Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republicans beware

Obama has set a trap and I certainly hope the Republicans don't fall for it. They have been invited to the Blair House on February 25, 2010, for a televised meeting (yeah like that's going to happen) to discuss Obamacare.

Obama must really think the Republicans are ignoramouses like his cohorts. He thinks by saying all the right things and even suggesting a "bipartisan" affair that they will fall unders his spell. I doubt that very much. We all know that his agenda is to make the Republicans the bad guys because they always say "no." And hopefully will continue to say "no" with this push to pass his healthcare bill. I think I have heard the phrase the "no, party." Great! I prefer that label it means that they are standing for what the people want not what Obama wants.

Has it even occurred to Obama and his cronies that his healthcare approval rating has dropped to 36 percent? Did they learn nothing with Scott Brown's winning Ted Kennedy's seat? That should have been a huge wake-up call, but no, they don't care. They never have cared what the people want or think, that has been made crystal clear.

Obama has positively no intention of making this a truly bipartisan effort. This televised strategy is little more than a public relations stunt by a desperate Administration. However,
I firmly believe that the Republicans have the good sense to see that this is a trap.

Rep. John Boehner sent the White House a letter saying Republicans are reluctant to participate if ObamaCare is the starting point. Rep. Tom Price said, "The only constructive discussions will start with a blank sheet of paper."

In fact, if the President were sincere in helping the American people, he would scrap his socialist healthcare plan and push aside all political partisanship and of course, special interests and devise something that we could all support and trust. However I wouldn't hold my breath. I have yet to see one truthful thing come out of the White House or from the entire Obama administration.

The Republicans need to stay strong and not be coerced into anything that will undermine their authority and make them the scapegoats. I sincerely hope they will stay aggressive and not give in no matter what the outcome. This nation needs them to stand up against this socialist administration.

From the words of a very good friend, "nuff, said."


Silverfiddle said...

This is a trap. The Republicans will bravely insist we start from scratch and the dems will refuse, calling them obstructionists.

But, as Glenn Beck reminds us, the game has changed. Americans want them to obstruct the politburo-style bureaucratic nightmare.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Rep. John Boehner is CORRECT, but I think that there are enough RINO Progressives like McCain you will fall right into the trap.

MK said...

"They never have cared what the people want or think, that has been made crystal clear."

That in essence if the crux of it, no point telling obama via opinion polls that you don't want what he's offering, the only thing that'll stop him is to vote him and his weasels out of office. Then it won't matter what he's selling.

MInTheGap said...

Unfortunately, it just seems like it's yet another scheme to give himself cover-- like the laughable commission to decide how to reduce the debt that would have no teeth, and was destined to give its report after the 2010 elections.

Without having a truly open discussion, the talks will be over very quickly. If the Dems want the Repubs to own any of this they'll have to do more than have meetings.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Yeah, I can see Olympia Snow showing up, saying "where's everybody at?"

Leticia said...

Kurt, I just hope that all the Republicans will see it as it is. And not fall for this scheme.

Abouna, that is true fear and I hope it will not become a reality. We will just have to see how smart our reps are.

MK, that is the only solution that we have at this point. We must vote out BHO, his cronies and of course lest we forget, his czars.

MIn, one can only hope.

Steve, that would be something to see, lol!

Z said...

Obama is SO GOOD at making himself look like the one on HIGHER GROUND......IF the stupid RINO's appear, it'll be all about how HE HAS TRIED TO HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WHAT"S THE MATTER WITH THIS PARTY OF NO? There is NO OTHER WAY the media will portray this, no matter WHAT.
I could spit. But, I"m a lady :-)

Leticia said...

Z, believe me there are still ignorant people who will continue to fall for every lie that comes out that man's mouth.

I like the "no, party." And regardless if that's how the MSM want to label them so be it. At least they know how to stand up to a political bully.

Debbie said...

I too believe this is a trap. The Obama administration cut/pasted the video from his meeting with Republicans a couple weeks ago, and used it to solicit campaign donations. They will use this meeting much the same way.

Right Truth

Karen Howes said...

Bipartisanship is such a crock. All Dear Leader means by it is getting Republicans to bend to his will.

Leticia said...

Debbie, and still he has such loyal followers, makes no sense at all.

Karen, my sentiments exactly.