-elected.

Here we have Obama, frenetically busy with at least three of his hands, pushing different buttons and sending mixed signals. I guess being a self-perceived messiah means you don't have to worry about being flagrantly inconsistent, even on the same day or in the context of one speech.

He's invited Republicans to a bipartisan summit on health care, intending to create the illusion that he's interested in conservative ideas on the subject.

But at the same time -- he can't even pretend long enough to let this ruse play out -- he is threatening Republicans that if they filibuster current congressional health care proposals, he will urge Congress to pass Obamacare by bastardizing the reconciliation process.

But wait, just like a Ginsu knife infomercial, there's more. Obama has also unveiled the outlines of his own new health care proposal, but it is hardly a model of bipartisanship.

As for his "bipartisan" summit, why would anyone believe he is interested in the Republicans' ideas on health care? Has he given any indication he is through this nearly yearlong process? Has he not shut Republicans out of the entire process until tendering this counterfeit overture -- after wholesale repudiation of his plan by the American people?

Thinking people know that the Republicans' proposals involve market reform and that such ideas do not register with Obama's rigid statist mindset. He's not interested in their ideas, which he views as wholly incompatible with his own -- and he's right. There's no room for getting the government out of the way when he is determined to increase the government's role dramatically. It's like pulling your punches when you're going for a knockout.

How silly do we have to be to imagine he's even thinking about compromise? It's not just that the Republicans' ideas are incompatible with his own; it's that in his megalomaniacal mind, he's the boss. Indeed, let's not forget that this is the guy who scolded opponents of his nationally bankrupting agenda with: "I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them just to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking."

Is that the attitude of a uniter? Of one who has the slightest interest in working with the other side? His sole purpose for the summit is to entrap Republicans in a political trick bag, painting them as unreasonable and obstructionist. Thankfully, they finally appear to be onto him and preparing themselves accordingly.

Obama's cavalier attitude is also on display in his threat to invoke the reconciliation process to push his plan through Congress. His stated reason is that he "expects and believes the American people deserve an up-or-down vote on health reform." What? Surely he jests.

But sadly, he does not. This is the tone-deaf guy who has refused to hear the American people's repeated rejections of Obamacare for months running. They've already given him scores of down votes, but he thinks he can go back to the well, despite his evaporating charisma, and fool them one last time.

Folks, do you think that if anywhere close to the barest majority of American people slightly supported Obama's nationalized health care scheme, he and his supermajorities in Congress wouldn't have been able to pass it already? They couldn't even pass it after bribing -- with our money -- members of their own party in Congress. The American people have spoken, sir, and it is against socialism. Please quit insulting our intelligence with your smoke and mirrors to the contrary.

But no less insulting are some of the highlights of the president's new plan -- as set out on the White House's Web site. Obama actually claims he'll cover the 31 million uninsured while "reducing the deficit by $100 billion over the next ten years -- and about $1 trillion over the second decade -- by cutting government overspending and reining in waste, fraud and abuse." Seriously, how gullible must he think we are?

Oh, yes, and he's going to impose controls on health insurance premiums, as if there exists an omniscient central government that can best determine prices -- and as if such command and control models have ever worked in the history of the world.

Now is not the time for Obama's opponents to get complacent. We face -- America's freedom faces -- a relentless adversary.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's in charge?

That question has been heavy on my mind since Friday morning. I posted a bit of this on my Facebook page and thought I would share it here as well, but in more detail.

I was on the phone with a friend who was in the car with her four-year-old daughter. They had an appointment to see a doctor that morning. Well, my friend told me that her little girl did not want to go and was obstinate. So, my friend gave in!

I responded rather harshly, "Who is the boss? You or your four-year-old?!" Her response was a bit suprised that I would have the audacity to say that to her, and then said, and her words still haunt me, "I didn't want to fight with her!" Omigosh! I swear my jaw dropped down to the floor and remained there in utter and complete shock.

Did I hear her right? She didn't want to "fight" with her daughter?! I should have been a little more subtle, but oh well, I spoke rather brusquely to her and said, "So and So, who is the boss here, you or her?" You cannot allow this little four-year-old to tell you what to do. Now tell her she is going to the doctor and that's it!" After a bit of arguing back and forth...

My friend, responded quite angrily and screamed at me, "OKAY! I'LL TAKE HER!!, I JUST DIDN'T WANT TO FIGHT WITH HER!"

Needless to say the four-year-old went to the doctor and the mother is licking her wounds. Yes, I was harsh, but by golly I could not stay quiet.

Why are parents so afraid to discipline their kids and let them know who is the boss? You cannot be a friend and a parent, that comes later on in life when they are adults. They have plenty of friends, what they need is a responsible mature adult guiding, teaching and yes, spanking them. Kids need to be spanked plain and simple.

I am done.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Consequences of proposed 'LBGT law' for military

A coalition of conservative pro-family and national defense organizations is calling on Congress to ask one question of those pushing for repeal of the ban on homosexual military service: How would doing so improve military readiness?

During his State of the Union address last month, President Obama urged Congress to rescind the 1993 law known as Section 654, Title 10, which says homosexuals are not eligible to serve in the military. "...I will work with Congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay Americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are," the president stated.

In the days following, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee: "We have received our orders from the commander-in-chief and are moving out accordingly."

Elaine Donnelly is president of the Center for Military Readiness, which has been leading the charge against repealing the law. On Thursday she was joined by a number of other conservative organizations -- including Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, The Center for Security Policy, and Alliance Defense Fund -- in voicing strong opposition to repealing the law.

"I said at the time [of] the president's speech that...the statement that he wants to repeal this law was going to backfire," she stated yesterday, "because it was going to raise awareness among many individuals and organizations who have assumed -- and rightly so -- [that] this was a settled issue."

Members of Congress, she said, need to take a good hard look at the political consequences of repealing the law.

"The people back home do not want them to impose the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender [LGBT] agenda," she asserted. "I think they're going to think twice about this.

"And if they start asking the same question we are -- 'How does this improve military readiness?' -- that question cannot be answered in the affirmative, therefore they will not vote to repeal that law."

Donnelly says CMR and the other groups will set about educating members of Congress on the consequences of the proposed new "LGBT law" for the military [PDF].

This is insane. The law should stand as it is. Why is Obama and his cronies so determined to expose every person to homosexuality and so forth? It is very wrong to force anyone (heterosexuals) to share military showers and barracks with active and open homosexuals. I think that would be uncomfortable? This would cause a chaotic and hostile environment don't you think? And what if the homesexuals, or what have you decided to hit on or make a pass at someone is not of their same orientation?

This could also deter recruits from joining. I am certain that some military men or women would not appreciate having that lifestyle up in their faces.

I wish Obama would keep his weak, bowing, inexperienced military ass away from our military personnel, and yes, I used a profane word, because this is infuriating.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Things Hidden Blog tour

Home to Heather Creek is an exciting, heartfelt fiction series from Guidposts. It follows the story of the Stevenson family as they discover the joys and challenges of becoming a family.

Charlotte Stevenson's world is turned upside down when her daughter, Denise, dies in a tragic car accident. She ran away at eighteen and Charlotte has never forgiven herself. Now, Denise's children, abandoned by their father, are coming from California to live on Heather Creek Farm in Bedford, Nebraska. If you are interested in purchasing the series call Guideposts at 1-800-431-2433.

All Things Hidden is the 18th book in this wonderful series. I have grown quite attached to the Stevenson family especially Charlotte, my favorite character. Her strength, her faith in God and the love she has for her family is inspiring. If only we could all emulate that kind of love for our families what a world we would live in.

I love a good mystery and All Things Hidden had two. The mystery behind the lost money and Sam's behavior and the new girl he befriends. This book also teaches about judging and how often we tend to listen to others and forming opinions before even knowing the situation or the persons involved.

I almost wanted to speed to the end of the book to see what on earth had happened to the money and Sam's secrets. You will just have to read the story yourself. I also loved the touch of the old letters that were discovered that started the whole ordeal. I really enjoyed this book and I must thank Litfuse for providing me with my own copy to review. It is a treasure.


Tricia's first book in the Home to Heather Creek series was Sweet September (book two) followed by Every Sunrise (book seven) last spring and Sunflower Serenade this summer. All Things Hidden is book eighteen in the continuing story of the Stephensen family!

Tricia Goyer is the author of several books, including Night Song and Dawn of a Thousand Nights, both past winners of the ACFW's Book of the Year Award for Long Historical Romance. Goyer lives with her family in Montana. To find out more visit her website:


CONTEST: Click on the blog tour link below to be entered into a contest to win the ENTIRE set of the Home to Heather Creek books (books 1-18)!


A special thank you to Tricia Goyer for writing such a wonderful book!


"A mile a minute - that is how fast your child can disappear." Haunting and truthful words posted on the website for Klaas Kids.

On Friday, February 19th, Margaret McSweeney will interview Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas who was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. As a legacy to his daughter, Marc founded KlaasKids Foundation to help stop crimes against children. Please tune in to Kitchen Chat with Margaret McSweeney Friday at 11:00 am CST!

Here is an excerpt from Marc's journal that is posted online:

"There is nothing that can prepare one for a murder trial. My family sits as the last few hours in Polly's life are dissected, analyzed, de-constructed, reconstructed, cross-referenced and compartmentalized. The constant assault on our sensibilities by horrible revelations that defy the principles of civilization seem overwhelming much of the time. It is impossible to withstand or rise above the continual dehumanizing facts that are revealed in a constant, monotonous stream of revelation. There is no room for anything but the processing of nightmarish information. The killer laughs throughout the video tape and I want to shout, yet I must sit unflinching and stone-faced for fear of causing a mistrial. Every day my family is drawn into the world of murder, mayhem, rape and deprivation and there is no way out."

Learn about effective ways to keep your children safe from harm and find out what you can do to help stop crimes against kids. Please tune in and call in with your questions for Marc this Friday 11-12 CST on Kitchen Chat.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

France has right to protect its culture


A bestselling author and terrorism expert believes the French government should have every right to require immigrants to adopt the French culture and language if they want to settle in the country.

The BBC reports that France's Prime Minister Francois Fillon announced an initiative to preserve France's national identity. Newcomers will be required to sign a declaration of values as well as fly the French flag and sing the national anthem "La Marseillaise" at schools to promote patriotism. They will also have to study French.

Fillon said the emphasis of the new initiative is to promote respect for the values of the Republic, particularly the principle of equality between men and women. The announcement came a week after France's immigration minister refused to allow a Muslim citizenship because he forced his wife to wear the full Islamic veil.

"I don't think that France should be faulted for wanting to protect French culture, anymore than the Saudis are ever faulted for wanting to protect Saudi culture," contends Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch. "People who travel to Saudi Arabia who are not Muslims are expected to conform to the practices, the customs, the morays, the culture of the Saudi Kingdom."

Considering the latter, the Jihad Watch director believes Muslims demand a double standard. "With Islam, when you travel to a Muslim country you're expected to conform your behavior to Islamic mores, and when Muslims travel to non-Muslim countries, you're expected to conform your behavior to Islamic mores," he notes. "And so it's a lose-lose situation for non-Muslims."

Spencer hopes the French will stand their ground against Islamic criticism of the new guidelines.

Glad to see that at least one country is determined to protect their culture and has no qualms about offending incoming immigrants. America could learn at least that much from the French.

I firmly believe that America should take that stance. We are losing what America was founded on because our government is too afraid to offend newcomers. My thoughts, "Too bad." They need to ADAPT to our culture and LEARN the English language. That should be a stipulation if they want residency. No exceptions. I find it ridiculous that we have to bend our way of life to appease every person and culture that comes into this nation.

Our ancestors came to America, worked hard, learned English and became productive citizens. In the past, there were no government hand-outs for alcoholics, obese citizens, drug addicts or whatever. You had to work to survive no one was going to bail you out. That attitude kept America strong and independent. So what happened?

Of course, I am excluding those who truly could not care for themselves like the mentally handicapped or disabled. Although, I know a blind woman who works, cooks and does many things that a sighted person does, including knitting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Funny video for the weekend..

Hat tip: Abouna on the video I borrowed.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you all. I hope, unlike myself, will have a wonderful time with your beloved.

Is this typical or what?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republicans beware

Obama has set a trap and I certainly hope the Republicans don't fall for it. They have been invited to the Blair House on February 25, 2010, for a televised meeting (yeah like that's going to happen) to discuss Obamacare.

Obama must really think the Republicans are ignoramouses like his cohorts. He thinks by saying all the right things and even suggesting a "bipartisan" affair that they will fall unders his spell. I doubt that very much. We all know that his agenda is to make the Republicans the bad guys because they always say "no." And hopefully will continue to say "no" with this push to pass his healthcare bill. I think I have heard the phrase the "no, party." Great! I prefer that label it means that they are standing for what the people want not what Obama wants.

Has it even occurred to Obama and his cronies that his healthcare approval rating has dropped to 36 percent? Did they learn nothing with Scott Brown's winning Ted Kennedy's seat? That should have been a huge wake-up call, but no, they don't care. They never have cared what the people want or think, that has been made crystal clear.

Obama has positively no intention of making this a truly bipartisan effort. This televised strategy is little more than a public relations stunt by a desperate Administration. However,
I firmly believe that the Republicans have the good sense to see that this is a trap.

Rep. John Boehner sent the White House a letter saying Republicans are reluctant to participate if ObamaCare is the starting point. Rep. Tom Price said, "The only constructive discussions will start with a blank sheet of paper."

In fact, if the President were sincere in helping the American people, he would scrap his socialist healthcare plan and push aside all political partisanship and of course, special interests and devise something that we could all support and trust. However I wouldn't hold my breath. I have yet to see one truthful thing come out of the White House or from the entire Obama administration.

The Republicans need to stay strong and not be coerced into anything that will undermine their authority and make them the scapegoats. I sincerely hope they will stay aggressive and not give in no matter what the outcome. This nation needs them to stand up against this socialist administration.

From the words of a very good friend, "nuff, said."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Most Influential Conservative Book: The Boy Scout Handbook

Joe Carter writes:

Today marks the centennial anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, an offshoot of a movement which began in Britain under the leadership of General Robert Baden-Powell and was brought to America by publisher William Boyce.

It’s fitting that a publisher established the institution since it produced what is arguably the most influential conservative book ever published in America.

Of course, the Boy Scout Handbook is rarely regarded as being a conservative book. That probably accounts for why the Handbook has managed to continuously stay in print since 1910. If it were widely known how masterly the the book inculcates conservative values, it would, like Socrates, be charged with corrupting the nation’s youth.

Cultural critic Paul Fussell once wrote that the Boy Scout Handbook is “among the very few remaining popular repositories of something like classical ethics, deriving from Aristotle and Cicero.” Indeed, it is literally a vade mecum on virtue ethics. Consider, for example, the Scout oath:

On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

And then there is the Scout Motto (“Be Prepared”) and the 12 point Scout Law which includes the politically incorrect admonition to be reverent: “A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.”

Such an earnest and irony-free worldview is naturally antithetical to the South Park-style mock-the-world moronity that pervades the culture. In a society that combines libertarian Me-ism with a liberal nanny state that suckles “men without chests,” it is not surprising that the ranks of Boy Scouts are dwindling (Scouting is down 11 percent over the last decade). But we should be cheerful that an institution where self-sacrifice and manly virtues are encouraged manages to survive at all.

Fortunately, Scouts and their handbook remain what good conservative institutions should be: deeply, irredeemably, and unapologetically anachronistic.

This explains why the Left are so determined to undermine and destroy the Boy Scouts. They cannot stand the fact there is an organization that refuses to bow down to their ridiculous demands and most infuriating is that they truly honor and revere God.

The liberal agenda is clear, destroy and vitiate the innocence of our youth, specifically our boys. They have been unsuccessful to infiltrate this youth organization and they will not stop so our purpose is very clear, pray and protect our Boy Scouts and any organization that is in conflict with the liberal agenda.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints Win 1st NFL Title in Super Bowl XLIV

MIAMI -- The New Orleans Saints played a near-perfect game to defeat the favored Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV played in Miami's Sun Garden Sunday night.

They erased a 10-point deficit and surged past the Colts 31-17 to spark an early start to Mardi Gras in the town known as "The Big Easy."

The Saints captured their first Super Bowl championship in the franchise's history. It was the accuracy of Saints quarterback Drew Brees versus the surgery of Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

But in the end, Peyton's surgery was unsuccessful.

The game started off with the Colts highly favored to win due to "the physician" Peyton Manning and his ability to pick apart a defense. And right out the gate on their first possession, the Colts struck first in the first quarter with a 38-yard field goal by Matt Stover. Then later Joseph Addai rushed for 19 yards, setting the Colts up for a touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon, putting Colts on top 10-0.

Then in the 2nd quarter after a 15-yard penalty against the Colts, Garrett Hartley put the Saints on the score board with a 46-yard field goal. Then again with 5 seconds left in the half, shrinking the Colts lead to 4.

Back from the half in the 3rd quarter, Saints head coach Sean Peyton made a bold move, calling for an onside kick and the Saints recovered the ball.

Six plays later, Brees to threw to Thomas for 16 yards for a touchdown and the Saints first lead of the game.

But of course the Colts were going to come back strong. After a 76-yard drive down the field, Joseph Addai rushed for 4 yards for a touchdown, which put the Colts back on top by 4.

With two minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Brees and his Saints tried to answer back, but settled for a field goal and they are down by one, and it is on to the 4th quarter.

Brees has the ball, and marched the Saints down the field 59 yards. Brees then threw a short pass to Jeremy Shocky, giving them a touchdown.

Instead of going for the extra point, they try a two-point conversion and it was good. Saints led with 24 and the Colts trailed with 17.

With 5:35 left in the game, Manning drove the Colts 44-yards down the field. Then his short pass to Reggie Wayne is intercepted by Saints corner back Tracy Porter who runs it 74 yards for a touchdown.

Manning has 3 minutes to make something happen, but the drive is a no-go and the Saints were Super Bowl champs.

I didn't catch the entire game but from I did catch it was awesome! I am so happy for the Saints! A job well done!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Double Trouble blog tour

HERE IT IS..Susan May Warren's newest book in the P.J. Sugar series. Thank you LitFuse for providing me with this copy to review.

I am really enjoying this mystery series. This book had me guessing until the very end on who the villain was. I was jumping to the same conclusions as P.J. I never did figure out who the villains were until the end and I was very surprised. Not to mention the love triangle going on with P.J; Boone and Jeremy. I know who I want her to pick but at this time that is up in the air.

This book was funny, had drama, action and even in somewhere in the middle a cool grandma with a lot of spunk. Okay, okay, enough said I want you all to read this book and enjoy it as much I did. I am looking forward to the next installment. No pressure on you Susan. :)

ABOUIT THE BOOK: With one solved case under her belt, PJ Sugar is ready to dive into her career as a private investigator. Or at least a PI's assistant until she can prove herself to Jeremy Kane, her new boss. Suddenly PJ's seeing crime everywhere. But is it just in her head, or can she trust her instincts? When she takes on her first official case-house-sitting for a witness in protective custody-Jeremy assures her there's no danger involved. But it soon becomes clear that there is someone after the witness . . . and now they're after PJ, too.

Susan May Warren is the RITA award-winning author of twenty-four novels with Tyndale, Barbour and Steeple Hill. A four-time Christy award finalist, a two-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Book of the Year. Her larger than life characters and layered plots have won her acclaim with readers and reviewers alike. A seasoned women’s events and retreats speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: From the Inside-Out: discover, create and publish the novel in you!. She is also the founder of, a story-crafting service that helps authors discover their voice. Susan makes her home in northern Minnesota, where she is busy cheering on her two sons in football, and her daughter in local theater productions (and desperately missing her college-age son!) A full listing of her titles, reviews and awards can be found at:


Be sure to enter the Double Trouble Prize Package Giveaway by clicking on the ‘Double the Sass” button (above). Susan’s giving away an iPod prize package that is anything but troubling! Check it out!

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Winners will be announced March 1st.

Blog Tour Schedule!

We’ll announce our super sleuth winner on March 1st.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pro-choice feminist: Tebow Super Bowl Ad

By Matt Friedman

Sally Jenkins, a self-described pro-choice feminist, writes in the Washington Post about the whole Tebow Super Bowl ad fiasco. Her take? We need more athletes like Tebow. Jenkins also points out the utter hypocrisy of the "pro-choice" crowd who vociferously support "choice", but when a choice is offered that they don't approve of, they go into an epileptic fit.

Jenkins scores several knockout blows against feminist organizations and the culture at large. Check out the whole article here.

I'm pro-choice, and Tebow clearly is not. But based on what I've heard in the past week, I'll take his side against the group-think, elitism and condescension of the "National Organization of Fewer and Fewer Women All The Time." For one thing, Tebow seems smarter than they do.

Tebow's 30-second ad hasn't even run yet, but it already has provoked "The National Organization for Women Who Only Think Like Us" to reveal something important about themselves: They aren't actually "pro-choice" so much as they are pro-abortion. Pam Tebow has a genuine pro-choice story to tell. She got pregnant in 1987, post-Roe v. Wade, and while on a Christian mission in the Philippines, she contracted a tropical ailment. Doctors advised her the pregnancy could be dangerous, but she exercised her freedom of choice and now, 20-some years later, the outcome of that choice is her beauteous Heisman Trophy winner son, a chaste, proselytizing evangelical.

Pam Tebow and her son feel good enough about that choice to want to tell people about it. Only, NOW says they shouldn't be allowed to. Apparently NOW feels this commercial is an inappropriate message for America to see for 30 seconds, but women in bikini selling beer is the right one. I would like to meet the genius at NOW who made that decision. On second thought, no, I wouldn't...

You know what we really need more of? Famous guys who aren't embarrassed to practice sexual restraint, and to say it out loud. If we had more of those, women might have fewer abortions. See, the best way to deal with unwanted pregnancy is to not get the sperm in the egg and the egg implanted to begin with, and that is an issue for men, too -- and they should step up to that.

"Are you saving yourself for marriage?" Tebow was asked last summer during an SEC media day.

"Yes, I am," he replied.

The room fell into a hush, followed by tittering: The best college football player in the country ad just announced he was a virgin. As Tebow gauged the reaction from the reporters in the room, he burst out laughing. They were a lot more embarrassed than he was...

Tebow's ad, by the way, never mentions abortion; like the player himself, it's apparently soft-spoken. It simply has the theme "Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life." This is what NOW has labeled "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning." But if there is any demeaning here, it's coming from NOW, via the suggestion that these aren't real questions, and that we as a Super Bowl audience are too stupid or too disinterested to handle them on game day.

What is the big deal about this ad? I swear every little tiny thing is offensive to the libs, and btw that little term offends them as well, so I have been told in not too kind words on another blog.

So Tebow is a virgin and people are shocked, I think that is so fantastic this is the kind of guy that all kids big and small can look up to and be seen as a true role model. And furthermore, his mother made the decision to allow her son to live and the libs are ripping this whole thing apart. I think liberals have lost their minds if this is considered offensive.

I applaud Tebow and his mother and I hope that this ad will send a powerful message to Washington, the left-wing MSM and anyone else who will be watching. Life is precious.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nancy Pelosi's Party Plane

There are families in the United States right now that are struggling to put food on the table. Schools that need funding. Military personnel needing aid. And we find out that Nancy Pelosi has been spending taxpayer money on herself, family and staff. Take a look at where OUR money has been going.

Judicial Watch Uncovers New Documents Detailing Pelosi's Use of Air Force Aircraft
House Speaker’s Military Travel Cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a Two-Year Period, Including $101,429 for In-Flight Expenses:

Contact Information:
Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305

Washington, DC -- January 28, 2010
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has obtained documents from the Air Force detailing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s use of United States Air Force aircraft for Congressional Delegations (CODELs). According to the documents, obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Speaker’s military travel cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol. The following are highlights from the recent release of about 2,000 documents:

•Speaker Pelosi used Air Force aircraft to travel back to her district at an average cost of $28,210.51 per flight. The average cost of an international CODEL is $228,563.33. Of the 103 Pelosi-led congressional delegations (CODEL), 31 trips included members of the House Speaker’s family.

•One CODEL traveling from Washington, DC, through Tel Aviv, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq May 15-20, 2008, “to discuss matters of mutual concern with government leaders” included members of Congress and their spouses and cost $17,931 per hour in aircraft alone. Purchases for the CODEL included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.

•According to a “Memo for Record” from a March 29—April 7, 2007, CODEL that involved a stop in Israel, “CODEL could only bring Kosher items into the Hotel. Kosher alcohol for mixing beverages in the Delegation room was purchased on the local economy i.e. Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, Tequila, etc.”

•The Department of Defense advanced a CODEL of 56 members of Congress and staff $60,000 to travel to Louisiana and Mississippi July 19-22, 2008, to “view flood relief advances from Hurricane Katrina.” The three-day trip cost the U.S. Air Force $65,505.46, exceeding authorized funding by $5,505.46.
“Speaker Pelosi has a history of wasting taxpayer funds with her boorish demands for military travel. And these documents suggest the Speaker’s congressional delegations are more about partying than anything else,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch previously obtained internal DOD email correspondence detailing attempts by DOD staff to accommodate Pelosi’s numerous requests for military escorts and military aircraft as well as the speaker’s last minute cancellations and changes.