Thursday, October 2, 2008

What a hard tiring day!!

So, here is the whole story....

My little Luner, for about a week, kept on telling me that his head itched and I looked at his head and saw white and assumed it was dandruff and thought nothing of it, right?

Well, Tuesday night, I was blow drying his hair when I saw something black!! It was a bug! My first reaction was "OH GOD NO!" I pulled this nasty little thing out and then continued to dry his hair hoping against hope it wasn't what I thought it was. Then I spotted another one and pulled it out as well, those pesky little buggers are hard to kill. Anyhoo, I freaked out, as any normal mother would, and immediately ran to my computer to confirm my suspicions and yep, my worst horror, LICE!!

Needless to say, I continued to be freaking out. I called a friend, who happens to be a pediatric nurse and asked her what I was supposed to do? I have never dealt with this problem, ever.

She recommended a product and told me that everything had to be washed, sanitized, etc. I called hubby, because we share one vehicle, to please leave work and go and buy me the stuff. Of course, he wasn't able to leave. So, me, Luner and Wolfie were getting the heebie-jeebies and had to wait until the next day.

At 7:30 AM a long day of non-stop work began and did not end until 10:00 PM, and finishing up the rest of the laundry. I had one meal.

First, I began treatment on Luner and yelling at the poor baby and ended up making the poor thing cry at least three different times. I am not one to handle stress very well. This was a long and painful process, my boys have long hair. Anyhoo, got Luner done and then Wolfie. Later on, my friend the nurse, said she would come and check me, too.

Then I began to strip all the beds, grabbed all the stuffed animals, which poor little Wolfie began to cry when I stuffed his precious "Bear-bear" in a bag. And then began to vacuum the couches, pillows, mattresses etc. Had to go to the laundrymat to wash all the beddings. Came home cleaned all the floors, bathroom and start on regular laundry, finishing up today.

After about a 15-minute break, grabbed the monkeys and had their hair shaved pretty close to nothing. The good news, they were happy with the crew cuts.

At 7:00 pm, my friend came over and checked me over and thank goodness I was clean. As it turns out Lice hate oils and heat. I use an oil to help protect my hair when I flat iron it and if I had any they were scorched, hee....Not taking any chances I went ahead and bought some lice shampoo and treated my head. Hubby came home and did the same.

I will tell you one thing it is a good thing that I did not have something in my hand or else hubby wouldn't be here today. He comes home this morning and says, "well, you want a day off from work and you got it." ARGH.....the man had a death wish saying that to me.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

your lucky you guys havent had them before
I remember those days well
schools seem to have them a lot
and what makes me fume . . . yes fume (can you see the smoke) is people who dont bother to treat their children. Thus allowing our children to re-catch them. I pray your boys dont get them again

pleased your friend came and checked you Leti I hate to tell you but they would love your hair too

hope all your cleaning has done the trick
our work is never done is it
as I have said on my blog before
there are days when I wish i was born a man


Amy said...

Weren't you happy that G had a day off or was it you that had a day off? and yep I hate nits, they're awful. Putting a few drops of tea tree oil in the family shampoo works to prevent them.

Mustang said...

Note for Hubby: The appropriate response for husbands is always,

1. Yes dear.

Never make assumptions about the wife's day, which brings us to our second rule:

2. Always ask first, and then rely upon NO. 1 99% of the time.

There is no charge for this service.

Semper Fi

Layla Gonzalez said...

Well I am glad all is good now. It happened to my son and I gave him a crew cut, near nothing like you. The school thought I was nutz and said that was cruel, that the shampoo would of been enough - BUT - that is not what the doctor said. He said it gets into everything - like you I cut his hair - treated mine and my hubby's and cleaned, vacummed, lysoled and steamed the whole house, because steam kills all germs and all bugs like dust mites, lice, tics.

Forgive your hubby - I am sure he was kidding. Some people just do not know when to be quiet. My hubby says silly stuff too.

It's life!


Leticia said...

Jen, unfortunately, after the treatment we are to comb his hair with the nit comb and try and get the eggs. He has them. And then on Sunday, we re-treat all of us. I am washing constantly and spraying the bedding, etc. I am one tired woman.

Amy, would you believe someone told us the best way to kill the eggs is using cat flea shampoo, it is very mild. I am going to try that tonight.

Mustang, lol! That is the best advice to give any husband, hee...I love it!

Liz, with their crew cuts, it is sooo much easier to find the eggs. And they really love their hair. I am just dead tired.

Karen Howes said...

Hey Leticia!

Ugh, sounds like you had a "lousy" week. Yes they are a pain! I remember my mom having to go through the same thing with us kids.

MK said...

Interesting times Leticia, hope you're over the worst of it now. A while ago this was a hot topic on talkback radio, the remedies and cures were many and far between. From shaving their heads to putting vaseline to suffocate the lice.

Personally when it comes to insects and such, i prefer chemical warfare. I mean, we are at the top of the food chain, so might as well throw our weight around ey. :)

Leticia said...

Karen, it really has been. We checked all of us last night and the only one that has eggs is my poor little Luner. I bought the flea and tick shampoo and will test it tonight.

MK, I am all for warfare on those nasty litle things. Death to them all!

Amy Proctor said...

Oh, I feel so badly for you, Leticia. Been there, done that... WITH FOUR KIDS!

We had a korean neighbor 10 years ago at Ft. Campbell and she for some reason didn't tell me her daughter, who was very close with our family, had lice. I was livid when I found my kids all had lice and she was the culprit! Four heads of lice and my husband was in Korea for a year! Arg!

Washing, drying, lice medicine/shampoo, even mayo in the hair and very short haircuts. What a mess! It took FOREVER to get the nits out. Ugh! It was a nightmare!

Dry everythig in the dryer. The heat kills the little buggers. Even if you don't wash, DRY everything! Towels, pillows...

I'll say a prayer for you. I know how hard this is. I ended up getting lice too and with my husband gone I had to use a mirror to get the nits out myself. What a chore. It was a bad dream.


Mary said...

How funny, your hubby's comment!!! I can just SEE your face. He's brave.

You POOR POOR thing. I think lice is every mom's worst nightmare. I've never had to deal with it, but came super close once when we had a little girl in our Awana club attend with lice in her hair. I was actually holding her on my lap when another worker pointed out the lice! Ack!!! Needless to say, we came home that night and stripped down to our skivvies on the back step (we live in the country, so no neighbors!) and had hubby put all of our clothes in garbage bags in the freezer and then we scrubbed our skin/hair raw in the shower...

We were fine, but what a scare. Are you guys over it now?