Friday, October 16, 2009

Remove Kevin Jennings (gay advocate) as "Safe School Czar"

Yet another controversial Obama-administration appointee—Kevin Jennings—is in the national spotlight. Much has been made about Jennings' troubling actions and statements in the past. However, parents don't need to look that far back to understand the radical policies that Jennings would like to enact today in our nation's public schools.

They need only examine his 17-year track record as the founder and leader of the nation's largest advocacy group devoted to promoting homosexuality to school children—GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Under Jennings' leadership, GLSEN created a list of books that it recommends for use in public schools.

Also under Jennings' direction, GLSEN has used the "safe school" mantra to push a one-sided agenda into schools that has no tolerance for socially conservative and Christian viewpoints—and that promotes gender confusion. GLSEN has promoted lesson plans and student activities that also reflect this bias.


Firestorm Erupts over Obama's Education Appointee

Protect children and prevent Jennings from using a taxpayer-funded government office to push homosexual advocacy into public schools.

This should have every single parent worried and ready to do battle against this guy. We should all be very concerned about
the harmful and radical policies he could enact today that would negatively impact and corrupt all schoolchildren."

Under the quise of "safe schools," GLSEN promotes classroom activities that not only give biased portrayals of Christian and socially conservative viewpoints, but also turn students towards extreme left causes.

GLSEN has suggested to students to request for a "queer-friendly prom" and to "launch a ampaign to create a gender-neutral, all-genders or multi-gendered bathroom at their school." Jennings has stated that he used the term "safety" as a "calling card" to open the door. This guy is demented and vile.

This is very frightening to parents and students of faith who expect government-funded schools to remain neutral and respectful regarding and viewpoints. We have someone in charge of the 'safe schools' office with a track record of twisting "'safety" into a political activism arena. And now he has the funds to further his dispicable agenda. Thanks Obama the Terrible.


I heard that Obama the Terrible has given $7.5 billion dollars to aid Pakistan in their economy!!

There will be no cost of living increase for more than 50 million Social Security recipients next year, the first year without a raise since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975, the government announced Thursday.

Blame falling consumer prices. By law, cost of living adjustments are pegged to inflation, which is negative this year because of lower energy costs. Social Security payments do not go down, even when prices drop.

The Obama administration, meanwhile, is pursuing a different way to boost recipients' income. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama called for a second round of $250 stimulus payments for seniors, veterans, retired railroad workers and people with disabilities. Yeah, like that is going to help."



MK said...

I wouldn't be surprised if that Jennings fellow is a member of Nambla, sick folk these in the obama administration and the sickness starts at the top.

RaDena said...

MK's right, Jennings should be made to step down and so should a lot of other folks, starting with Obama!

Karen Howes said...

Isn't this kinda like appointing "Jaws" as Safe Seas Czar?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

MK; I believe that Jennings is or was a member of NAMBLA, at least he did support their cause in the past.

As to no cost of living increase for those on Social Security for 2010 and maybe even 2011/2012, Obama has proposed giving those like me who are on Social Security a $250.00 one time stimulus payment to make up for it, is nothing more than a political bribe to get seniors to support his health care reform bill.

foutsc said...

Amen Sister!

The president appoints a homosexual pedophile pervert as "safe schools" czar and nobody bats an eye except us hateful rightwingers.

When you can't tell whether it's real or a SNL sketch, things have gone seriously off track.

highboy said...

Next he'll appoint Bin Laden as head of Homeland Security.

Leticia said...

MK, it wouldn't surprise me one bit.

RaDena, I am completely behind you on getting rid of Obama. That would be just too wonderful!

Karen, yep. It really does.

Abouna, it sickens me how he gave all that money to a foreign country instead of helping his own. As I have stated many times, American citizens are his ATM machines.

Leticia said...

foutsc, off track doesn't even come close to the damage BHO has done.

Highboy, don't be surprised if it happened. And I guarantee the MSM and his devoted followers would still adore him.

Amy Proctor said...

He needs to go. Obama's czars are poison.