Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry for not posting as often.

Sorry I am not posting as often as I used to. I am just staying a lot busier nowadays. I work part-time as an office manager. On Tuesdays, which is my longest day,I am babysitting five kids, and homeschooling four of them. Then I sell Avon on the side, not to mention caring for my boys, home, etc. Whew!

Anyhoo, this is why my posts are a bit neglected. I will try to do better. Because I love blogging and visiting my blogging buddies, as well. We keep each other informed.

Thank you for being so understanding. 


I ran across an article that had me giggling.

So a group of atheists in Fort Worth, Texas bought some ad space on buses that says “Millions of people are good without God.” 

And then a group of pastors and business men got together and did a reposte and bought a van to shadow any bus that has the atheist message with this:

“I still love you. — God,” with another line that says, “2.1 billion Christians are good with God."

I love it!! Needless to say, the atheists are not happy with the van message, but oh well, it's a free country!


Z said...

THE ATHEISTS AREN'T HAPPY? Isn't that just like a leftwinger secularist? It's okay for them to have hurtful, insulting words from here to tomorrow, but let some decent God-loving person give their message and THEY'RE NOT HAPPY!?

I was so happy when I saw that on FOX this morning, glad you posted it here, people need to hear this!

Sorry I haven't been around..I"ve got shingles and it's hard enough being at my own blog lately :-(

Most Rev. Gregori said...

FIRST: No Need to apologize: Work, family and home come first.

Second; The Bible tells us that those who say "There is no God, are fools."

So let us show them that not only God loves, but so do we. So when their holiday comes, wish them a very Happy April Fools' Day.

MK said...

That's great, good on the Pastors for sticking it to the other side.

And i know how you feel about blogging, apologies for not stopping by sooner, been sick and busy as anything with work.

Liz said...

Hi, hun, do not feel bad about posting. I reinvented my new blog because I had to make it fit my schedule for school. I missed you grrly friend.

As always, great post. Looking forward to hearing from you and I pray the kiddos are doing well!


jez said...

Leticia, sounds hectic but it's better to busy than not I guess!

Z are you saying that "Millions of people are good without God" are hurtful, insulting words? They sound fairly neutral to me.

I notice that "clergy members are pressing the Fort Worth Transportation Authority to ban all religious advertising on public buses."

Tim Bruster showed some balance, saying "My very strong opinion is that, as people of faith, the very thing we should not do is lash out and condemn."

Leticia said...
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Leticia said...

Z, I hope you feel better soon, I know that shingles can be very painful, I am so sorry.

Abouna, thanks. Funny about the April Fool's Day.

MK, I completely understand. Our families and our health need to come first.

Liz, I am so glad you are back! I have missed you. I know you are so busy with family and school.

Z, I was actually surprised that some pastors and churches would hate the idea. I don't think the van following bus is condemning anyone, just let people know of God's great love for us all, believers and non-believers alike.

Leticia said...

Last comment was for Jez.

Karen Howes said...

No worries, Leticia, I think everyone's a bit busier right now, especially with Christmastime here.

I love the counter message! Atheists are nothing but God-haters, and as you say, if they can preach their religion, we can preach ours, right?

Patrick Carroll said...

I LOVE having a go at ATHEISTS because I find them to be an utterly shameful and ridiculous lot. They are the first mob to criticize people of faith and the last mob to realise that it takes just as much faith to believe in NOTHING as it does to believe in some sort of afterlife. Atheism is it's own religion AND it's organised and the god that they so feverishly worship is THE GOD OF NOTHING. If one accepts that ATHEISM is in fact just another organised religion, one can see the absurdity in their claims of superiority over all others. ATHEISTS are for the most part hypocritical fools.

Leticia said...

Karen, it really is cool.

Patrick, spot-on!

jez said...

actually, atheism is lack of belief, it requires no faith, it isn't organised and in general there is no claim of superiority.

Hope this helps.