Monday, August 18, 2008

A very sad day for me...

My husband found out that we have stray kittens living under his workshop, which needs to be condemned, anyhoo, we noticed a little black and white kitten that had a very serious eye infection and we tried getting near it but it ran away. I decided to put food out on Saturday, the same day we discovered the kittens, and hoped that they would eat.

Apparently, the mother decided that the little black and white kitten wasn't worth saving so she neglected to nurse it and is nursing two rather rambunctions kittens instead.

Hubby called me at work today and told me that the little kitten was very sick and he was able to pick it up. He said that it was covered in ants and was being eaten alive so he placed it in a box and began to feed it a little milk from an eyedropper. He told me that it was dying and if I wanted to see it alive I needed to get home.

Well, I finally made it home and my worst fear was confirmed, this little guy was not going to make it through the night. I rushed him to our vets office and told them that it was a stray and if they would take him/her and the receptionist looked in the box and said, "ahh..." went to speak with a manager and told me there was nothing they could do and sent me on my way. I drove to the Humane society but they were closed. Sadly, we don't have an SPCA office in our town and I ran out of options.
I called animal control and they told me them that they did not have any facilities for cats, just for dogs and the only thing that they could do was euthanize it.

They picked him up an hour ago and I feel so horribly guilty but I couldn't afford to treat the baby. We are talking IV's, shots, de-fleaing, de-ticking, way too much money for a cat that isn't even mine.

I decided that my vet lost a client today. If they could look at a sick little kitten and have the audacity to send it away because it was a stray then they are heartless and it is all about the money.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

poor wee thing
such a hard life
bless you heaps for tryng to help it

Layla Gonzalez said...

Hun I am sorry to hear this. I will come when I have time. If you email me I will share my project with you. But as I guessed I do not have too many people that are really loyal to me. They only read me so I will read them and comment on their blog - that is the only reason many read by me because I commented back. So far only you and one other I know came despite it all.

write me at:

Love and hugs and loads of blessings to you and yours and thank you Leticia for really being a sincere reader and cyber friend.

G-d bless you always for that!

Amy said...

That's awful! I would love to take the stray kittens - I'd do the same thing. In fact I once tried to tame a wild kitten we called it Cola - it was the same colour as Coca cola lol. What about the rspca?

Mary said...

That is SO sad, Leticia! I'm so sorry. I've had pets die on me that I've tried so hard to go to such lengths and still have to let them go is so hard. Poor little kitty.


Karen Howes said...

Aww. I'm so sorry, Leticia, that must have broken your heart. Poor little guy. I'm not a cat lover but I would have done exactly what you did... tried my very best to care for/save him.

Please don't feel guilty, you did everything you possibly could. That vet who turned him away should be ashamed!

Gayle said...

I hate that! all life is precious. I wouldn't have turned away an animal if I could have possibly saved it. You did the right thing, and yes... you need a new vet. Evidently he isn't in the business because he absolutely loves animals. He's in the business because he loves money!

Jana B said...

Awwwwww... there is nothing worse than seeing a cute little kitten sick and there's nothing you can do... Poor thing! At least you gave it love in it's last time.

Yes, I'd be looking for a new vet too... that is horrible!!!!!

Leticia said...

Jen, I wish I could have done more, but at least the little baby isn't suffering any longer.

Layla, I already sent you an e-mail. *smile*

Aimz, we don't have an SPCA office here, just the Humane Society and Animal control

Mary, thank you.

Karen, I sincerely doubt that vet's office even blinked an eye over the death of that precious little kitten. Yeah, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Gayle, he or they are all about the money and that's all there is to it. What could one kitten have really cost them? Not a lot.

Jana, it was so bad that it couldn't even lift its little head we had to hold it up to help it drink. As you see in the box, that's how it laid, no strength.

MInTheGap said...

Death is never fun, regardless of who or what it is. :(

Kerri said...

I am so sorry about that experience - I have had that happen myself and it is so difficult. I hate there are so many strays - it is a shame people don't take care of their animals so there won't be strays that suffer.

I understand what you are saying about your vet and it would has been my first thought and instinct also but I have tried to look at if from his point of view and when you consider it from his point of view for a minute it is a little easier to understand.

You are one customer among probably hundreds. I can assure you that you are not the first to bring him a stray animal in need of care. As you said it will cost to get the little thing well and even though he gets the supplies cheaper than we do when we take our animals to them, it still costs him. So say it costs him $100to get the kitten well. Then what? He has to feed and take care and go to the trouble of finding a home for it or give it to shelter where will probably be euthanized.

Now multiply that times conservatively 50 other customers and you have over $5000 dollars that he would be out. If it was 100 - it would be $10,000. Could you afford that? Would you take it from your family for something that wasn't yours and might not make it anyway? Then you throw in the silly laws that govern things (here even our county animal shelter has to have you sign a paper that states it is a stray and has rules on what they can accept from whom).

I will say he should have been able to at least take the kitten and euthanize it, but then I don't know the laws that govern him or his disposition. We had a vet that absolutely hated putting an animal to sleep and did it only when absolutely necessary.

We are one pet owner with one stray, but he sees hundreds of others and what he does for one he would have to do for all - it could be a very expensive thing.

Maybe that will help you forgive him. Although I would use it to remind me to keep my eyes and ears open when you are there - for any other signs that maybe he isn't the vet for you, but if overall he is kind to your pets and helpful and respectful to you, maybe you can see where he might have been coming from this time. Anyway it was just an idea.

Father Gregori said...

Leticia, I am afraid that is the rule rather then the exception with Vets today, and part of the problem is due to insurance companies that are try to force people to purchase pet health insurance.

A year ago when Munchkin almost died, I had to beg and borrow money and max out my meager credit card to get the vet to treat her, because none of our vets in NY State will bill people any more, it is either have the money up front, have pet health insurance or your pet dies. Simple as that.

Leticia said...

Kerri, I see your point, but it was hard not to be angry since I have been a customer of this vet since the 1990's. And he couldn't do that for me?

Abouna, I have heard of animal insurance, in fact, Progressive advertises it. Kind of pathetic that people need medical insurance for their pets now, because costs are sky high.

At least, I can rest and know that little kitten is resting in peace.