Monday, September 28, 2009

Muslims blame Christians for low numbers

WASHINGTON, DC - Organizers of Friday's "Islam on Capitol Hill" event blame opposition by some Christian groups for a much smaller turnout than they anticipated.

Estimates of the number of Muslims who actually gathered for prayer, lectures, and reading of the Quran outside the U.S. Capitol ranged from 1,000 to 3,000 -- a fraction of the 50,000 that organizers expected.

Muslims who did participate heard calls to repent from a handful of Christian activists.

Okay, so let me get this straight. The CHRISTIANS are being blamed because they did not have such a huge turnout?! How on earth is that our fault? This is completely ludicrous and quite frankly, comical. *rolls eyes*

Why is it that we, the Christians, seem to get the blame for everything? Unbelievable.


foutsc said...

This tracks with their inflated claims of percentage of the population. They claim millions upon millions, and at the conversion rate they frequently cite, we'd be more Muslim that Saudi Arabia by now.

And I agree with you, Christians are so scary!

Why does Christianity get dissed in Europe but Islam is off-limits? Because Christians don't burn stuff down and cut heads off.

Leticia said...

foutsc, I know Christians are such a scary bunch, poor wittle Muslims,hee...thanks for the link.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Maybe if Christians force their women folk to wear chastity belts and start chopping off heads and hands, maybe the Muslims will love us.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I think the reason for the no-shows is because Muslims are traditionally very lazy people who don't take care of their own surroundings and expect the government to assist them. While some Muslims may be successful in business, far too many of them think it's up to others to support them.

RaDena said...

I believe Steve has hit the nail on it's head! Muslims are lazy except when it comes to blowing things up. Then they seem to get all enthusiastic. Go figure!

Leticia said...

Abouna, let's hope that never happens, I am sure it would impress the Muslims.

Steve and RaDena, yep that has to be it. But I still see why they have to point the finger at us?? WTH?

Z said...

Ah, know we Christians can't get ANYTHING right :-)
what JOKE this accusation is...doesn't even make sense! BUT, if DOES instill in some whacko American minds that "those mean ol' Christians might have DONE something to the poor ol' muslims"
I'm surprised Pelosi didn't think of that, huh!?

MK said...

It's normal muslim behavior Leticia, it's either the Jews, Christians, infidels, weather, full moon, high tide etc, anything but themselves for their problems.

It's why most of them find themselves in the 7th centurey and will remain there.

Always On Watch said...

The numbers turing up for "Islam on Capitol Hill" indicate that Moslems don't want to be bothered with flexing their political muscle. After all, many Moslems are of that ideology in a token fashion.

Blaming the Christians is to be expected. I'm frankly surprised that they didn't blame the Jews!