Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stardate 004.002

Update: My house is now coming together, slowly but surely, yippee! My hubby is almost laying down the wooden floors and then will start on the bathroom, which is going to be a complete overhaul, but it is going to nice when he is done!

Moving on...

I don't know if many of you heard but McDonald's is now a huge financial supporter of the gay and lesbian movement, if you want to e-mail go to the AFA website and send a letter to the CEO of the company. This breaks my heart, my children love McDonald's but I will not give my money to those who support this agenda, no way. I will tell them that McDonald's is doing something that is hurting Jesus, and that will help them to understand, if they don't *gulp* then they will know the truth.

I also heard that Planned Parenthood made over 1 billion dollars, and they are celebrating this because it is the largest amount in their history. My gosh! How heartbreaking to and disgusting to celebrate murdering innocent babies! It cannot be! And I also found out that some of our tax dollars support this organization, and that turns my stomach. I cannot abide and let that happen and I signed a petition at Grassfire.

The church needs to wake up!! We cannot let these atrocities continue! We have a right to voice our opinions, it is called 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH" the MSM, libs and Dems keep shoving that down our throats and it is about time we shove back. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore! Enough is Enough!

Okay, that is off my chest! I told you all had a heinous temper and you got a small glimpse of it, or rather a miniscule glimpse, hee.

Has anyone seen the move "Superhero" and if you have what did you think? I am planning to watch it this Saturday, or maybe wait to see the new Jackie Chan/Jet Li movie, I love both actors so if "Superhero" is like the Scary movies, I will pass and wait until next week to see Chan/Li movie.

Well, I have a lot of sweeping to do, and a bit of dusting. See you all tomorrow!


Kerri said...

Leticia, somehow I got on a lady's newsletter list that is very pro-life. Sometimes it has some interesting things. I can't support all she is about I don't think because she is Catholic. ANYWAY, you might be interested in the song I heard she is talking about in this article

It is very prolife and evidently some radio stations are not wanting to play it. Warning the song made me cry :)

Jana B said...

WOW!!! Way to go Super-Hubby!! You should buy him a cape!

Good luck on the bathroom... we have to completely redo ours too. *sigh*

Hey, have you seen Hitman yet???? I LOVED that movie!!! Even with April-the-neighbor talking through the ENTIRE thing, it was awesome!

Amy said...

yay! Make sure you give him lots of praise and a BIG hug! Wow it sounds like he's really making progress and it sounds like he's trying to please you. Go G!

Amy Proctor said...

I don't know if many of you heard but McDonald's is now a huge financial supporter of the gay and lesbian movement..

This explains why their burgers and fries have seemed to greasy to me over the last year. I don't even go there anymore. I think their quality and their judgement is declining.

Congrats on your house!!!

Leticia said...

Kerri, I will check it out.

Jana, Ha! I don't think he would wear the cape, but he is doing a great job, I am proud of him.

Aimz, umm...I'll think about it, hee.

Amy, I took the boys to Sonic today and I am hoping they will learn to love it as much as Mickey D's. Bummer.