Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christian Convert Teen Must Go Back to Ohio, Judge Rules

A 17-year old girl who fled from her home, fearing her Muslim parents would kill her for converting to Christianity, must go back to Ohio, a Florida judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge Daniel Dawson ruled Ohio has jurisdiction over the case involving the teen, Rifqa Bary.

Before the girl gets sent back, the judge says he needs immigration papers proving her status in the U.S. and proof from the state of Florida that she can continue her virtual schooling and receive credit in Ohio.

She is expected to be placed in foster care when she returns and will also be provided with psychiatric evaluations. Her parents will also receive psychiatric evaluations.

Rifqa can be back in Ohio as early as this week, or by an Oct. 23 follow-up hearing.

Rifqa fled to Florida after her parents, Mohamed and Aysha Bary, learned that she was baptized earlier this year without their knowledge. The parents reported her missing to Columbus, Ohio, Police on July 19. Weeks later, using cell phone and computer records, police tracked the girl to the Rev. Blake Lorenz, pastor of the Orlando-based Global Revolution Church.

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In an emotional six-minute interview with WFTV in Florida, Rifqa, who met Lorenz through an online Facebook group, said she expects to be killed if she is forced to return to Ohio.

"If I had stayed in Ohio, I wouldn't be alive," she said. "In 150 generations in family, no one has known Jesus. I am the first — imagine the honor in killing me."

But a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation found no credible threats to Bary.

Contacted by FOXNews.com, Rifqa'a father Mohamed Bary said he has no intentions of harming his daughter.

"I love my daughter and I want her to come back to the family," he said, declining further comment.

The Barys reportedly emigrated from Sri Lanka in 2000 to seek medical treatment for Rifqa, who lost the sight in her right eye following an accident at home.

Because of the ignorance of our justice system, this judge
just sentenced an innocent girl to her death. She is going to come up
missing or worse. God protect her.

And the hypocrisy of the judge demanding her legal right
to be here in the states??!! WTH! There a millions of illegals running
around and no one questions why they are here or demand to see "their
papers" yet this young Christian girl, has to prove her legal rights. What
a screwed up judicial system. It is completely inane.


Karen Howes said...

I pray nothing happens to this poor girl!

highboy said...

You are allowed however to flee your evil Christian parents to have an abortion.

foutsc said...

This is a delicate case, and I have been critical of my fellow conservative Christians for jumping so hard on this bandwagon without considering all the factors.

My main point is that if they can do it to her parents, they can do it to you.

Highboy makes an excellent point. The camel's nose is already in the tent. The government has no business invading the family unless someone is breaking the law.

Fealty to the US Constitution should take precedence over any anti-Muslim animus, I believe.

I apologize for blatantly flogging my blog, but here is a real-world instance of what I'm talking about:


Here is my original post on the issue:


Again, I apologize for blog whoring, but I think this is a fascinating issue for constitutionalists, Christians and Muslims alike.

Finally, I still maintain that the Florida preacher should be prosecuted for luring a minor.

RaDena said...

Highboy makes a good point in his comment as you do in this post, Leticia. It's disgusting that they would send her back against her will. Since when does anyone stick up for parents rights who are Christians? This truly is sick. If that girl is harmed it will be on Judge Dawson's head! I pray that she'll be okay.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Pretty much I'd say the same as you all did, but she's going to a foster home for now.

The muslim parents are going to have to realize they must stick to our laws and not practice different ones.

If something happens to this girl it's on the judge but also on the father who should be sent to prison for the remainder of his life should he ever kill her.

foutsc said...

RaDena: I'm sure you'd agree it is wrong to violate the rights of a parent regardless of their religion since The Constitution makes no distinction.

If they can do it to Muslims they can do it to Christians,and as Highboy points out, they already are.

First they came for the Muslims, but I was not a Muslim...

Steve: I agree with everything you said. We do not practice anticipatory justice in this country. Government cannot take prejudicial action against someone because they belong to a "suspect" group.

Imagine the consequences if it were otherwise.

We are about two steps away from anti-gay marriage beliefs being declared hate crimes. Don't believe me? It is already a punishable offense under the UCMJ for a military person to make disparaging remarks about homosexuals or homosexuality.

highboy said...

This should also be a wake up call to people who claim that Islam is really only being misinterpreted by the terror states in the Middle East. More and more we are seeing that many who dwell among us hold the same ideals, and are willing to kill for those ideals.

Leticia said...

Everyone made such very valid points. I heard this morning that if that the parents Visa's are up and if they are they could be deported, giving Rifqa a chance to stay here in the states. She is a student and can have immunity here.

We just need to pray over this situation.

Christians are going to be persecuted, we all know this to be true, because of the Word of God, however, it is spiraling so fast, it is sickening.

foutsc said...

Highboy: The wakeup calls are the cases in this country where a father or husband has performed an "honor killing."

We don't know what the facts are in this case. It's he said, she said, and the constitution says nothing about defaulting to taking the Christian's word over the Muslim's word.

Having said that, Rifqa is 17, so I think the judge should simply emancipate her so she can proceed with her life how she sees fit.

I mean no malice in debating here, I just would urge my fellow conservative Christians to view things in light or our constitution.

Always On Watch said...

There a millions of illegals running
around and no one questions why they are here or demand to see "their
papers" yet this young Christian girl, has to prove her legal rights.

I was plowed into by an illegal-immigrant cab driver. Law enforcement wasn't the least interested.

Now law enforcement is interested in persecuting Rifqa Bary. Pure madness!

foutsc said...

Immigration is a common thread here. Why are we allowing unassimilable people to immigrate?

Want an easy way to stop honor killings and other anti-American actions by immigrants? Only let in those who come from cultures compatible with ours.

There is nothing unconstitutional about telling a group of people they are not welcome in this country, but once people are here, they play that document like a fiddle with a backup chorus of ACLU lawyers.

MK said...

I too was shaking my head when i read that Leticia. The only consolation i can think of it as at least the spotlight is on them now, so it'll be pretty stupid of them to do something to her. Then again that never stopped muslims.

Hopefully she can hold out till 18 and then get out of there.

foutsc, you are right in your arguments, however don't treat muslims the same as every one else, it's a mistake in my opinion. They don't treat us as equals, so we should return the favor. And you are right, Only let in those who come from cultures compatible with ours.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Leticia said...

foutsc, you are correct about knowing all of the facts, however, the girl's terror is very real and what we have learned from the Mosque her parents attend they follow strict guidelnes about "honor killing." As for the immigrants, this country has done a terrible injustice to all Americans allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry into our nation without a backward glance and that needs to stop now.

AOW, my gosh! That is horrid. And unfortunately it is a common practice here. It is like Americans don't have any rights over the illegal immigrants.

MK, if her parents do it, someone from their family will. She will die in Sri-Lanka, no doubt in my mind, no one will be able to find her, she would be lost forever.