Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pro-lifers' arrest results in lawsuit

Once again Christians are silenced.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is backing teenage pro-life demonstrators who were roughly treated in the Baltimore area in August.

ADF senior counsel Kevin Theriot is representing three of 18 individuals arrested near Baltimore, two of them teenage girls. Theriot tells OneNewsNow that his clients, participating in Defend Life's "Face the Truth" pro-life tour, were holding signs depicting aborted babies when police responded to a complaint and asked the demonstrators to move on.

"When they moved on and displayed [the signs] again, [the police] arrested them, took them downtown, actually processed them, strip-searched them, [and] put them into jail overnight -- all for engaging in protected free-speech activity," the attorney explains.

Authorities made matters worse, he adds, when authorities "threatened them with violation of an ordinance that is unconstitutional -- and that was the ordinance that required them to have a permit to speak in a public forum."

Speech is no longer free if one must first seek government approval, Theriot explains. "It is unconstitutional to require small groups of Christians to obtain permits to exercise their First Amendment rights in a public area like the one involved in this case," he states. "Pro-life advocates shouldn't be punished for expressing their beliefs."

Alliance Defense Fund filed suit, and all parties named in the case (Swagler v. Harford County) have agreed to suspend enforcement of the ordinance until the court decides the case.

So, once again Christians are denied to exercise their right to free speech. This is outrageous!

And of course, the liberal MSM didn't pick up on this. I suppose Christians getting arrested trying to protect the unborn is not news worthy.

However, it were gays, or pro-choice, demonstrators etc; and they were unlawfully arrested there would be an uproar by the public and every major news network would have picked it up and splattered it all over the air waves.


Amy said...

It's definitely news worthy to me! I bet if they were protesting on getting bible out of schools or something similar it would be a different story.

MK said...

"I suppose Christians getting arrested trying to protect the unborn is not news worthy."

That just gets quiet approval from the media elites Leticia.

Like you said, if it were gays or something, they'd be tripping over each other trying to get to a court somewhere and the arresting cops would be pouring over the classifieds as we heard it on the news.

Where's the ACLU on this, or are they only interested in defending the rights of terrorists and violent leftists, barracking for peace off course.

Amy Proctor said...

I used to picket abortion clinics in Va Beach when I was 13-15 years old. We have every right to exercise our constitutional right to free speech AND the free exercise of religion as anyone else.

Leticia said...

Aimz, that is so true. It is also news worthy to me. We need to protect the unborn.

MK, I would also like to know why the ACLU wasn't there causing an uproar, because it seems to me that the rights of those Christians were violated. Sickening.

Amy, I also used to participate in pro-life demonstrations, even as far as praying at the steps at the courthouse. If I tried that today, I would be hauled off to jail.

MInTheGap said...

Certainly there are public areas where they should be allowed to speak and private areas where they would have to get a permit. For example, if I wanted to hand out tracts in the mall I may need a permit.

It depends on the local ordinance, but I don't know of any problem if they stayed on the sidewalks/road.

Liz said...

I never could figure out how it is not all right to abuse animals as in the Michael Vick case [and abusing Gods animals is a sin], but how people get so outraged over that and think NOTHING of killing the unborn? Sickening, just sickening.

Great post Leticia!


Leticia said...

More than likely MIn, I am sure these demonstrators were following protocol in an attempt not to antagonize the police, etc.

Liz, thanks!

Gayle said...

Nothing seems newsworthy right now to the media except the election. If the pentagon found out we were about to be bombed I doubt the media would tell us! Sheesh!

The fact that once again Christians are treated unfairly is no surprise, is it? They wouldn't treat us in such a manner if we were Muslims, but they understand that Christians aren't going to retaliate by blowing them up or cutting their heads off!

Aurora said...

Great post, Leticia. Law enforcement is being used as a weapon against the heart and soul of the nation now. We are facing a hostile rule...but that has never stopped Christianity in the past and it won't now.