Thursday, September 4, 2008


First off before I get into a gripe/cry session. I just wanted to know what everyone has thought about the RNC? I am enjoying myself immensely, cheering, clapping, whoo-hooing etc.

Moving on....

So, last Thursday I got into a debate with my boss and for the first time I disagreed with her about politics. Usually I just let her talk and say nothing. She is the type of person who is never, ever, wrong and never at fault.

Well, she got so frustrated with me that she said, "LETICIA YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!"

Well, I didn't talk anymore after that. She turned ice cold towards me and it has been a living hell ever since.

Also, that same day I mistakenly proved her wrong about an insurance claim and that just added more fuel to the fire. Word of advice never argue with the boss even if you are correct. Hard lesson learned.

The next day she scolded me and a patient for talking about politcs, the patient apologized and then was corrected and was told she was talking to me. My face turned beet red.

To make a long story short. She is watching everything I do now, and took over my job of doing insurance claims and the data entry for those that have been paid. Constantly scolding or lecturing and pointing out every thing to me as if I were a child.

I was on the phone calling insurance companies and she stood right in front me the entire time and took over each call, literally, telling me, "give me the phone."

Today, I apologized for everything and we had a good day. She even told me that I was a very good employee. The atmosphere relaxed. I harbored a small hope that this horrid tension was over. NOT!

I was upstairs filing and came down to shut everything off when I saw her in my chair running insurance claims. I noticed that the printer was misprinting all of her claims. I, stupidly, informed her and that was it, she was ticked off again at me!

You see after printing one claim that had to be rebilled, I forgot, for the first time in 1-1/2 years, to realign the gauge on the printer. She didn't notice that and began to print.

I would have fixed it as I began to shut off all of the equipment. I never had a chance.

Now, terrified as I was, there was no way in hell I was going to tell her to hit the printer icon on the desktop and to cancel all of the documents. And then, shut off the printer from printing any more, not knowing this, she let it run. And... getting angrier by the minute.

So, after it was finished, in haste and anger she tried to realign the paper, but that is a bit tricky, you have to align the paper into the brackets behind the printer very carefully or they will bunch up if not properly set and then roll the paper slowly then you set the gauge.

She began to re-print and the papers got all bunched up.

She began to yell at me, never once looking at me.


I held back my tears, and apologized profusely for my error but it went into deaf ears.

(Nevermind the fact, she never aligns it since she took over my job.)

I held in my tears when I left the office and broke down in my car.

By the time I got home I was shaking all over and my husband did his best to comfort me.

I don't know how to handle this situation. I used to love my job and my boss. But now, I dread walking into that office, wondering what mood she is going to be in. I thought for sure she was going to fire me. And I feel that is close in coming, she has turned from a beautiful caring, understanding, compassionate person to a tyrant in one week.

I have always wondered why people in high positions feel that they can treat people below them like yesterday's garbage? Why??

While she was seething I just prayed over her and myself. I don't know what else to do? My hubby says it is time to find another job. He may be right. But O How I loved my job and my hours. Now what?


Jana B said...

Oh Leti... *giving you a big hug*

I don't have any wise words for you... I KNOW you don't deserve to be treated that way, under any circumstances... I also know that a job with good hours and a boss that doesn't suck (until this week) is a really good thing to hold onto.

Is there a chance that your arguement hit a sore spot? Maybe you said abortions kill babies, and she'd had one and struggles with guilt, or you spoke against gay marriage and shes struggling with her (or someone close to her) sexuality and thinks you hate her? Maybe you can dig into this to find out what the deal is, or pray and ask God to reveal what's going on with her to you...

If it keeps up, maybe you'll be able to find a job in a hospital near there or something? I hear they have great benefits and such...

Leticia said...

Thanks sweetie for the hug, I needed it.

As for the discussion it was about privatized healthcare vs socialized healthcare. The thing is I never argued with any of her points, until this time.

I will just keep praying and see what happens.

Father Gregori said...

I take it your boss is a liberal. That would explain a lot. The Democrats like to talk about how much they care about people and the country, but what they don't tell you is that they care only for those who see things their way. And unfortunately the majority of Democrats are elitist snobs who care nothing for the feelings of those whom they deem to be beneath them.

I know it is hard, but you must develop a thick skin, and don't apologize for things that are not your fault, the lips see that as groveling and they love it. Just ignore the biatch and do your job.

My prayers are with you.

MK said...

First off on the RNC, I heard some of the previous speeches by Romney & Giuliani [he creamed Obama] and saw her on the evening news down here, i was shocked that they even showed her, usually with the scumbag media, it's only Obama, Obama and some old guy somewhere doing something. I need to find out a bit more about McCain, i didn't know that he couldn't raise his arms because of what happened in Vietnam. Military man who went through that type of hell for his country easily gets into my good books, someone i could trust. Seems like Palin has kicked her way into the spotlight and enraged the liberal establishment to no end, warms my heart that.

I'll try and find her speech somewhere on the net, i'm sure i will, one of the things i've noted of late is that there is a dramatic change in the blogosphere alone since Palin was picked, we've all moved on from pointing out flaws in Obama and banging on about him to Palin, it's almost as if we don't care about Obama anymore, he can prance and pose and prattle on about change and whatever else, we're just not listening. Heck even his own camp is scrambling and focusing on Palin, desperate to find something, anything .... screw it, just outright lie about her to bring her down. We've moved on from Obamania, i believe it's called confidence, and that's a good thing. Yeehaw!

That's too bad about your boss Leticia, you are certainly patient and a good person, i don't think i would have let her get away with that sort of thing. it's simply unprofessional. Have you considered complaining to someone above her. Yeah, discussing politics with liberals at work is a no-no, they might waffle on about free speech and all that but they don't take kindly to people disagreeing with them. Perhaps it is time to find a new job, who knows, it might be an opportunity to get something bigger and better. Hope you're doing better and the situation improves.

Amy said...

You know what girl? you're either being set up or she might have personal problems going on in her life. Either way it sounds like she's bullying you. You shouldn't have to work in fear or feel terrified. You've stuck up for yourself too which hasnt gone down well. You can pray for her and give the situation to God or look for another job. i'm glad G is supporting you *hugs* email me if you need to vent.

MInTheGap said...

To me it sounds like there's more going on than you may know. Sounds like she's having quite a bit of stress.

I know what it's like to not know which way to turn, because every way seems to feel like it can only make things worse.

You just need to keep doing what's right-- even if that means doing it without telling her you're doing it. And make sure that you do everything in relation to her with a servant's heart.

Gayle said...

I don't have the same advice as minthegap does, sweety. I have worked for two women like that and I know how horrible it can be. Here's what I did. I took the abuse quietly and on my off time found a new job. Then I gave the witches notice and told them exactly why I was quitting them. I felt that I don't need money bad enough to put up with such total and irrational anger. No one should have to put up with that!

You aren't her servant, you are her employee and if she can't treat you with respect she doesn't deserve you.

Blessings. I hope things work out for you.

Leticia said...

I guess everyone's prayers worked and she got some good news yesterday.

She was the same cheerful person I have always known. I hope to the Lord it stays that way. I was ready to look for another a job.

MIn, was right she is under a lot of stress and a bit of that was alleviated yesterday.

MK said...

That's good to hear, hopefully she stays that way and you get to stay as well. :)

Blogrolled you by the way.

Layla Gonzalez said...

Leticia, do not leave your job and give her the satisfaction. Just do your job, be professional and pleasant even is she is rude or nasty and cold. Keep praying - G-d will move her to soften and if not, G-d will also tell you to move on and He will have another job in the waiting for you.

Just some advise in love hun, NEVER talk politics or religion on the job, not even with patients. It is too touchy a subject. Just listen and do not agree or disagree just let whoever is speaking ramble on until they are done - the you bring up another topic that has to do with work to ground them back to focus that they are at work.

This could get you fired - and I hope she is not going to do that to you so I will pray for you.

Like the Bible says, be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

Layla Gonzalez said...

my bad, lol
this - "the you bring up another topic..."

the should be then! :)

Hugs! xx

Leticia said...

MK so far so good. She is back to normal. Really strange, though. I will also add you onto my blogroll as well, and thank you!

Layla, believe it or not, she is the one that is constantly talking about politics and just this one time I gave my opinion. Never again.

BB-Idaho said...

Best to be mum on politics at work.
I was a very liberal manager with a very conservative staff. We all got tired quickly (ever convince anyone to 'convert'?) and things smoothed out quickly when we returned to family affairs and sports news. We forget that we are all Americans, not enemies.
Thanks, TV talking heads. :)

Leticia said...

bb, you are absolutely right. You cannot mix politics at work, ever. That should be in a work manual or something, hee..

Mary said...

Sounds very hard! I hope things have remained calm since you updated here in comments!

I was glad to hear that your hubby was there for you!