Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama's war plan 'fundamentally flawed'

A senior Army strategist says President Barack Obama plans to conduct nothing more than an "ink spot" strategy in the war in Afghanistan.

Speaking last night to the nation from the U.S. Military Academy, President Barack Obama said the war in Afghanistan is not lost and officially announced that he will send another 30,000 U.S. troops to fight it. The first new U.S. forces will join the fight by Christmas, he said, adding that U.S. forces will begin coming home in July 2011.

Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis (USA-Ret.) disagrees with the administration's plan, arguing that a counterinsurgency operation cannot be conducted using an "ink spot" strategy.

"They're going to select key cities like Kandahar and Kabul to bring security to them, and then develop them with the intent to turn over security of those 'ink spot' secure areas to the Afghan security force," he explains. "[In doing so] you've surrendered most of the country to the Taliban."

The Pentagon advisor does not think it is wise to set any timeline for a troop pullout. "The Taliban knows the timeline -- and so all they have to do is to go to the safe havens that are all over the country, much less Pakistan, and to sit this one out," Maginnis laments. "I think that's fundamentally the flaw of this plan."

Maginnis says clearly Afghanistan is now Obama's war -- and if, despite what the president says, it becomes another Vietnam, the president and his party will pay the consequences.

"What I really find disturbing is that Obama basically gave a heads up to the terrorists that we will be pulling out our troops in July of 2011. They just have to bide their time. Was he born under a rock or did his mom drop him too many times and has suffered brain damage? WTH!

To save the terrorists some trouble why not just hand them all of our covert plans on a silver platter, because that is exactly what he is doing along with the ignorance of the MSM who seem to feel compelled to give away our strategic locations."

Seriously folks we have an immediate problem with Obama. His lack of military experience is shining too brightly for my comfort. He is inept and needs to step aside and allow our military to deal with all problems that involve, protecting our nation, which should be Obama's top priority but isnt, dealing with terrorists and warfare. They cannot do their jobs with their hands tied behind their backs."


Always On Watch said...

BHO is also destroying the morale of our military -- and in a systematic fashion.

Honestly, I don't know how our troops can respect him as commander in chief!

John Rudolph said...

His speech last night was deplorably funny. He was blatantly going well out of his way to appease both left and right, and the 18 month plan to pull out is completely unrealistic when we have a cabinet full of aging hippies.

foutsc said...

Good post, Leticia!

Ralph Peters said it best:

What messages did our president's bait-and-switch speech just send?

To our troops: Risk your lives for a mission I've written off.

To our allies: Race you to the exit ramp.

To the Taliban: Allah is merciful, your prayers will soon be answered.

To Afghan leaders: Get your stolen wealth out of the country.

To Pakistan: Renew your Taliban friendships now (and be nice to al Qaeda).

This isn't just stupid: It's immoral. No American president has ever espoused such a worthless, self-absorbed non-strategy for his own political gratification.

Read more:

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I don't think that Obama wants the U.S. to win in Afghanistan, because if we win then he will have to fly over there and apologize for us.

MK said...

The timeline for withdrawal isn't such a problem if you allow the troops to do what they are good at. Back when Bush ordered the surge, he wasn't committing the increased troops for an indefinite period of time, but he was committing them to seek out and destroy the enemy. Which is what western armies are the best and most lethal at.

That is where the problem with obama's strategy is, by concentrating on key cities and remaining there, like you said, he's leaving the rest of the country at the mercy of the taliban. You cannot do that with them, it only ensures that eventually when you leave, they'll just start attacking the cities and taking them over.

Securing the cities is not a bad idea, stopping there is. They need to secure the cities, secure the towns and villages bit by bit and seek out the taliban for head-on battles and hold the territory they win. This will show the population that the Americans are there to stay and fight and siding with the taliban will only get you killed.

obama won't do this, sometimes i wonder if he has the brains to even see this, and so the chances of turning it into another vietnam only increase.

foutsc said...

ML: It would take over 200,000 troops to implement that strategy.

Leticia said...

Agreed wholeheartedly with all of you.

It is crystal clear that BHO cares nothing for our nation and most definitely could careless about our troops.

Shame that the MSM can't see beyond his hypocrisy.