Friday, November 5, 2010

Religious discrimination leads to job loss, eviction

Liberty Counsel is defending a Georgia couple who lost their jobs and their home for being "too religious."

The case involves Daniel and Sharon Dixon, the former residents and managers of a Hallmark Companies apartment complex in Georgia. The issue began when the couple's supervisor visited their office and noticed on the wall artwork of a lily, bearing a phrase from Matthew 6:28 at the bottom.

"She asked if that was religious, and when she found out it was, she asked them to remove it," accounts Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver. "The wife went to get the husband to come back and talk to the manager, but by that time, the painting was already gone and the manager said, 'That's alright; you don't need to worry about it. You're fired. You're too religious.'" The Dixons were given 72 hours to vacate their apartment.

Staver thinks the case clearly involves religious discrimination, but after a lower-court judge refused to let a jury hear the case, the ruling was appealed.

"You can't fire someone simply because they're too religious," the attorney contends. "This case is not about the painting. The painting was a symptom of a larger problem with this employer, Hallmark Companies. The problem is they didn't want people who were Christians working in their workplace."

None of the tenants or applicants complained about the former managers' faith prior to the run-in with their supervisor. Staver is asking the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to send the case back to a lower court for trial so the Dixons can have their day in court.

Believe it people this is happening in America, a nation that was founded on biblical doctrine.  Has now become taboo. 

How can someone be "too religious?" We can say that about any religion, Muslims are very extreme in their faith, to give a good example.  

You want to know why Christians are being persecuted by our government, by liberals, by the MSM?  Because we are NOT afraid to share our faith, we have within each us the presence of the Holy Father, by the gift of the Holy Ghost. We SPEAK and are not afraid to go against the norm, we are not afraid to offend, we fight for what we know is the truth.  We want to win the lost to Jesus. 

We do not do it out of hate but out of love, although, some tend to push too hard.  Our job is to plant the seed and let God do the work.

We can have righteous anger over the ugliness and immorality of this world.  With the precious shed Blood of Jesus Christ we know that there is something so much better and more beautiful waiting for us when our Father calls us home.

We will never give up, no matter how hard the world will trample and smother our basic human rights and as American citizens.  

Nuff said.


WomanHonorThyself said...

if they were muslim heads would roll quite literall! have an amazing weekend my friend..good things happening !

Linda said...

This is a very disturbing case. I hope they get to go to court, and that more minds will prevail to do what is right.

Leticia said...

Thanks Angel, you too.

Linda, I hope they get a better judge. Ridiculous.

Z said...

Angel's right..imagine anybody having the guts to get rid of anything islamic?

This is terrible......'too religious' might as well read 'too CHristian' and that's GOT to stop.

Karen Howes said...

I hope this couple wins and that this idiot manager gets her butt handed to her on a silver platter with french fries.

Oh, and I bet she wouldn't have said "boo" if they had been Muzzies.

Leticia said...

It would be a whole different story if it was a Muslim couple. However, we all know they will receive different treatment than the rest of us.

Silverfiddle said...

Good post, and great comment Angel!

I wonder if the ACLU will help this couple out?

Always On Watch said...

We're seeing more and more evidence that it's just fine and dandy for Moslems to practice their foul cult. But the rest of us? Nope. We get vilified for making our faith known -- even in an understated way.

Leticia said...

Silver, I sincerely doubt the ACLU would touch this one, but who knows?

AOW, exactly. That poor couple just had a picture on the wall with a scripture attached to it. They weren't praying, or holding a service, didn't have their bibles out, didn't have loud Christian music going, and still, they get fired. Unbelievable.

MK said...

Liberals often weasel words about acceptance, tolerance and what not, but when it comes right down to it, few of them will step up to say anything when Christians are being persecuted.

I hope that couple win their case and screw hallmark into the right thing. They should be ashamed.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

We must keep alert. If you start to see coliseums being erected an stocked with wild animals, then we had be ready to fight back.

Did hear on Glenn Beck this past Friday, about a book written years ago in Europe that is still being used today as a handbook, by leftist radicals? It states that after the economy of a country has been totally collapsed, they must go into the cities, and starting with churches and social organizations, they should burn everything to the ground. By starting with the churches, it will deprive citizens of havens of spiritual strength, hope and solace.

Patrick Carroll said...

"We SPEAK and are not afraid to go against the norm, we are not afraid to offend, we fight for what we know is the truth."

Spot on Leticia. This is precisely why the Left would love nothing more than to stamp out Christianity. This is also why they align themselves with Muslims (because they have the same objective).