Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry I was MIA...hee

Well, me and two of my friends went to see the movie FIREPROOF and my gosh!! It is an awesome, wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, heart-wrenching (did I use enough adjectives here? lol) movie!!!

I am so glad I took some puffs tissue with me, all three of us used them up from all of the crying. When the movie was over we noticed men wiping their eyes and noses. I highly recommend this movie to every single married and soon-to-be married person and yep, even single people will benefit from it, the message is that powerful.

I cannot wait to purchase this movie, it will be amongst my favorites. I still get all choked up thinking back on it. Kirk Cameron was Caleb Holt, he and his co-star were superb.


Nebraska reconsiders 'safe haven' law from ONENEWSNOW.COM

Nebraska lawmakers are rethinking a "safe haven" law that allows parents to anonymously drop off their children at designated places if they no longer want them.

So far 16 children have been left at hospitals -- with nine of them coming from one family alone, ranging in age from 1 to 17. Mat Staver of
Liberty Counsel believes it is a bad law.

"I think what we have here is the cheapening of the family. Whenever we say you can just simply come to this place [and] anonymously drop off your children that you don't like, what we're going to see is fathers and mothers who have difficult times with their children, whenever they have an emotional consequence of an argument, they may just simply drop these children off," the attorney contends.

He believes the law ought to be repealed. "We must recapture a culture of life from the moment of conception until natural death. We must strengthen families," Staver adds. "Children are just simply not throwaway garbage."

According to the Liberty Counsel founder, society has become more complex, introducing more hardships. But children should be treasured, not thrown away, he argues. "And the reason why we're seeing that is we're paying the consequence of our abortion and death culture that we began in this nation since 1973," he explains.

According to a Yahoo! News release, James Blue -- the CEO of a non-profit that works with abused and neglected children in Lincoln, Nebraska -- admits he has received countless calls since the safe haven law took effect. His temporary shelter currently holds 15 people, its maximum capacity, and his group gets more than ten calls a day from burdened parents. "While this [law] has, I think, exposed an underbelly of our society of families that are dropping teenagers off forever at a hospital, it has also given a message to families that there is help out there," Blue said.

Nebraska lawmakers are scheduled to meet in January unless a special session is called.

What did Nebraska expect?

This is a wretched and horrid situation. You cannot simply just get tired of parenting and go and dump your children on someone's doorstep. It is a life long commitment. And the parents of the nine children, it is a travesty and who can tell what kind of mental repercussions those children will experience, especially the older children, knowing mommy and daddy didn't want them. My heart is breaking for them.

I know I would have loved to had one more child but wasn't able to. And people are dumping their kids like yesterday's garbage??? When so many of us would love to adopt.

Comments anyone?


Kerri said...

I thought it was awful when I heard about the nine children. So sad and I was praying for the children. My daughter heard a follow up (not sure if it is true or not - I will try and find the article) anyway she heard the father didn't want to leave the children, but he had lost his wife, had to quit his job to take care of them and now couldn't pay their bills so he thought they would be safer. I don't know. If it is so it is a hard situation, much like stuff that happened in the Great Depression. I will see if I can find an article on it.

Amy said...

gosh those poor children, imagine growing up and knowing you had been dropped off somewhere by parents who didn't want you.

Mary said...

Nebraska has that law? How terrible. I hadn't heard about any of this. You always keep me informed, Leticia! Hopefully they'll renege on this stupidity. How sad.

MK said...

Whilst i'm loath to leave children with parents who don't want them and cannot look after them, this law is too much. Once a child has been abandoned, the child is put up for adoption right, that's not something new, that's always been around, so this law is pointless and actually encourages abandonment.

I feel that people shouldn't just be allowed to have as many children as they feel like and just throw them away, it doesn't feel right and it's not. If people want freedom then they much shoulder responsibility as well. Can't have one without the other.

MInTheGap said...

If it saves a child's life-- i.e. they are infants and it's either that or abortion-- then I have to say that I'd rather that the innocent life lives and gets placed with someone else than the mom kills it.

Other than that, it seems like this is a very hard law to get it right in text. Too much opportunity for abuse.

Layla Gonzalez said...

OMG! I did not hear about that Leticia. OMG! People getting rid of their children like they are used clothes or garbage. Oh those poor wee ones. OMG! I am REALLY TRULY HONESTLY SPEECHLESS!

Leticia said...

Kerri, you heard right, it was a widow who dropped off all of his kids. Still, it wasn't right. Those children are in serious emotional pain.

Mary, this law should have specified for those with infant children, like new borns and teen moms etc. Not kids over 6 months of age.

MK, how right you are. Children are not garbage and shame on those parents who just get fed up with their older children. That's called parenting and life.

MIn, I agree completely, it should be only for infants or under a year of age or even six months. After that, it shouldn't be allowed.

Liz, it is a wretched situation and they need to do some very serious changes. Otherwise, parents with troubled teens or children who suffer from expensive illnesses will be dumped off.

Anonymous said...

The father in this case had a breakdown. His wife of 17 years died shortly after the birth of their last baby, and he emotionally fell apart. He said he couldn't go on. He was severely depressed. He wasn't trying to dump them like garbage, in his emotional state he was trying to do what was best for the children. He needs help, counseling and support, not condemnation. The more condemnation there is in cases like this, the less likely people will seek help and if you really care about children, let their parents reach out.

Leticia said...

I usually don't answer those who leave comments anonymously, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a blog troll. However, I would appreciate a working blog address or e-mail next time, or if there will be a next time.

Now to address your comments. There are a lot of parents, single parents that have lost spouses, homes etc. And still have managed to hang on to their children. I am one of those children.

This man and his wife chose to have all these children. Granted, I am sure they didn't know that one of them would pass on soon.

However, there are places he could have gone for help. The government has programs for families such as these. Food Stamps, WIC, Food Bank, TEA, welfare, housing etc.

The point is, those children also experienced the loss of their mother. So, they needed to have the love, comfort and confidence of knowing that they still had their father to care for them.

I do find it selfish, because he only cared about his own misery, not his precious children. And now they are left without any parent and knowing that they were abandoned by their father.

Anonymous said...

Leticia, I hope I am not a blog troll. I was just posting in reponse to your post and I hope it was polite because that was my intention. I don't see a spot to leave a working email address where it says choose an identity and I did have a blog, but it's been so long that I don't even know if the password is any good as I've switched emails.

But anyway, I'll only post one more time because I don't want to bother you. I agree that the kids need to have the security and protection of a parent, after loosing their mother. But that's the problem with mental illness and depression. You aren't thinking clearly. Everything is fogged and what is reasonable to most people becomes distorted.

I think what's best in this case is to support the children by supporting the father, getting him counseling and help his find ways to cope with the loss and reunite the whole family.

I haven't followed it, but I did read somewhere that the state was working toward that goal.

I just get a little dishearted to hear folks round on someone so fast in what seemed to me a little bit of a knee jerk reaction, but maybe I read them too fast.

Well, that's it....Sharon

Leticia said...

Hey Sharon, since you gave me your name, I am fine with you commenting here.

I see your point of view also, it just really tore my heart apart thinking of the children. I cannot even begin to fathom their emotional pain. And they are the victims here. They, perpectively, have lost both parents.

Now, if he gave them up for foster care until he gets well, then, yes, I agree that they need to be in a safe environment and knowing that their dad will be back for them.

If this is the case I rejoice.

I apologize if I came off as rude to you, it is just that when people sign here anonymously it's usually a troll out to cause trouble.

So, anyhoo, you are welcome here anytime.

Leticia said...

Wow, way too many typos in my comments above, lol!