Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I wanted you all to know God got me through my rough time yesterday. It helps to throw yourself at the mercy seat and ask the Creator to help his creation. Afterall, who knows me better than Him, right? I am still dealing with physical issues, but that will not deter my love for my precious and mighty Savior.

MOVING ON...thankfully, hee.

I wanted to share this awesome pilot of a movie called, 'FIREPROOF" starring Kirk Cameron.

We need to support this movie when it comes out. Christians must stick together.


Layla Gonzalez said...

Wow! That is so awesome. I have to see this movie. I am so proud of how Cameron and his sister proclaim Jesus as their Lord and are not ashamed to say they are Evangelicals - like it is a dirty word. Who said nothing good can come out of Hollywood? Praise G-d!

What the devil means for evil G-d will use for good.

Karen Howes said...

First, I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I'll be praying for you, of course.

Second, it is so refreshing to see something clean and good coming out of Hollywood.

MInTheGap said...

Cameron was in the Left Behind movies. Here's hoping that there's good production values and a Biblical message!